Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue Review

Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue

Hello ladies,

How is the summer season treating you? It is really getting bad here in Mumbai and the humidity level is horrible. I try to keep myself hydrated by eating lot of fruits. I am literally hogging on watermelon these days, just can’t have enough of it. My skin has already started acting up, it’s getting more and more oily every passing day and I try my best to keep my skin sweat free and oil free as much as I can. I am resorting to products that don’t clog my pores and keep the acne and zits at bay. One such product that I just can’t do without is the Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes.


Product Description:

Fresh Ones Refreshing Wipes are deodorant wipes especially formulated to keep one fresh, revitalized and clean. These wipes remove dirt, excess oil and grime from face and neck area and leave behind a lingering fragrance.

Fresh Ones Vogue wipes exudes eternal emotion, a provocatively magnetic freshness that blossoms into an elegant mood for the spell binding you, whose fascinating glance electrifies and bewitches.

Features and Benefits

• Handy to carry and use
• Available in three variants- Cologne, Valencia and Vogue
• Does not dry skin



Rs.90 for 35 wipes
Rs.35 for 10 wipes

My take on Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue:

There are various wet tissues or wipes available in market today but somehow I have always used Fresh Ones. I wanted to review this long back but completely forgot about it even though it is in my bag perennially. 😀 Yes, I adore these wipes and just can’t step out without these in my bag especially during this hot season. I started using this last year and I didn’t feel like switching to any other brand. Okay so I happened to check Jomol’s review on Fresh ones wet cleansing wipes sometime back and that’s how I recollected that I have to review the ones that I adore so much.

I like to keep the smaller pack (10 wipes) when I am out and a bigger pack (35 wipes) when I am at home. Okay, so coming back to why exactly I adore these wipes. As the name suggests these wipes are very refreshing and can make you feel good during those crazy afternoons. They clean oil from my face really well and do not feel harsh at all.


The fragrance of these wipes is just too good. It is very refreshing and can pep you up instantly. Yes the fragrance is like a deodorant. I use these wipes to remove my makeup too when I am too lazy or tired to use a makeup remover and it does a good job. It takes off foundation and waterproof makeup too. I have tried using this to remove my eye makeup and it doesn’t burn at all but I would not suggest this to be used as an eye makeup remover as it has a strong fragrance and perhaps alcohol too and may not suit those with sensitive skin.

Pros of Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue:

• Refreshing
• Inexpensive
• Amazing fragrance
• Does not feel harsh on skin
• Keeps skin fresh for a long time.
• Wipes away oil and dirt really well
• Removes makeup quite well


Cons of Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue:

None at all 😀 😀
I am a happy bunny. Yayyy!!! 😀 😀

Rating: 10 out of 5

Will I purchase Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue?

Yes, of course as I can’t live without these wipes

Do I recommend Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue?

Yes…. A big Yes to all the ladies out here.

Thank you so much ladies for reading.

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4 thoughts on “Fresh Ones Refreshing Deo Wipes in Vogue Review

  1. Heyyyy Dipti…. even i have these wipes… but in red coloured pack… *hifive* don’t know the name lol…. haven’t started using them … will start definitely now *haan ji* *happy dance*

    1. Saloni I think I have used the ones in red pack once when my sis got them… me too can’t recollect the name..

      I hope you like them… 🙂 🙂

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