Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Peach Me 08 Review

Hello ladies,
I am back with my next matte lip crayon from the ‘Ultime Pro Collection’. I have already reviewed Really Rust 07. Today’s review is going to be on ‘Peach Me 08’. Let us see how pleasant it turned out to be.

Faces Ultime Pro Peach me 08 Matte Lip Crayon-open

Price: 799 INR for 2.8 g
Shelf Life: 3 years

Product Description:
A collection of lip crayons featuring timeless matte and starry matte shades with superior color pigment & hydration. From beautiful nudes to striking reds to shades of pinks and corals there’s a shade for everyone. Dresses up lips in statement shades in matte/starry matte finish with rich, color-bright pigments, while being super comfortable on lips.
Also, get a mono sharpener worth Rs. 125 free with the lip crayon.

Faces Ultime Pro Peach me 08 Matte Lip Crayon-product

My Experience with Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Peach Me 08:

I had narrowed down on this color initially thinking that it would be a soft coral matte but it turned out to be otherwise. Thank goodness it was not an intense berry color again. Turned out that I was happy with the purchase after all. Let us go into the further details of this soft pink-colored lip crayon.

Packaging: The matte lip crayons are a color-coded non-twist type crayons. You also get a free sharpener with every individual crayon that your purchase. You can also pocket this along with the crayon that is easy to carry around. The overall packaging is simple, sturdy and yet classy. The name and number embossed in colored fonts on the mid-section almost match the color of the lip crayon. The only minus I see is the missing ingredient list.

Faces Ultime Pro Peach me 08 Matte Lip Crayon-closeup

Color: ‘Peach Me’ is a misleading name for the color it gives. Do not be disappointed seeing a sweet pink color when swiped. The swatches speak for themselves. The color is a soft, frosty berry pink with mild peach undertones but in no way it can fall under the coral category. This pink can be a very comfortable everyday matte lip color. You can dab a little bit of gloss when you feel like you need a bit of shine. This color can go with any outfit and is tailor made to suit every season only that you need to be extra careful during winters.

Coverage: This lip crayon offers a semi-opaque coverage and multiple swipes can help to cover the pigmented parts better. Swiping this color two to three times is important as it is a mild berry pink color. The better the coverage, the longer it lasts. One problem I consistently faced with this range is no matter what you do, you cannot get your finish to be a flawless neat one unless you use a lip liner to outline the lips and cover the gaps. Touching up the lips with a gloss or a tinted balm also helps when you cannot find your crayon for reapplication.

Faces Ultime Pro Peach me 08 Matte Lip Crayon-swatches

Texture and finish: I did not expect a moist matte finish, but these are a tad bit drier that can impact the overall performance of these crayons. The dry texture also leads to the product eventually settling in the dry patches of the lips. The texture of the lip crayon could be a possible cause for its uneven finish. This lip crayon can be shelved for winters more so if you’ve got dry or chapped lips. Although the overall finish is not neat, it is a good lip crayon to opt for when you need subtle mattes that are not very intense. The other plus side to the texture is it weighs light on the lips and is not sticky in any sense.

Faces Ultime Pro Peach me 08 Matte Lip Crayon-lipswatches

Pigmentation and staying power: This matte lip crayon is averagely pigmented but softer hues of pink like ‘Peach Me’ can lead to visibility of fine lines on lips although it is not much of a problem for me personally. As long as it is an anti-feather lip product that does not bleed heavily, I am good to go. It is not heavily pigmented thereby making it a transfer-proof comfortable lip wear. This color needs regular touchups and being a lighter shade, once you are done with a glass of juice and a snack meal, the uneven, parched pink-stained lips are visible. It’s better to prep your lips before using this!

Pros of Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Peach Me 08:

• Packaging is simple and classy.
• Soft berry pink color can be a comfortable everyday wear.
• Light on the lips; sets into a soft matte.
• Does not bleed excessively.
• This lip color in particular does not transfer much.
• Easy re-application.
• Does not carry a noticeable fragrance.

Cons of Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Peach Me 08:

• Price of the lip crayon is heavy on the pocket for the quantity offered.
• No ingredient list.
• Leaves behind uneven stained parched lips.
• A non-twist type crayon leads to product wastage.
• Needs a lip liner to obtain a neat, even finish.

IMBB Rating: 4.2/5

Would I Repurchase/Recommend Faces Ultime Pro Matte Lip Crayon – Peach Me 08?
From this range, a color that I would definitely repurchase is this one. I would definitely recommend this matte for anyone. Be extra careful if you’ve got dry/chapped lips!

Verdict: ‘Peach Me’ is the best out of my product picks and has come to become my favorite. This classic soft berry comes to my rescue during any normal day. On a day with minimal eye makeup, it only gets better!

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