11 Fashion Rules That Every Woman Must Break!

When it comes to fashion, you should break some rules. Rules are meant to be broken, so let’s bust some old myths and make a fashion statement. Let’s try a few fashion tips and bring out that rebel in you!

Fashion Rules

1. Your shoes, belt and bag need not match: This is one of the oldest fashion myths that need to be broken!! You do not need to match your accessories, and try making new combinations. Match a yellow belt, with a tan purse and blue shoes and still look stylish and chic! Your confidence is what will add up to the entire look!

11 Fashion Rules That Every Woman Must Break-joggers

2. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are not just for working out: For the lazy girl in you, this is Good News!! You can team them up with a gorgeous shade of lipstick and heels, and you are ready to rock that look!! Do not forget to put your swag mode on, wear your hair in a loose bun or a sleek ponytail, and you’re the BOMB!

11 Fashion Rules That Every Woman Must Break-goldsilver

3. Mix your metals: Long gone are the days when you couldn’t wear gold and silver together. But how can you not team them up; they just make you shine!!

4. Wear ONE shade from top to toe: This is definitely inspired by the gorgeous Deepika Padukone, when she turned up wear “Burgundy” on her lips, her nails, outfit and shoes!! She looked absolutely Amazing!!! Choose a shade that goes with your personality. You will look “Timeless”, I assure you of that!

5. Horizontal stripes rock irrespective of your body shape: I’m sure you’re all going bananas on reading this, because people shy away from wearing horizontal stripes thinking it wouldn’t flatter their body shape. Gone are the days, when you couldn’t wear those nautical stripes, break the rule and just try it on!

11 Fashion Rules That Every Woman Must Break-jewellery

6. Go bold with your jewelry: This wouldn’t look over the top; if you choose one day that you want to go bold wearing all bangles, rings and layers of necklace instead of just one statement piece, do not feel shy about it. Be confident and just steal the show!

7. Show off those turtlenecks: They are back in fashion and are surely going to be your show-off pieces this season. You can pair them with fitted jeans, high-waisted pants or maxi skirts and complete the look with a gorgeous jeweled neckpiece.

8. Wear those spectacles: Yeah! Spectacles are sexy and you must wear them even if you do not need them. Buy a nice pair of cat eyes or those nerdy frames. You will surely rock the “geek chick” look!

11 Fashion Rules That Every Woman Must Break-bag

9. Let those totes rest for a bit: All of us love our totes, but funky school backpacks or those leather ones look extremely fashionable.

10. Go for color blocking: Pink and red, green and yellow or any other nonconventional color combinations that you can think of are a great way to stand out in the crowd and look superstylish. Another benefit? You will feel superperky and bright with those colors. Pick stuff from your wardrobe and feel free to mix and match.

11. Bright lips are awesome: Who says bright lip colors are only for nights? Ditch those nudes/browns/MLBBs/or whatever you want to call them and put on some bright and peppy colors on your lips.

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