Make Your Long-Distance Relationship Work

I have been away from this literal addiction for way to long…. I missed so much, anyways I am back. One day I was talking to my friend who stays in different state, and then I realized most of my friends stay in a different state, we all have to wait for occasion or festivals to get together. Nowadays long distance has become synonymous to letting go, you don’t have much hope or expectation for the relation, be it a friendship or a romantic relationship or a family relation. But some relations are just worth forgetting the distance in between. But to make a long-distance relation work, does get a bit tricky.

Long-distance test the faith and the trust and respect of the relation, and if you come out successful in the test then you have a stronger bond which cannot be affected by distance or time-gap. We all have such friend(s) or special person with whom we have shared a lot of priceless moments and news and events. I am lucky to have friends, who like me, didn’t want the distance, which came along in life eventually given the current lifestyle, to affect our friendship. Today I am going to share some tips that you should follow to make a long-distance relation work.

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Treat making out time for your friend as a routine- To make out time on a regular basis for something does seem to be tedious, more so if you had a recent shift in your location or routine. But if you do take out time it won’t seem anymore tedious. Make sure you guys call up each other regularly, and this has to go both ways. Make sure that both of you show the same willing to keep up the contact. Although you might think that people in-person with you can only understand the situation, but this person has known you longer than the person standing near you.

Make full use of virtual facilities at your fingertips- Why stop at calling..!!! Use skype and that is more personal. Sometimes just calling is not enough, and thank god for the technology. Just make sure that you guys use headset, you wouldn’t want other people to overhear your chats.

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Try online shopping together- If and when you shop online try to do it together. If she has been your shopping partner and you guys had awesome sync then go for virtual shopping together..!! Trust me a second opinion doesn’t hurt, especially at the last moment shopping spree, like before the festivals or special occasions..!!!

Make short trips/plans in the mid-way of both of your locations- When making plan select a place that midway to both of you. When vacationing, try going to new places for few days rather going to the other’s city/place.

Don’t hold minor grudges- Having said everything above, it is still easier said than done. There will be some bumps, and on top of that you don’t have the earlier chances of regular meeting. So you have to grow up and understand what to hold on to and what to let go. Meeting regularly or daily has more scope of solving out problems, but in the case of long-distance it becomes tad difficult, and both of you have to work it out.

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Often a long-distance relation (any sort) is tested; you guys have to be loyal and respectful towards each other to make it work. You have to know which things are important, small fights should not make major differences. One of you has to be the more grown-up, and the other can be not so grown-up, but certainly not stupid or ignorant. No relationship or friendship can survive time with only one person trying; it has to be a two-way work. If the relation holds a special place in your heart you know you would do that happily.
Hope you guys liked it, do share you tips as well.

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