10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes

Hello girls,

Today, I would be talking about Mascara tips for girls with short eyelashes. You can prep your short eyelashes properly to nail that diva look. There are innumerable makeup tips that can help to enhance the appearance of your short lashes and make it look sexy.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes2

So girls, check out a few mascara tips here.

1. Apply Some Powder:

Women with short eyelashes generally struggle to make their lashes look longer. They are thin and look extremely small on their face. Take some baby powder and use a cotton swab to apply them gently on your lashes. Using a cotton swab will help to evenly distribute the powder on your lashes. You should make sure to apply the powder before and after applying the mascara so that it looks long, heavy and beautiful.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes

2. Eyelash Curler:

Eyelash curler should be your best friend if you have short eyelashes. Using an eyelash curler before applying your mascara can help to curl your lashes and make them look longer than usual. Using an eyelash curler can help to enhance the appearance of lashes thereby, providing a nice lift to your eyelashes. However, you should be careful while using an eyelash curler as the curler may catch the skin instead of your lashes.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes4

3. Avoid Multiple Coats:

You should avoid applying multiple coats on the lashes as it can make your eyelashes look heavier and smaller. You should apply the mascara only once and try to avoid layering. Layering your eyelashes with a mascara can sometimes leave you with flaky and clumpy looking lashes.

4. Make Use of Lengthening Mascara:

Of course, using a lengthening mascara is one of the important tips you should consider while grooming your short eyelashes. There is a large variety of lengthening mascaras available in the market and you should choose a mascara that claims to boost the volume and make your lashes look really good. Lengthening mascaras generally come with a comb-like wand which helps to coat your lashes perfectly.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes5

5. Use a Lash Primer:

Most of them avoid considering the use of a lash primer, but this is one of the best makeup products to be used on short lashes. You should use a lash primer before applying a mascara as it will not only make your mascara last longer but will also make them look longer and voluminous.

6. Use Volumizing Mascara:

If not lengthening mascara, you should opt for a volumizing mascara. Using a volumizing mascara can be an excellent way to boost the growth of your lashes which will make them look beautiful and natural as well. Using a combination of volumizing and lengthening mascara can surely do magic to your lashes.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes6

7. Brush your Lashes:

One important thing you should consider before applying mascara is to brush your lashes. You should comb your lashes with a lash comb which will make them smooth and straight thus, allowing the mascara to glide properly. Combing your lashes will also prevent any clots and clump formations on the lashes.

8. Use Falsies:

Falsies can be used by anyone as they prove to be a boon for girls with short eyelashes. Falsies can make your lashes look long and voluminous. It is really easy to use them and it helps in providing a healthy looking lashes to your look.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes1

9. Don’t Pump your Mascara:

Don’t pump your mascara while applying them on your lashes. Clumps and heavy lashes can never be attractive and hence, you should never pump a mascara. To avoid clumps, twirl your mascara wand inside the tube instead of pumping it in and out.

10. Choose Proper Mascara Wands:

If you have short eyelashes, it is important to choose a mascara with a proper mascara wand. Every little thing matters and so is the mascara wand! If you want to apply mascara with ease on your lashes, you should be using a curved mascara wand or comb-like wands. This allows an easier way of coating the eyelashes which can actually help to make them look longer.

10 Mascara Tips for Girls with Short Eyelashes3

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