9 Makeup Commandments for Girls with Glasses


Nerdy and makeup, sounds like a disastrous combo? Obviously not! Girls wearing spectacles can rock makeup just like anyone else, and today I will share some amazing tips which can transform you from geeky to fashionista. Ladies who wear glasses are often confused about what kind of makeup would complement them. This post is sure to clear all those dilemmas! Keep scrolling beauties.

makeup for girls with glasses

1. Your frames are your best accessories
Feel blessed as the market is flooded with cute to designer frames in different colors and shapes. This way you can try and experiment with the frames that best suit your face and eyes. A good pair of spectacles is half the job done.

2. Ditch the tried and tested
Girls with glasses seldom experiment with things other than black liner and kohl. Get out of your comfort zone and use colors like deep burgundy, sparkling navy or charcoal. Not only do they look flattering on most skin tones, they would highlight your eyes even behind glasses. Let the color of your frames guide your choice of eyeliner shades. If you have black frames, you can pull off any color of liner.

makeup with glasses

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3. Use mascara liberally
A mascara can really make an eye-popping statement. Go heavy on mascara at the root of your lashes instead of the tips. This would give a natural intensity and not leave marks on your glasses. Make sure the mascara is smudgeproof and water resistant.

4. Cover up with concealer
Find your HG concealer to hide the dark circles or the red marks on your nose due to glasses. This way you won’t attract any unwanted attention to your blemishes. A properly applied concealer gives a brightening effect and prevents your eyes from looking sunken in.

5. Brow matters
Even though your glasses may hide them, do make it a point to tend to your brows as they frame your face for a complete makeup look. To make them stand out, use a suitable brow mascara, brush your brows upward and outward to darken them slightly. This gives your face a gorgeous, polished look.

6. Liner tricks
The thicker your frames, the thicker eye liner you should use. Similarly for thin frames, opt for a clean thin line. And when in doubt, do the cat eye flick to make your eyes stand out.

7. Blushing glory
A soft touch of blush on your cheeks would lend a warmth to your look. Properly blended blush helps to prevent your makeup from looking boring or flat.

8. Texture troubles
A foundation leaving cakey or whitish cast is a big no-no. It looks unflattering, and leaves patches on your frames, ruining your look. Same goes for any blush or setting powder you use. The key to flawless look is proper blending.

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9. Bold lips
You can always add an extra edge to your look by rocking bold lips. Depending on your skin tone, choose shades like ruby red, plum or hot pink.

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