Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Review

Big Hugs to all the beautiful Ladies out there. I am one big fan of IMBB blog. Usually I used to read reviews of products and buy them but this time I am writing a review… Okay here it comes

Eyetex Dazller Lipstick

Eyetex Dazller Lipstick
Price – Rs. 150/- .
Shade – 205 (No name for the colour, so lets call it the screaming pink)

I have been seeing Ads for new products from Eyetex, the Kajal brand.

Eyetex Kajal is very famous in south especially in Tamilnadu because of its quality and this brand has been there for so many years. So when I was coming back from work, the fancy lights of the cosmetics shop caught my attention…and my impulsive buying started …so I walked into the store and the first thing I saw was the Eytex Dazller Lipsticks, then I decided this would be my first Post.

Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Look

This Lipstick comes in a metallic gold casing which is attractive

Pros of Eyetex Dazller Lipstick

:yes: It’s Very Very Pocket Friendly.
:yes: Women who like shiny dark colours will like this one

Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Swatch

Cons of Eyetex Dazller Lipstick

:no: It completely smells like a tube of chemicals
:no: The colour doesn’t stay for more than 30mins and if you talk or eat then you won’t be able to find the traces of lipstick.
:no: Make the Lips very dry.
:no: And almost all the shades are dark.
:no: Even after wiping out the lipstick the glitter particles stick to your lips.

Rating: 1/5

Will I buy Eyetex Dazller Lipstick again? – A Big NO


36 thoughts on “Eyetex Dazller Lipstick Review

      1. Well in my experience it doesnt smudge and is quite long lasting too..but not sure if it is still available..comes in a pencil form like the lakme kajal.

  1. i bought their lipstick a year ago and it is quietly sitting in my makeup drawer..coz it is a tube full of crap!!! :reallypissed: not at all pigmented,dry,bad smell..and so on.. :pissedoff:

  2. have seen the ad a dozen times …. comes a lot on tv these days …. hehehehe … ll try their eye cosmetics once …
    i have their nail paint … and its good 🙂

  3. ooiiiii!!
    nyc colour……. but its sad that it doesn’t stay… i have seen these products but never bought them coz i was skeptical…
    soo thnks fr the review! 😉

  4. Thank you all for the comments feeling elated to see so many comments for my first post….
    Eyetex kajal is very very good, i will post a review soon…
    Even their nail colours are good but then the lipstick is a total letdown

    @rati: Thank you so much for giving me this platform…

  5. “Screaming Pink”………… :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: :yelo: ……near my place, I only get eyetex kajal….i haven’t seen these lipsticks there………… 😐

  6. you r absolutly. i brought a dazlr lipstick one year nd stil it is n ma makeup box. becoz i nevr used it. i ve nevr seen such a bad one

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