FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray Review

FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray Review

By Aashka Mehta

Hello, all you beautiful ladies,

So, who wants smooth, straight, sleek, shiny, non-frizzy hair? All those of you said “I”, read on, this one is for you.


Today, I am going to review a product by FX called Brazilian Smooth 7-Day Smoothing Spray.

Product Description:

In the quest for perfect, hair the answer is in the bottle! Smooth,straight,sleek,shiny hair for up to 7 glorious days!* ideal for commitment phoebes who want their curls sooner than later. An exclusive blend with rich brazillian fortify keratin proteins smooths,straightens and adds luxurious shine with a simple easy to use spray.

How To Apply:

1) Wash hair (do not condition), 2) spray treatment on to clean damp hair. Comb through
3) blow dry treatment in to hair 4) flat iron 2”sections at 45 0f .wait 24hrs to wash.


Ingredients Hair Spray

Made in USA.


Rs. 475 for 177 ml (I paid Rs. 425 @ Alfa, Mumbai).

My Experience with FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray:

Summer is finally here and my hair tends to get more frizzy than usual and so I need to iron and blow dry it very regularly.  I went to the store to buy a heat protectant and I came across this product and what I loved about it is that its multi utility anti frizz + heat protection.

I used it exactly as directed.  After shampooing, did not apply conditioner.  I did not know how my hair would react without a conditioner, can’t remember the last time I didn’t use it, but I followed it anyway and after hair was semi dry, made small parts and sprayed the smoothing spray and blow dried it to work the product into the hair.  Once that was done, ironed small sections of the hair.  Do not over apply the product as it can get greasy. I cannot confirm the 7-day claim, I tried to keep it on for as long as I could, but after 3 days, my hair got very greasy and had to wash it.  The result was fantastic, hair looked great, no frizziness, super straight hair, and the fly always were controlled.

Hair Spray 2

Blow drying made the hair dry which I did not like, so the second time that I used the product, I just let my hair air dry, which worked fine as well and gave the same results after ironing, but in the instructions, it says “after flat iron, wait 24 hours to wash.” I assumed that this means that the results will last even after washing my hair * dreaming* that would have been great.  So, the next time, I washed my hair the next day, but no such luck, hair was back to being wavy and frizzy.

Hair Spray 3

It comes in a nice plastic bottle with a spray nozzle and a cap, sadly it’s a loose cap and not fixed for someone like me, I know I am going to lose it pretty soon.  The shape is nice to hold and gives a good grip.  I do like the fact that it’s a plastic and not a glass bottle.  The product is creamy and in semi liquid form.

Hair Spray 4

What I Loved about FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray:

  • Acts as a heat protectant.
  • Anti frizz.
  • Good lasting power.
  • Reasonably priced and value for money.
  • No side effects on my hair after using this.
  • Does everything that it claims.

What I Dislike about FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray:

  • Hair gets greasy in around 3 days.
  • Lid (cap) is loose.

Actually that’s the only thing I did not like. I have no other complaints.  Its very well priced.  This will last me a very long time and I am happy with  my purchase. I have wavy hair, do not know how it shall work on someone with very curly hair.

IMBB Rating:


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8 thoughts on “FX Brazilian Smooth 7-day Smoothing Spray Review

  1. Heyy aashka… thanku soooo much for this review *thankyou* *thankyou* i spotted this product at a beauty store and wanted to badly buy it… *drool* but did not know how i would turn out… *nababana* but this looks really great… now i wont hesitate from buying this *hifive*

    1. Thanks saloni *thankyou* …if u use heat on your hair this is a great product ..try it n let me know how u found it … By the way I love your outfit posts *pompom* keep it up

    2. hey saloni .. thanks so much .. *thankyou* if you like to use heat on your hair this product is really gud..

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