Basicare Emery Boards Review

Basicare Emery Boards Review

Hello Girls,

Today, I am going to review “emery boards” from Basicare. An emery board is more hygienic and less harsh than a metal or glass filer. It’s safe to use emery boards to file nails as metal filers are very harsh. Metal filers have a more coarsely grained surface and can be very harsh on nails.  Yes, they do speed up the process and you can do the job in almost half time as compared to these soft emery boards.

Basicare Emery Boards Review

Product Description:

  • Coarse/fine.
  • Strong and flexible for easy filing.
  • Contains 10 high quality boards.

Emery Board 1

How To Use:

Hold the emery board at 45 degree angle under your nail edge. Begin with the coarse side to shape and use the finer side to smooth off nail edges.  Basicare also provides you more products to keep nails with healthy and beautiful look.

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Emery Board 2


Remove nail enamel before filing. To prevent nails from peeling, file with dry nails. Always start at the side of the nail and file towards the middle. File in one direction to prevent splitting. Do not “saw” back and forth.

Emery Board 3


Rs. 65 for pack of 10.

Emery Board 4

My Take on Basicare Emery Boards:

Using a metal filer can lead to nail breakage. I really liked these emery boards.  They file the nails so nicely and it really maintains the health of the nails.  The metal file tears apart the natural nail but these emery boards do their job very nicely.  I am really impressed, these boards work so nicely.  They have both coarse and fine surface. You can file your nails as per your requirement.  First, I use the coarse side to file the nails nicely and then to give a final touch, I use the off-white site which is very fine.

Emery Board 5

If your nails are longer, cut them with the help of a nail clipper and don’t try to shorten them with the help of filing, that may lead to splitting of the nails, you should use the proper tools required for a particular purpose.

Emery Board 6

Pros of Basicare Emery Boards:

  • Easy to use.
  • Affordable.
  • Strong and flexible for easy filing.
  • Coarse and fine surface.

Cons of Basicare Emery Boards:

  • Couldn’t find any.

Would I Repurchase Basicare Emery Boards?

Yes, will get more packs when I am over with this pack.

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10 thoughts on “Basicare Emery Boards Review

  1. hello, I’ve seen these type of boards in New U in brand QVS. plz tell me do they wear off or break…u know they come in packs of 10…. so I was wondering what is the purpose of so many boards…Plz do reply.. I wish to purchase one of them…

  2. Comment in moderation..well here is my question…

    hello, I’ve seen these type of boards in New U. They come in packs of 10, I was wondering what is the purpose of so many boards…Plz tell me … I wish to purchase one of them…

  3. Prachi these boards are kind of disposable filers, they don’t work for a longer period, as they don’t have a very harsh surface, those metal filers with too coarse surface are made for artificial nails, our nails are too delicate to use those metal filers, check these emery boards once, And you will feel the difference. 🙂

  4. i have one from Vega, though that has 4 kinds of surfacing for filing and buffing as well 🙂 but these looks nice 🙂 nice review

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