Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118 Review

Eyelash extensions are huge where I live, but I find them very cumbersome and time consuming apart from being expensive. That is the reason I invest in false lashes. Ardell and Eyelure are very good brands to begin with. I have used them each for 7 to 10 uses and they feel quite durable. When I saw this starter kit (Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118) with an applicator and a practice lash, I thought, wow! This is exactly what every beginner needs, a lash to practice and then may be replace when one of the lashes is worn out. I think this is a nice cost effective method to practice false eyelash application.

Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118

$14 AUD
Product Description:
The Starter Kit Lengthening No.118 is for the beginner looking for a sleek, dark-tipped lash that creates a pretty and original look. Designed specifically to add length, the lashes were designed to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes and can be used for any occasion. The Eylure Lengthening strip lash is easy to apply with the starter kit and is both long lasting and reusable. The kit includes a set of lashes, a practice lash, an applicator and 2 applicator glues to ensure ease in applying lashes.

My Experience with Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118:

The eyelashes in Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118 are very delicate for everyday wear. You don’t have to think twice before wearing these because they are not dramatic . I like to wear them even during daytime because it does not stand out much. The band and the lashes are very slim. The band could break easily if you bend or pull too much. This problem of a delicate band I have noticed with other Eylure lashes too.

Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118 packaging

The lashes don’t feel plastic or fake, which is excellent. The application is quick and easy because of the applicator and the glue provided. The band is thin so it sits nicely on the natural lash line. It lasts for almost 8 hours before I notice the ends coming off.

Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118 on eyes

Pros of Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118:

  • Great kit beginners as it has lashes provided for practice.
  • Good applicator given.
  • Nice delicate and daywear lashes.
  • Glue works well.
  • Like the whole packaging, the way it’s done.
  • Cost effective.

Cons of Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118:

  • The delicate band could break if pulled top much.
  • Glue bottle is a task to open and handle as it is very tiny.

Would I Recommend/Repurchase Eylure Lashes Lengthening Starter Kit No 118?
Yes, the practice lash concept is really unique to me. Try it if you are looking for casual day wear lashes.
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