Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo Review

Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo

Since everyone’s childhood, everyone must have been using a shampoo…starting from Jhonson’s no tears baby shampoo to today’s versatile high end brand shampoo. In reality, a shampoo doesn’t solve all hair-care problems but still, it’s a necessity in everyday routine to clean your hair. Let’s take a look at Garnier fructis repair & shine restoring shampoo.

Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo

Product Description:

Is your hair dry, damaged or stressed out and not smooth to touch?
Damaged, stressed hair needs deep nourishment. The Fructis Repair & Shine range, enriched with 3 fruit oils, helps nourish each fibre of each hair strand.

What Garnier Claims:

Three marvellous oils intensely nourish and replenish hair.
Olive oil : nourishes the hair to give it shine
Avocado oil : conditions the hair with a softer feel
Shea oil : for a silky touch


£1.99 ( 250 ml of product) / PKR 245
I found that the price varies from £1.65-£2.45 depending on the store. It is made in Italy.
Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo3

My experience with Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo:

Garnier is a subsidiary company of L’oreal Paris . The shampoos and conditioners from Garnier are of good quality but I have heard from folks that either Garnier brand suits them like nothing ever had…or either they have stay away. In my opinion, it is not a brand that suits everyone.

The bottle of the shampoo is pretty orangish-yellow, making it different from the entire range and very easy to recognize in shelves. The bottle is sturdy but need to be carefully sealed while travelling. The fragrance is pleasant and better than other Garnier Fructis shampoo (I mean all those green ones). I have noticed very narrow reduction in hair-with this shampoo. But, this shampoo is a winner for making my hair silky smooth and soft. It controls my thin hair’s frizz very well. My hairs are shiny and manageable. I simply love it for the look it gives to my hair. The consistency of the shampoo is runny but can be handled; it is not much of a pain. It leaves a mild fragrance in hair till hours after hair wash. I have an oily scalp so my hair get greasy after 1-1.5 day, same as with all good shampoo even. I found out that the product’s claim of restoration and repair is false. But I don’t keep miraculous hopes from shampoo for making my hair ones like Rapunzel had…so I am ok with the results.

Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo

Pros Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo:

• Leaves hair soft, silky & shiny.
• Controls hair frizz.
• No Parabens mentioned in ingredients.
• Affordable.

Cons of Garnier Fructis Repair & Shine Restoring Shampoo:

• Does not live up to the claim of repairing and restoring hair.

IMBB Rating:


My hair type:

Dry damaged hair, split ends, oily scalp

Repurchase and recommendation:

Yes … this is my 3rd bottle…..and I surely recommend it.

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  1. we share exactly same hair type *hifive* *hifive* *hifive*
    i definitely have to try this!
    but i haven’t come across this one as yet in stores *nababana* *nababana*
    lets see if its available online!

    1. yeah, i haven’t seen it in many stores as well…i spotted it in a one roof cosmetic shop, got one, used a week or two and went again to buy two bottles as backup *hifive*

  2. I have the exactly same hair type… *pompom* *pompom* *pompom* if it would have been availabe here i think i wold have already tried it *hifive* *hifive* waiting for the moment when i spot it somewhere *happydance* *happydance*

  3. Lovely Review Sumera *woot* Seems A Good Product … *announce* But Availability *ghost* Can I Tell You …. *secret* I knw Pakistan’s National Anthem …. *secret* *puchhi*

  4. Nice review sumera *haan ji* nd I hv a extrmely oily scalp suffering from oily dandruff nd my hair dont like cream base shampoo *headbang*

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