VLCC Groome Glass Nail File – Review

VLCC Groome Glass Nail File

Dual sided medium/fine to shape and smooth nails. Hardened glass never wears out. To shape and smooth your nails, use this file from side to center.


INR 349

What Wikipedia says about glass nail files:

The main features of the Glass nail file are its curative and preventive properties. The unique surface of this type of nail file provides the best care without damaging the nail plate. When used regularly, nails may become much stronger and healthier, no longer split or break, and possibly avoid other common nail illnesses.

VLCC Groome Glass Nail File

I am really high on nail care these days, and self manicure. I have been collecting info, even buying some fantastic books on nail care..and most of the info I collected said that metallic nail files could be damaging and glass nail files are an investment! I suddenly started looking for glass nail files all over the shopping scenario online and voila! I found some 3 brands holding it. so stay tunes for more nail care info if you are high on hand care and manicure too like me!

VLCC Groome Glass Nail File

So I have been using this every single day after I got it, i have been looking for excuses to file my  nails, a little here a bit there, and I have filed my toe nails straight across and my hand nails are now an oval, after a long time, because I used to keep them squaval all the time due to laziness to shape and file.


VLCC Groome Glass Nail File (2)


This file is hardened glass and has no metal to it so you can imagine how gentle and smoother the process of filing the nails will be, you will not get that squeaky sound that makes you go eek, no rough edges and the nails are filed and shaped in half the time as with metal filers, I don’t cut my nails, I just file them with this and done!

VLCC Groome Glass Nail File (6)


I cannot tell you how delighted I am to own this, I will carry this everywhere for those sudden ridges and cracks and chips you find on the go, the file comes with a case which is good to protect the file from falling down and shattering, I think it will shatter when it falls I tried to slightly slam it against the wall and it did look like it will break with pressure 😛

VLCC Groome Glass Nail File (3)


It looks all white and powdery after the deed is done, you wash under water, clean it dry and it looks as good as new, I am so impressed with this, I have never like metal files, I own a dozen but find them very harsh and ineffective and filing nails. I try to file in one direction though I am tempted to saw my nails as well 😛 filing in one direction is good for your nails.

Why I HIGHLY recommend you switch to a glass nail file:

  • Faster than metal ones.
  • No squeaky sounds.
  • Better results and stronger nails.
  • As good as new when you wash it and clean with a cloth.
  • Does not wear out, will last you ages unless you drop it.
  • Very gentle on delicate nails.

I will never be able to use a metal file again, this is super effective and my nails love it, it is also super pretty to look at, the shded purple and white. let me show you my nails..:P  without which you would never know what my chubby hands look like!

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Last word:

If you think 349 is too much to spend on a file, I will be reviewing another affordable nail file I am receiving soon. Just in love with glass nail file, I might start hoarding some more of these!


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15 thoughts on “VLCC Groome Glass Nail File – Review

  1. Nice review neha… I own a metal one and i feel its harsh on my nails… I wouls like to try this one sure!! 🙂

  2. Neha … u have totally sold this glass file to me .. lovely review .. 🙂 .. i agree it looks so pretty … wil love to lay my hands on this one.. and ur nails r llooking very pretty in lavender.. i have the same shade.. same pinchhii 🙂

  3. wow this is something new to me, ur nails look so preety neha, u started doing nail art kya?? pleeeeze reviiew the cheaper one na..

  4. Neha..you have not only sold this to Nidhi but to me as well 😛 i hate the squeaky sound of the metal files.. trashing them ASAP.. 🙂

  5. never knew this product exists…thanks for reviewing 🙂 n i’m lovvvin your “phool se komal haath” <3 <3 <3 😀

  6. I never knew that Nail file comes in glass as well. As you said that this isn’t harsh on nails,I will definitely try this one because my nails break after growing up to certain limit. Thank you so much for the review Neha 🙂

  7. yeh haath mujhe de de thakur! 😉 such pretty nail art! 😀 and thanks for the review, i had never heard of glass files before 🙁 i use emery boards

  8. I use glass files too! The metal ones do more harm than good so I’ve always used emery boards which are not very effective. Glass files have been a boon.

  9. Wow, books on nails – do share! I love doing self-manicures, can you tell? lol Cool nail art! Waiting for your reviews on the other nail files.

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