Eyetex Kajal Review

Eyetex Kajal is one of my HG products which had kind of disappeared from the market for a long time! I can’t really express my happiness in words when I found it out again few weeks back at a shop.  Months back I did the blunder of giving away my Eyetex kajal to a friend who was so keen to get this but couldn’t find it in any shops at her place. I was confident that I can buy a new one but to my despair I searched in so many shops and it was out of stock. I kind of convinced myself and switched to Lotus which I like a lot too but Eyetex remained as my HG Kajal. Once I spotted a new herbal version of this called Eyetex Kajal Supreme-Herbally enhanced, I grabbed it but it was not at all like the old one and I switched back to Lotus again. And then came the day when I finally saw my cutie in a small shop and I bought two, for the fear that it might vanish again!!

There are basically three types of Eyetex Kajal – Eyetex Kajal Stick (in the form of a cone), then there is Eyetex Kajal Supreme (which is pen type), and the latest one is Eyetex Kajal Supreme – Herbally Enhanced (which is in cone form and comes packed in a lipstick like case) Pics are given in the same order:
Eyetex kajal

I have tried two of these so far and here comes the review of both, Eyetex Kajal Supreme (my HG) and also Eyetex Kajal Supreme – Herbally Enhanced:

Eyetex Kajal Supreme:

I was never a kajal person before I saw my colleague who had this thick kajal lined beautiful eyes all the time, whose eyes looked lifeless on days when she wore some other liner. I was keen on finding out which brand she uses and to my surprise she showed me this thick pen type Kajal and it was for the first time I decided to try out this brand Eyetex. I bought it on the same day and started loving this product from then onwards.
Eyetex kajal supreme

Product Description:

Eyetex Kajal supreme is a Non-smudge kajal which comes in easy-to-handle pen-type container.
Price: Rs 20!!!

What I like the most in Eyetex Kajal Supreme:

• The rich, glossy, black color it gives to my eyes- this is in fact the most intense black kajal I have used so far.
• Very easy to use since it is in the form of a thick pen.
• Very cheap-costs just 20 bucks!!
• Doesn’t smudge a lot, am not saying it doesn’t smudge at all and of course it varies from person to person. Stays on my watery eyes for a long time without fading away.
• Doesn’t sting/irritate eyes; am saying this since I have the most sensitive eyes which turns red, waters and burns easily.
What I dint like about Eyetex Kajal Supreme:
• Not easily available- not sure of it availability across India, since it is from a company (Aravind Laboratories) based at Tamilnadu and no clue about how strong is the distribution network in other places except Kerala and Tamilnadu.
• Packaging is not very attractive. Black with a cheap looking golden cap, but you can’t expect much for just Rs 20!
• No info about ingredients.
Eyetex kajal swatch
Will I Re-purchase: Done that already and will keep doing as long as it is available.

My Rating would be 4 out of 5.

Eyetex Kajal Supreme – Herbally enhanced

I bought this one when my favorite kajal was out of stock in most shops and had lots of expectation since this came from the same brand and additionally with the goodness of herbal ingredients. Though this kajal dint meet my expectation in terms of color pay-off, I won’t say that it is not a good product. As per my personal opinion, quality is somewhat comparable to Lotus.
Eyetex kajal supreme herbally enhanced
Product Description:
Specially formulated with the delicate blend of extracts from 7 herbs – Aloe vera, Emblica officinalis, Eclipta alba, Terminalia chebula, Berberis aristata, Cineraria maritime, Euphrasia officinalis.
Eyetex kajal supreme herbally enhanced
Price: Approximately Rs 100, for 3g.

What I like the most in Eyetex Kajal Supreme-Herbal:

• Presence of many herbal ingredients.
• Doesn’t smudge though it fades away after some time- lasts for 2-3 hours.
• Much easily available than the pen type kajal.
• Packaging is also better than the other kajal- in the form of cone packed in transparent lipstick style outer case; remove the upper case and twist open just like how you would use a lipstick.
• Price is reasonable-on similar lines with Himalaya, Lotus etc

What I didn’t like about Eyetex Kajal Supreme-Herbal:

• Color pay off is not that good compared to the other kajal from eyetex, gives a not so intense, matte black finish.

