Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes Review



Eyes: Watery, sensitive eyes with oily lids

Hi girls,

Even though I have not used many false eyelashes, I have now become comfortable with them. Hence, I picked up this pair of dramatic and long false lashes from Forever 21. Let’s start the review.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes Review

Price: $1.90 and INR 129
Products Description:
A set of false eyelashes with a how-to guide printed on the back.

My Experience with Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes:

This pair of lashes comes in a cute and small silver plastic pouch. The actual lashes are nicely placed on a small white tray and are covered with a thin plastic sheet. The packaging is safe and nice. I can store the eyelashes back in it for future use too. But, since the packaging doesn’t contain any applicator glue, I need to use a separate glue for application. These eyelashes are so cheap, so I don’t really mind the absence of glue.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes Packaging

We get a pair of false lashes and the color is true black. These lashes are long and dramatic, and have a criss-cross design. This fancy lash design gives you a perfect, party-wear look. I do not prefer to use these lashes for everyday look but these are not OTT either. Despite good volume and length these lashes look natural on me. The band is quite nice and I can easily apply some glue. Also, I can skip my eyeliner since the band looks natural on the eyes; it blends with my natural lash line easily.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes

I like the length of these lashes as they fit my medium size eyes very well. Both the lashes contain false hair of varied length. Hence, the lashes look voluminous. I like the quality of these lashes. They do not feel heavy on the eyes and are quite comfortable to wear. Also, I have sensitive eyes and these lashes have never irritated them.

Forever 21 Pre-glued eyelashes

Thanks to the quality and size, these lashes are very easy to apply. These lashes add a nice, dramatic look to my overall eye makeup. These lashes give the look of wide-awake eyes and make my eyes look very pretty. I won’t prefer to use these lashes daily but these are good enough for occasional use.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes Close Up

These lashes stay on my eyes all day long and do not feel heavy on my eyes. Removing and storing these lashes is also very easy. Also, I need not apply any mascara with these as these lashes blend easily with my natural lashes.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes Size

I am super happy with these stunning false lashes as they add a gorgeous look to my eyes. In this eye makeup, I didn’t apply any mascara; I had just curled my natural lashes and applied these falsies.

Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes EOTD

Pros of Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes:

• Study and useful packaging.
• Super affordable.
• Do not ever irritate my eyes.
• Beautiful, dramatic lashes.
• Give superb volume and length.
• Blend nicely with my natural lashes.
• Make my eyes look gorgeous.
• Do not look fake.
• Easy application.
• Light and comfortable.
• Good staying power.
• Easy to remove.

Cons of Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes:

• Wish the size were a little bigger.
• No glue.
• Availability.

IMBB Rating: 4.5/5
Will I Repurchase/Recommend Forever 21 Love and Beauty False Eyelashes?
Yes to both. If you are a beginner and want pocket-friendly but dramatic eyelashes then this is the best option for you.

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    1. Thank you soo much mam 🙂 F21 has some really good beauty stuff, but there is no store in Kolkata and most of them are not available at online. Otherwise I will pick all of them 😛 😛 😀

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