Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes Review

Hello everyone,

I am a clumsy person. Period! But, one thing that I always make sure is that I have tissues (wet/dry) in my handbag. I just cannot do without them. And now that the hot sultry sweaty summers are here, I have to have them. The experimental me picked up a few wet wipes and today’s review is one of them.

Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes  (3)

Price: Rs. 40/- for 10 sheets.

My experience with Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes:

The wet wipes come in a colorful rose printed outer cover. The stick-on cover has pretty strong adhesive, so it is not an issue to store it. Also the wipes do not dry out after a while, thanks to the tough stick-on cover. Though I am not a rose fragrance lover, but this is just awesome. Super refreshing and fragrant to give the pepped up feel in a jiffy. Initially, I purchased this only due to the super cute outer cover, but what came as bonus was that it effectively removes makeup. Not that it would remove the long lasting waterproof mascara but it definitely takes off the lipstick and smudged kohl. Thankfully, there is no sticky uncomfortable feeling which is common in some wet wipes.

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These come super handy after meals when you lipstick appears patchy and uneven. I quite like how they are packed in small smart bundles of 10 sheets. They can easily be sneaked into the purse without consuming much space yet coming versatile when required. The size of the sheets are appropriate and suitable for quick freshening up on the go.
Highly recommend these for all those who like to get a dose of quick tonic for the hands and face, while traveling or day-outs. Absolutely no-con product with the affordable price tag and handy packaging.

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Pros of Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes:

• Cute packaging
• Lovely fragrance
• Handy
• Affordable
• Availability
• Removes makeup

Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes  (1)

Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes  (2)

Cons of Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes:

• None .

IMBB Rating: 5/5

Would I repurchase Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes?

Would I recommend Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes?
Yes, this can become your best friend for the summers.

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3 thoughts on “Fresh Ones Rose Fresh Wipes Review

  1. Wet wipes are a must have for me too! I make sure I have them in the car or in Activa even if I am not carrying my bag. So far I have used only Johnson’s baby wipes, would try to find this one next time I go to the market. 🙂

  2. i am quite a rose fragrance fan! 😀 I havent used fresh face wipes in a while must pick them now for sure. love the red packaging! 🙂

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