Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues Review

Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues Review


Its raining oops hoarding wet facial tissues over here.  I am picking up dry, wet, and all kind of facial tissues.  After buying Kara Sunscreen Wipes, I thought I would stop, but I am not able to 😛 Is any of you stocking up facial tissues like this, do tell me 🙂  A little info about these wipes:

Product Description:

FreshOnes wet cleansing tissues refreshes and cleanse your face and hand.  Ideal for removing grease and dirt to keep you clean, cool, and fresh.  Dries without wiping, disposable and flushable.  Handy for car trips, work or play. Fresh Ones tissues are also available in travel 50 wipes, handy 15 wipes, and singles.

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes 1


Rs. 175 for a pack of 100 wipes.

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes 2

My Take on Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues:

The pack I got is a huge plastic bottle with 100 wipes in a roll.  There is a perforation through which the wipe has to be pulled out, but tearing it off from the roll is a bit difficult.  On the directions to use section on the pack, it is mentioned to pull the tissue sideways to tear off automatically, but that doesn’t happen.

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes

Any side that you turn the tissue to tear it off, it doesn’t come off easily.  Worse is that there is always a bit of tissue that sticks out of the opening though the flap shuts tight over it.  These wipes are scented with a strong smell of roses, I am not happy with it.

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes 3

The material of the tissue is not as soft as Kara wipes, its a bit stiff and though it is not harsh on facial skin, I would prefer to use it only for just dabbing and not cleansing purpose. It does refresh the face, but the wipes are not wet enough for cleansing.  The width of the tissue is not enough to be used as a facial wipe.  The sheet measures 220 mm x 140 mm and its not mentioned anywhere what material it is made of.

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes 4

Though its a huge pack that is not easy to carry around for short travels, for long journeys, it might be useful.  I am going to stick to Kara cleansing wipes as of now, though I have seen another set of facial tissues somewhere 😛 Okay this is a phase, and I am going to get it over soon 🙂

Fresh Ones Facial Wipes 5

Pros of Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues:

  • Huge pack of facial wipes.
  • Refreshes you up.

Cons of Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues:

  • Tearing off the tissue from the roll inside is a bit difficult.
  • Strongly scented with rose fragrance.
  • Tissues are not as soft as Kara wipes.
  • Not wet enough for cleansing the face.

Would I Repurchase Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues?


IMBB Rating:


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14 thoughts on “Fresh Ones Wet Cleansing Tissues Review

  1. Oopsi its not as good as Kara!!!, i was considering it to order online but thanks to ur revu, i will stick to my kara aloe vera wipes, i love karas tissue material so softy softy 😉

  2. i just finished the light blue ones from Kara .. i found them good… fresh ones get me nostalgic… 😀

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