Fragrance Defines Personality: Learn What Your Fragrance Says About You

Hello fashionistas,

Do you have a signature fragrance or do you love swapping around? Do you believe in wearing a fragrance according to the occasion? High five if you feel your outfit is not complete unless you have sprayed on your favorite fragrance! But did you know your fragrance actually says a lot about your personality? Read on to find out which fragrance defines you best…


1. Floral

Think: roses, orchids, violets
You are unapologetically feminine. You love organizing: be it a party or your friend’s wardrobe. Your kindness cannot be overlooked. You are an elegant person who loves whites and blushes.

2. Citrus


Think: Oranges, limes
You are a crisp, confident, energetic and lively person. Women who love citrus scents are known to have a “zest” for life. You love everything organized and clean. Citrus loving women are feminine without being girly and flirty without being overly romantic.

3. Fruity

Think: Apples, peaches, berries
You are bubbly and flirtatious. A fun loving person, you clearly know what you need. Women with a love for fruity scents are youthful, not too serious and serve as the heart of any party.

4. Earthy and Woody


Think: moss, musk and woody scents
You are a no-nonsense person who has a mentionable repulsion towards the words “chick” and “babe”. A free heart, you are not afraid to give your honest opinions. An independent, thoughtful and classy person, you value individuality and loyalty over and above all.

5. Spicy

Think: cinnamon, cloves, ginger, vanilla
Women who love spicy fragrances have equally spicy personalities. You are warm and sexy with a love for androgynous style teamed with bold red lips. Cozying by the fire with a warm quilt is your favorite pastime and you are the kind of person who gets out of bed late.

6. Oceanic


Think: anything oceanic, airy and refreshing
You are a crisp, clean and extremely motivated person. You firmly believe that ‘actions speak louder than words’. Women with a love for oceanic or water scents hate to be held down by ideals and are extremely welcoming to other’s ideas. You simply love oceanic colors and have a soft corner for blue.

7. Greens


Think: fresh leaves and cut grass
An athletic and sporty person, you love spending most of your leisure time outdoors. You love everything related to nature, buy natural cosmetics and organic food. You have a soft corner for brands that work in an environment friendly manner. You carry off menswear with sophistication and style and take to earthy tones most often.

8. Oriental

Think: Amber, honey and anything exotic
Opulent and sultry, women who love oriental fragrances leave a lasting impression. You have a fetish for classic pieces and are never seen chasing latest trends. You are a trend setter and prefer quality over quantity. You prefer an intimate dinner with your lover in an exotic but quiet restaurant over a late night party. Smokey eye is your signature look.

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4 thoughts on “Fragrance Defines Personality: Learn What Your Fragrance Says About You

  1. Except greens, I love all kinds of fragrances depending on my mood! But citrus and earthly woody and spicy are my all time faves

  2. I love Oriental fragrances the most. I think everything written is true about my personality, except last sentence. Yet to master smokey eyes to love that trend. 😛

    1. haha… even I love orientals… I love the smokey eye trend though whenever I try wearing it, it turns outta be something ‘bear’ish 😛

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