Which Eyepencil/Kajal Stays Without Smudging: Ask IMBB Gang

Ask IMBB Gang
Hi Rati,

Which is the one eyepencil/kajal which would stay put on the waterline without smudging or fading away ? I have tried using Colorbar’s I-Glide blackout (Not only blackout but also their prunella and the brown shade). But for some reason, it smudges and fades away within minutes of applying . I tried Chambor, Maxfactor , Lakme, kryolan. They are all good to be used on the upper lash line but none of them, not even a single brand work on the waterline. For that matter, even lakme’s high definition eyeliner when I apply it on the waterline breaks out. I want one specific eyepencil/kajal (I don want liquids) which would stay on the waterline until I remove it .


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    1. I am using it on my waterline but doesn’t stay at all. It starts fading and smudging within 10 mins of applying 🙁

    1. I am yet to try the Satin Kajal…. I also use the Lotus kajal. It doesn’t smudge but it slowly fades away leaving a “not-so-good” look.

    1. Me too. I am definitely getting that. You are right, the smudging does vary . I am wondering when the eyepencil says waterproof y should it fade away when it is applied on the waterline. We are having enuff of smudge proof and water proof liners , the brands should now come up with FadeProof liners 😐

  1. Oh no, don’t use colorbar i glide on waterline. 🙁 It doesn’t say that it’s waterline safe. 🙁

    Yeah my vote goes for lakem satin kajal. Stays put all day long on my eyes. But I agree with what Aarthi has mentioned.

      1. It doesn’t ! I do not apply it on the water line of my upper eyelid.. on the lash line only.. It looks very neat.. and I love kajal so I apply a lot of it on the days I use it.. I have used the Lakme kajal before and it would irritate my eyes.. The biotique one doesn’t…

      1. Yes, Lavanya…it is designed to be used on the water line…I use it…
        Plus it is one of those twist up type on penciles…so very travel friendly…
        Smooth to apply too…

  2. I have used the Colorbar I Glide pencil on the waterline! and it stays there w/o smudging 🙂
    Also, my current favorite is maXfactor’s kohl pencil in black 🙂

  3. Hi Lavanya…
    from ur question i got u use all those pencils on ur waterline 😯 😯
    If that’s the case..Plz Don’t do that….all those eye pencils are not meant to be put on the waterline….
    Ok i’ll tell u way of retaining the kajal on the waterline..the major problem with kajals is that they smudge no matter which brand they are…so to avoid this…there are two ways
    1.First apply kajal on the waterline and then apply thin liquid liner along the lower lash line(u have to be careful while doing this as the liner shud not touch the waterline). it just needs a bit of practice. My mom does this.
    2.It’s same as above but since I am not a fan of liquid liners,instead of the liquid liner I use Avon’s glimmersticks liner along my lower lash line.
    The kajal stays put for a whole day this… 🙂 🙂
    P.S. My mom uses Hashmi kajal and I use Lotus kajal…

    1. OK I’ll try the first method. I am comfortable with the Lakme High definition eyeliner as it has got a felt tip .

  4. hi
    i have been using revlon eyeliner for years n it doesnt smudge atall.. :laugh: .trust me n now its cum up wid waterproof eyeliner pencil n its awesome………..m in love wid it.. :inlove: worth a try.. :yes: :yes:

  5. Loreal Kohl pencil(no.131-jet black, i use)… gr8 for waterline..blackest black n stays easily for hrs without even a slight smudge.. :lashes: hope tht helps u lavanya.. :-))

    1. Oh ya. I wear contacts and I always line my waterline. Only thing is some products are not contact lens safe, so you have to watch out for those. Like the lakme eyeliner irritates my contacts like crazy.

  6. MAC Technakohl Eye liner Kajals are good..totally smudge proof…..i had used Chambor as well..they didnt smudge..perhaps it varies from person to person…But MAC doesnt smudge….

  7. Lets face it. “Water”line is watery..so anything and everything will smudge and go away. Here some options

    1) FORGET about your waterline. Instead focus on lining the lower lashline. Smudge the pencil well into you roots of your lowerlashline. Its like french lining , but for your lowerlashes.You need to have a heavy hand to do that. DOnt be afraid. try it a couple of times and you will get used to it.So , the product on your waterline will smudge and go away after a while , but your roots of the lowerlashline will be thickly lined and will look like your are wearing kajal.I use a waterproof version – MAC powerpoint. (to increase staying power , line them with balck eyeshadow.I use loreals’ loose kohl powder)

    2) Try a gel liner. It defly lasts for LONG time on the water line compared to a pencil.

    Hope this helps.

  8. hey i agree with rajol………mac graph black stays put fr hours………….and smtimes i dip my graph blak in mac blactrack gel liner and line my water line………..believe me it stays fr infinity……..plz make a point i wear contacts and my water line is very watery………..but this combo wrks great fr me…….

  9. Lotus Kajal..n Lakme perfect definition eye pencil..daylong survivors that also doesnt smudge the pocket 😀 ..I am yet to try the new Lakme kajal,,that is.. ?:-)

  10. I have been using Loreal Kajal n it doesnt smudge at all….but after rading rati’s review i got the new Lakme Kajal!!!! Havent tried it yet so cannot comment on it……..

  11. Wil try it tom n let u knw!!!!! :-* U knw wen my son Ansh was born my MIL had packed evrythng dat he wud need for our stay in the hospital but she forgot kajal….n der r 2 thngs dat i always carry wid me kaljal and lip balm…I applied my Loreal ka kajal to him( on his forehead)…lol…. :laugh:

  12. Try stila kajal in onyx, mac feline or smolder – and set them with a matte black e/s like MAC carbon

    or try gel liner like – mac fluidline in blacktrack, bobbi brown gel liner in black’

    i love hashmi as well, but i find i must set it with black e/s for it to last and not smudge

    hope this helps.

  13. lakme 9-5 black stays the best ..i ahve used all barnds of kajal & eye pencils abvilable in malls .. i enede up with black panda eyes .. only this lakme 9-5 black pencil stays .. but its difficult to remove .. so u have to use either eye make up remover or coconut oil for tht ..

  14. HI guys, why not try Urban Decay Perversion 24/7 Liner. Its d best when used for d lower lash line…They don’t smudge or budge, fade or migrate. The formula is kind to eyes, as they are soft and glide effortlessly across the lash line–no drag here.

  15. im confused b/w colorbar,lakme satin kaajal ,loreal,revlon ,oriflame . which kajal is best in case of non smudging? fading is still okay but smudging makes my eyes like :daayan: ..
    :waaa: im soooo impatient to get an answer.


  16. Being an absolute Khol junkie my vote goes to YSL and Loreal. I wear a kajal for over 10 hrs allmost daily and after a host of products zeroed dwon to these two!! If you are ok with spending 1200-1500/- for a GOOD, dark yet sumdge free pencil which could be easily applied on the waterline…go in for a YSL…which be easily avaibale across Shoppers Stop outlets.
    wHAT’S MORE..Ive been using this for easily over a yr now..and just doesnt seem to get over..sharpens easily..havnt broken even once..so I guess..it totally worth all the money!! Kudos to YSL……. :jaiho: 🙂

  17. go for maybelline colossal kajal ppl..its revolutionary..total smudge proof,long staying.my assurance.price is just rs.150

  18. i use 7 heavens n its awesome…4gt abt smudging or fading….it dont come out even wen i want to remove it(after rmving still kajal line can be seen)….n most important its damn dark…

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