Faces Small Emery Boards Review

Faces Small Emery Boards

Firstly, let me congratulate Jomol and Neha for their successful completion of 3 happy years, here in IMBB.And congrats to Rati for the Faux Pas success.

Today’s Product for review is Faces Emery Boards.

After reading Neha’s post on the VLCC glass file, I decided to stop using metal filers. I opted to pick emery boards for filing purpose as I’m good at dropping and breaking fragile things. Clumsy I’m .So no glass filers for me.

Now let me share my view on the emery boards from faces.

Faces Emery Boards

What the product claims:

Professional emery boards designed specifically to maintain strong healthy nails. Made from high quality material for long lasting performance, dual sided.

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Faces Emery Boards

Directions for Use:

1. Wash your hands so that all the dirt from the nails is removed.
2. Hold emery board and slight angle and file in the same direction to smoothen the nails.
3. With minimum pressure keep filing in one direction.
4. After filing wash your nails again and wash your hands and moisturize them.

Faces Emery Boards (2)

Price– Rs. 65 for 10 boards.Damn cheap it is.

My take on Faces Emery Boards:

The emery boards comes in a plastic case which can be used to store the emery boards. The boards are 115 mm in length, small and convenient enough to file your nails. There is a rough side and a smooth side on the boards. Coarse side is to file and the smooth side is to soften the edges after the filing. It does the job of filing and shaping with very less effort and small even strokes. And the coarse side is durable enough .It doesn’t wear and tear easily.

Faces Emery Boards (4)

I stopped using metal filers as they tend to break my nails. I got these emery boards. Though emery boards are slightly harsh on nails, I found it far better than the metal filers. There are 10 small boards, which can be disposed off after one time use. And I find it okay to throw off after single time use as it’s economical.

Faces Emery Boards (6)

After using the emery boards, I find it easy to file and shape any long nails and shape any broken nail. I have never been good at shaping nails, but with these I find it pretty easy. I’m so happy that I’m able to get the prefect oval or square shaped nails. They come in a nice pack and small enough to carry around, while you travel.

Faces Emery Boards (7)

What I like about Faces Emery Boards:

– Inexpensive.
– Durable enough. The coarse side doesn’t get dull easily.
– Disposable.
– Files and shapes without much effort. Far better than metal filers.
– Coarse side to shape the nails and soft side to smoothen out the edges.
– Travel friendly size & pack. Can be easily slipped into your bags.

Faces Emery Boards (8)

What I do not like about Faces Emery Board:

Nothing as such.

Will I repurchase Faces Emery Boards?

Definitely yes.

IMBB Rating


Though glass filers are supposed to be smoother and safe for filing nails, careless people like me can go for such emery boards, which also does a neat job of filing and shaping out nails. With these emery boards, shaping nails has become easy for me and I love filing my nails. No more annoying broken nails..

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14 thoughts on “Faces Small Emery Boards Review

  1. Hey its really good and pretty cheap as well… even i hate using thse metal filers.. 🙁
    Thanks for sharing.. 🙂

  2. Yay Rama! You’re back 😀

    Nice review, but I have kutti kutti nails, no need to file only :D! But these are damn cheap for their quality na?

    How are you? 🙂

  3. Rama I have used emery boards they are good much better than the harsh metal filers.. however they still make my nails fragile.. so I tried Basicare Nail Shaper and it’s amazing.. it does it’s job so well and doesn’t feel harsh at all..I have reviewed it here sometime back.. You may want to try them..

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