Eyetex kajal supreme herbally enhanced swatch

Will I Re-purchase: Not likely
My Rating would be 3.5 out of 5.

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    1. This kajal is my first product from eyetex and loved it..after that i became sort of confident about the brand and tried their nail polishes and one clear gloss, so far good!! :yes: !

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  2. I have always liked eyetex ka kajal ……but I hate their nailpolishes….they smell so yucky…..but this herbally ehanced kajal looks so good…haven’t yet it here though Shyna :)) 😛

  3. nice review shyna. I an year ago used their liquid lip color… But was nt convincing to me… So never knocked the door of Eyetax again… But nw felt like tryin out this pen kajal.. Thanks

      1. Rs 100 one got less thumbs up by shyna :whistle:
        so Rs 20 is much more tempting :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :waytogo: :waytogo:
        i hope m not dreaming 😐

        1. Rs 100 one is also good but color pay off is less than Rs20 wala.I think the new one costs more since it is herbally enhanced and also as u can see in the pics quantity is much more than the rs 20 wala kajal.

  4. Thanks shyna. actually i was waiting for my current kajal to finish off :waiting: n wanted to buy the lotus one since long coz of its chich pakaging 😉
    but now m really into a trouble… :sweat: :sweat: :ghost2: :ghost2: :ghost2:

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  7. iv seen eyetex here and there but was never sure of picking it up… maybe next tym i see it il pick one..after all its just 20 bucks !! 🙂 and i like jet black kajals!

    the herbal ones packaging looks very classy! i like!

    btw shyna, i mailed u last night..mila kya?

  8. ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh poor thing………..take care…..take rest and watch george clooney on tv……………….. :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:

  9. When mum used Kajal.. Eyetex was the only brand available here and it was it a pot and mum used to keep it with her fingers and it looked awesome on her.. I still remember.. Really wish I can get this here.. Will look for it. Thanks for the review Shyna.

  10. Nice review shyna.. Now Am so confused whether to buy lotus or eyetex.. I hav searched lotus everywhere..bt are not available.. Bt they promised me they will stock it soon.. eyetex is available everywhere.. So which’s better? Eyetex ya lotus? Also plz do a review on eyetex lipgloss.. Am planning to buy dat… Am using their dazller liquid liner and itz juz superb.. Wont smudge and stay for abt 8 hours without fading… 🙂

    1. Dazler liner is good i have heard. The gloss which i have is a clear gloss, i found it pretty good and costs less too, nothing in detail to review though 😐 Am surprised, lotus is available easily here and eyetex is not, at your place just the opp huh!! :headbang:

      1. Wich smudges less? Lotus ya eyetex? They hav lotus skincare range bt no cosmetics.. 🙁 wotz th staying power of lipgloss? How many hours without eating n drinking?

        1. for me both doesnt smudge much..and lotus fades away sooner than eyetex…lipgloss staying power i have not tested samin, i dont use clear gloss that frequently, only for functions. will check and tell you

  11. shyna…. superb review….. while in school, kajal always equated to eyetex and i agree it is a very dark one which doesn’t irritate the eyes too :)) :)) but u left out on the cute black small dabba version of it……

    1. yeah i know….. it has also become scarce these days…. anyways… just loved ur article… brought back memories of those days :thanks:

  12. shynaaaaaa … i went running running to my paas wala dookan and got it just now … yayyy !!! i also have 20rs wali achi kajal now … :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:
    and i was so excited that i tore the entire black wrapper, now all i have is nangu grey body wala kajal.. :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep: :weep:

    1. he he naina my first eyetex kajal was also nangu, had the same experience like you..but when i got the new one, i was so careful that atleast “her bottom part is covered…though she is topless.. :shy: how did you find it naina?well the color comes out well after you have used it for quite some time

  13. Ive heard so much about this Kajal- but I didnt se it ever in mumbai or pune…
    i’ll have my frnd pick it for me now 🙂
    btw- Im having trouble accessing IMBB since A few days: I have to really clear my cache 3-4 times therestart the browser 3-4 times baad mein it comes :((

  14. I <3 buying kohls 🙂
    I wanna buy this one too what attracts me is the price and also the quality!
    but unfortunately it isn't available in mumbai. . . 😐 🙁

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