Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner Review

Hello ladies,
Today’s review is going to be on another Ultimo Pro collection and for a change it is an eyeliner. The review would be on ‘Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner’. Read to know how well it did.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner1

Price: 549 INR for 1 ml
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:
Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner comes with 0.4 mm flexi tip applicator that helps create both ultrafine and dramatic lines with ease. The color is extremely back and gives excellent color pay off. It stays for more than 12 hours without smudging or fading away. Its quick drying formula is water proof and gives your eyes a silky finish.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner3

My Experience with Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner:

Packaging: It comes in a regular black-colored sleek eye liner stick tube with a black lid and the product name embossed on it. Make sure to check the shelf life of the product before you discard the seal as this tube does not contain information that you might need. Travel friendly and highly purse friendly in my opinion, this eyeliner is not pricey too.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner2

Applicator: The soft, fine 0.4-mm tip applicator does a good job in creating the thinnest of lines and I would highly recommend this for beginners who think they do not have the hand at creating a perfect line. Those who love every possible style or type of eye lines could give this a go as this might come handy while creating that fine line or to add a matte finish to the satin eyeliner. The applicator is very gentle on the skin and flexi like it claims to be. Not only does it offer high precision, the lid is also comfortable to hold and helps the applicator solve the purpose unlike the long cone-like ones. At least as far as my history goes, they have never worked much in my favor.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner4

Texture: Super soft and gentle, does not clump and non-flaky is how the texture of the eyeliner is. The consistency is smooth and gentle but uneven and therefore needs multiple product dips to create one neat stroke on the eyes. Keeping this aside, the process of reapplication is easy. Since it is not thick, it is also easy to remove. The gentle smooth texture can be used to run on the most sensitive skin type or even for the most basic eye makeup.

Color payoff and finish: The color of this liquid eyeliner is not the richest of black by which I mean not intense kohl black. That can be highly disappointing if you are all about intensity and bold rich blacks for your eyes. Since it is easily buildable, it can be made to give the color payoff that you desire. I like more of the dramatic eyeliner and a bold one with that satin silky finish. ‘Eyestyle’ can help in creating the same effect although you need to keep dipping for a lot more for the product and only multiple strokes of it can create good level of black and bold. That is the huge bummer that I see in this eyeliner. Otherwise mostly it is fine and a similar baby in terms of quantity and price to ‘Hyper Sharp’. I would use it as an everyday wear or whenever I think I am ready for bold. I would recommend the same to you.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner5

Staying power: Going back to the claims, after it sets well, it does not move around much, stays in place and also does not transfer much. It is also smudge proof and stays for a good 6 to 8 hours if coated well. If you don’t coat well, after some time you will see some gaps in the liner or feel like it is flaky on the skin. Even for fine lines, you could go with a second stroke to be on the safer side. Once you think you are done for the day, you would not have any issue in removing this black color from eyes. The process is smooth and easy.
Considering and keeping all the above in mind, I might use it as an everyday wear when I do not want that pale washed out look on the face while stashing my favorite to create what I desire! Overall I do not see this eyeliner as a hit or miss, maybe partly both, but definitely as a good one for beginners. Have fun styling your eyes!

Pros of Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner:

• Packaging – purse friendly sleek black eyeliner tube with a black lid.
• Completely smudge proof.
• The quick drying formula helps it to set instantly.
• Easily buildable.
• Texture light and gentle on the skin.
• Ideal to use it even to draw under the lower lash line as it does not move once set.
• Can be used to create thin and fine lines or any other kind of effect that you desire.
• Suitable for everyday use.
• Does not transfer much and easy to remove without any hassle.
• Good color pay off.
• If not disturbed much, it does stay on for a good 6-8 hours.

Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner6

Cons of Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner:

• No ingredient list.
• Not water proof like it claims.
• Does not give a silky finish like it claims finish ; finish is kind of semi-matte to matte which might not be okay with some.
• Color – not a rich kohl black.
• Consistency uneven.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Ultime Pro Eyestyle Liner?
I recommend this eyeliner if you open to exploring new ones but I would not repurchase as I am already on board with Maybelline’s Hypersharp and set to explore other new ones.

If you are beginner stumbling to create fine lines, I would suggest you to start with ‘Eyestyle’!

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