Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review

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Today’s review will be on a set of razors from Forever 21. Let’s get started!

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review

Price: Rs.129 for a set of 2 razors

My Experience with Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors:

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review Packaging

This razor set comes with 2 razors. There’s a pink and a purple razor in here. These razors are translucent in color giving a crystal effect. But, these are made up of clear plastic. The razors are foldable so you can travel easily with these. Also, it is safer to store so that the blades don’t get blunt and it won’t harm you or your belongings. I like that there are two pieces in a set so that you can have at least one of them handy.

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review Open

The blade of the razor is very sharp and precise. The blade isn’t too big or small and it helps in getting precision when you use it on your upper lips or eyebrows. It is very easy to use. The blade isn’t extremely sharp that it will cut your skin nor too blunt. You just have to apply a slight amount of pressure to get your work done.

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review Folded

You need to slightly stretch your skin where you want to use this and then move the razor in the opposite direction of hair growth, but be very careful if you are using it for the first time, especially near the eyebrow area. And when you are done, just apply some aloe vera gel or a lotion where you have trimmed the hair.

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review Half Folded

The blade did not get rust or anything. One of the best things about this razor is that it is reusable. Just make sure you wipe the blade very nicely and let it dry completely. You are good to go for next 3-4 trims.

Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors Review Blade

Summing up the pros and cons:

Pros of Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors:

• Very affordable
• Comes in a pack of 2
• Foldable
• Sharp blade
• Very user-friendly
• Does the job quickly
• Trims hair nicely and efficiently
• Doesn’t get rust easily
• Reusable and no problem in cleaning either
• Painless way of getting rid of peach fuzz

Cons of Forever 21 Eyebrow Razors:

• One has to be careful while using it because a bit of extra pressure will result in cuts

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