Fair & Lovely BB Cream Review

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How’s everyone doing? Today, I am back with a very common make up product that is, a BB cream. I purchased this BB cream quite a few days back while I was grocery shopping in a nearby shop. So read on to know whether this BB cream from Fair and Lovely is a hit or a miss.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (6)

Price and quantity: INR 79 for 18 grams

Shelf life: 24 months from the date of manufacturing

My experience with the Fair and Lovely BB cream:

When I first saw this BB cream, I was a bit skeptical about it. However, given its dirt cheap price I didn’t have much to lose. So, I went ahead and bought it. The first thing that I did after reaching home that day was search for this cream’s online reviews. Given its easy availability and affordable price, I expected to find quite a few reviews of this online which, to my dismay were not available.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (5)

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (4)

Packaging: This BB cream is housed in a small tube. The tube has a metallic finish and is made out of good quality plastic. It has a screw cap at the top which, fits the tube quite snugly and is white in color. There’s nothing fancy about the packaging of this product but, at the given price it is quite sensible and very travel-friendly. This product is also available in a smaller tube of 9 grams which will help girls who want to carry a smaller version of this in their clutches or purses. It will also be helpful for those people who want to try out a smaller version of this product before purchasing a bigger tube.

Shade: Unlike many BB creams from other drugstore brands, Fair and lovely launched this BB cream in a single shade. This can be quite a turn off for girls with very fair or duskier skin tones since; they won’t find this particular shade quite flattering. Also, I am unable to decide whether this shade is on a warmer side or more cool toned (though it definitely looks warm toned in the swatches). So, I will say that it is neutral and may not suite a lot of Indian girls who have a fair amount of yellow undertones in their skin.

Texture: Now, coming to the worst part of this horrible BB cream. The texture of this BB cream is rubber-like. It makes the dry parts of my face (cheeks and chin) drier and gets patchy on my oily t-zone. It’s not at all easy to blend in and leaves a whitish caste on face which lasts for quite some time. All in all it made my face look like I just came out of wheat sack and I totally hated it. Yikes!

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (2)

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (3)

Fragrance: it has a typical Fair and Lovely smell which is nauseating and gives me a headache. Unfortunately, the smell lingers on for quite some time post application.

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (7)

Fair & Lovely BB Cream (8)

Fair & Lovely BB Cream swatch

Staying power: Never been able to wear it for more than an hour. Too horrible to tolerate .

So summing up the pros and cons,

Pros of Fair & Lovely BB Cream:

• None except that it’s easily available, affordable and travel-friendly tube.

Cons of Fair & Lovely BB Cream:

• Comes in just one shade.
• Rubber-like feel.
• Difficult to blend in.
• Leaves a whitish cast on face.
• Gives an unnatural look.
• Gets patchy on oilier parts of face.
• Dries out drier parts of face.
• Super unflattering smell.
• Might not stay for longer durations in hot weather.
• Broke me out.

IMBB rating: 1.25/5

Will I repurchase/ do I recommend Fair & Lovely BB Cream?
Absolutely not. Give this stupid creation a big skip!

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  1. I am off BB creams and waise bhi, I don’t touch anything that has fair and lovely written over it! Well reviewed Alka 🙂

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