Dressing Tips for Older Women

Dressing Tips for Older Women

There are many amongst us who have already reached that stage of life where the latest fashion statements and trends just don’t look trendy on us anymore. Reason can be attributed to getting older with age. But that does not give you any excuse for dressing in outfits which are decades older! But again, there are those latest trends which you know you just cannot rock at this age. My suggestion: Find a balance between both! Here are a few tips to help you in dressing up as you get older:

dress for older women
dress for older women

1. Be Confident

It’s all about your self esteem. You can wear mini skirts or dresses even in your 40’s & 50’s as long as you are confident enough to carry it; of course, keeping in mind you have still have the toned legs to wear them. Same goes for bikinis, swimsuits, shorts, sleeveless tops & the likes. Do wear it if your body is in a good shape and you don’t see any signs of those ugly flabs.

2. The Don’ts

There are some dressing up sins for your age which you should just not commit unless you are a celebrity or you are just stupid to wear it no matter what others say. Avoid dressing up in pigtails, knee high socks or any trace of bright pink or fluorescent colors or any other girly fashions unless you are in your teens. They will just make others highlight how desperate you are to look young. Also overalls, leather pants/leggings, high waist jeans, gypsy skirts & patchwork are a BIG NO-NO.

accessories for older women
accessories for older women

3. Wardrobe Essentials

Some things are never too old for dressing up. There is some neutral clothing which can be worn by women aged from 25-60 or even more. A blazer, trench coat, cotton blouse, pencil skirt, fitted sweater are those few essentials which makes you look young and trendy no matter what your age as they never go out of fashion. Invest in these few timeless pieces and you will never regret it.

4. Power Accessories

These are those accessories which again could be worn at any age but if styled up properly would look great on women aged 40+. Accessories like a silk scarf & metallic copper, silver, antique gold chunky jewelry can take off those years especially from the upper body. If you don’t want to highlight any feature which might show your true age you can easily cover them up with accessories. A great example is Shobha De who wears a lot of statement necklaces to take attention away from her neck wrinkles.

Shobha De
Shobha De

5. Colors

Just because you age does not mean you start dressing in dull muted colors. But, you should avoid dressing in bright colors as they tend to highlight wrinkles more. Colors like royal blue, violet, emerald, magenta and olive are termed to be sophisticated colors which look great on older women compared to pastels and bright shades.

6. Footwear

As you get older your feet also gets bigger in size especially in terms of broadness. This does not give you any reason to shift to flats. You can still wear heels/wedges/pumps as long as you feel comfortable in them. Buy shoes from brands like Hush Puppies which cater to older women’s feet by providing comfortable yet stylish and trendy shoes.

hairstyle for older women
hairstyle for older women

7. Hairstyle

Everything is updated yet your hairstyle is not? Its time to cut down those old long locks because the only thing that can instantly make you look youthful is a chic modern short haircut. Avoid bright intense color for makeup as it will make you look much older than what you are. Do makeup complimenting your eyes, hair & skin tone.

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14 thoughts on “Dressing Tips for Older Women

  1. Hey Insiya,

    This is pretty interesting article :yes: :yes: :yes:

    Though I think older women actually look awesome in gypsy skirts, especially when paired with the right kind of top. Same with leggings, as long as they worn with a kurta and not a crop top you know :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:

    And high waited jeans are definitely a better alternative for older women who want to wear jeans then wearing low rises no ? As long as you don’t commit the heinous crime of tucking your top in the waistband and you make sure your top falls till below the belly.

    Neons are definitely a no no but for women wearing salwar kameezes, dont be afraid of color, a splash here and there is always good :laugh:

    1. Hey Janhavi
      Thanks for your comment :-)) Highly appreciate your opinions :yes:
      You are right in case of gypsy skirts. I guess they would work well with the right kind of top. As for leggings I was referring to leather leggings 😛 Normal cotton leggings would definitely work with women of all age.

      As for high waisted jeans definitely tucking in would be a heinous crime.I meant the super high waisted jeans of you the 80’s. Usually high waisted jeans don’t have a proper cut for older women. The wrong cut will just make their age more propminent. So I guess if they wear a normal jeans, neither high nor low would be the best option.

      Neon salwar kameezes would definitely look good :-)) but neon dresses would just be :shutmouth:

  2. I love how Shobha De dresses up. Starting from her saris to long skirts, everything looks nice on her. or lets say she makes an effort to dress up nicely.

    The accessory tip is great!! :yes: :yes: :yes:

    1. I agree she looks way younger than her actual age. I was shocked to know she’s 60+. She definitely makes an effort to dress up in a presentable yet stylish manner :-))

  3. Yes exactly its a very wrong notion that older women can’t dress like young women. With just a few things at the right place they can dress up just the way they want 🙂

  4. how old is actually old ?:-) i will not accept that am old until next 30 years :rotfl: :rotfl:

    after that if am still moving around, lets see :chic: :chic: 😛 😛 😛

  5. Nice article insi 😀
    I was just imagining myself you know
    like after i turn 35+
    I would wear high waisted pencil skirts with shirt tucked in.
    I would stick to neutral colors but would add a bit of bright colors to my nails or bags.
    i would wear huge rings.
    Also, good jewelry.
    I would prefer wearing dresses.

    1. thanks gia :-*
      haha me too will wear such stuff.
      we will go for shopping together for ourselves & act like teens going gaga over the latest trend 😀 😛

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