Loreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque Review

Loreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque Review

Hello, in this post I will be reviewing Loreal Hair masque. Surprisingly no body has reviewed this product . it was Mrunmayee who asked for a review and happy as I am with this purchase of mine I am going to literally rave about this. Now this hair masque is supposed to deep condition. According to sanjeev’s blog let me remind you

Deep conditioners: For dry, frizzy hair. They are more concentrated than the instant conditioners and are applied for 20 – 30 minutes before rinsing. But use deep conditoning only once a week.(Sanjeev)
My hair is really damaged from long exposure to sun as on weekdays I have to regularly walk for about 20 minutes in the sun because there’s no other means of commutation. And I noticed in the last 1 year my hair has turned from silky to coarse, rough ‘jharoo’. And I am always on the lookout for some miracle product for my hair. However, miracle products are only found miraculously. So, when this hair masque was launched I was pretty skeptic about this. Let me now come to the point straight.

Loreal  Hair Mask
Loreal Hair Mask

What Loreal claims about the hair masque: “New Total Repair 5 Mask with ceramide-cement, the masque repairs and intensely nourishes your hair.

Proven Results: Day after day, your hair is rerepaired and protected from the 5 signs of hair damage:
1)hair fall (due to breakage) 2)Dryness 3)Roughness 4)Dullness 5) Split ends.”

Loreal  Hair Mask
Loreal Hair Mask

So it is supposed to address all the major issues that we face everyday.


Loreal  Hair Mask
Loreal Hair Mask

Price: 325 INR
I got it for around 300 INR as I bought this from Pantaloons using my membership card.

Quantity: 200g
Shelf-life: 36 months

Loreal  Hair Mask
Loreal Hair Mask

(An advantage)

I have no clue if this composition is good or bad for your hair although I did not like the idea of alcohol in the composition. Alcohol is chemically a dehydrating agent as my rudimentary knowledge of chemistry goes.

Direction for use: Gently massage into washed and towel-dried hair. Leave in for 2 minutes for intensive treatment, then rinse.
Note that it is to be left on for only 2 minutes and to be used on towel-died hair unlike your regular conditioner.

Now the pros and the cons
The Pros of Loreal total Repair 5 Hair masque

  • It makes the hair really soft and silky. I love to touch my hair after using this(and also ask my mum repeatedly to tough it and say if it feels soft 😛 ).
  • The effect remains for good two or three days. For hair like mine I should be using this twice a week for the intensive treatment. But I am prone to catch cold so staying for long in the shower is a strict no no for me. So I manage to use it once a week only my sister whose hair was damaged from chlorine in the water in the swimming pool also tried this on and it has helped her a lot..
  • Smells good and it lingers for about a day or two.
  • The texture is quite creamy. So its easy to apply.
  • Only a small amount is required. A little dollop is enough for my hair which is a two or 3 inches below my shoulder. I have been using this for about two or three months once/twice a week . yet, not even half of the container is finished.
  • It comes in a tub. A tube is more hygienic. But the tub ensures that the last bit of it is used and nothing is wasted. Also in the shower you don’t have worry about keeping the tube straight or down in order avoid spillage.
  • Inexpensive considering all these pros about it.

The Cons of Loreal total Repair 5 Hair masque

  • If you tend to use more than what is required it might make your hair a bit sticky or clumpy. But then, after one or two uses you should be able to figure out your right quantity.
  • It has not completely cured my problems. But I guess that is due to my laziness as I more often use once instead of twice weekly.

Otherwise, I find no problem with Loreal total Repair 5 Hair masque.

Shall I repurchase Loreal total Repair 5 Hair masque: Yes, I will although I will still look out for my Holy Grail product.

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48 thoughts on “Loreal Total Repair 5 Hair Masque Review

  1. Thank you for the review nivedita 😀
    Even i was wondering why noone made a review about it 🙂
    I am going to try this.
    I am currently using strawberry yoghurt deep conditioner by BOOTS
    twice a week and it’s good too.
    Can’t wait to try this out 😀 😀 😀

  2. Oh I didn’t even know about this. I :heart: Total Repair 5 shampoo. It does at least 3 things out of the 5 esp. no split ends for me! yay!
    But my hair is not damaged. Should I still use it? What I mean is, does it make normal hair extra good? I don’t like the total repair 5 conditioner and use the yellow l’oreal one. ?:-) ?:-)

  3. hey, isn’t there a similar product from Dove too? well, i never knew abt this product. it’s good to use a mask once a week. although i dont. 😛

  4. Hey thnx 4 the review Nivedita. :-))
    I have been considering replacing my regular conditioner with hair mask after reading some good reviews abt dove hair mask.
    Did the loreal one help with frizz and flyaways??Did the dove one help ur sister with these probs??(sorry 4 assuming u may have frizz problem tho 😉 )

  5. Sorry..but I am confused…….you mention that masques should be left on for 20-30 mins before rinsing but this one should be left for 2 mins like regular conditioners?

  6. good review Nivedita..I agree with all that the shampoo doesnt do much..the conditioner and mask arent great either.. this mask helped a bit in keeping my split ends in check..my hair was less dry and more manageable..but the split ends didnt go away fully and the hair was nt totally frizz free..i use it like twice a week..i got 2 more products in the same range from singapore which i havent seen in India..so not sure if they are available here..total repair 5 night essence and repairing treatment..the repairing treatment worked wonders and my split ends were gone..and the night essence makes the hair very soft and it smells great..but the moment i stopped using these products my split ends have come back 🙁 so i guess one needs to be regular..i have almost finished my repairing treatment and i need another…does anyone know if these have been launched in India??

  7. Hmm…. I guess the loreal range of tatal repair5 has ixed feelings. I have used the shampoo and conditioner and it worked great for me. I am yet to try the mask though.

  8. I bought a sachet of loreal total repair 5 and it does not state how to apply it. Thanks for the review i have now the idea how to apply it on. :yes:

  9. actually, cetearyl alcohol is more of a waxy substance and it is actually very similar to glycerin, so it can actually be very moisturising.

  10. Good review Nivedita. For your info, there is no(dangerous)alcohol in the product. It is cetearyl alcohol, a fatty alcohol blend (of cetyl and stearyl alcohol) to impart an oily feel to the hair. I agree with AR.

  11. i m using loreal paris total repair5 shampoo+conditioner but it did nothing to my hairs still ihave hair fall,dry and rough hairs. what should i do. ?:)

  12. :headbang: :headbang: this is a total dud.. its not a hair mask for starters.. just a thick conditioner.. pls dont waste ur money since i did.. :waiting: .. its just a conditioner in a tub… :spank: :spank:

  13. Heyzzz ..
    I tried tis product.. i think it’d made my hair rough n rugged … wat 2 do ..??
    BUZZZZ…!!! plz help..!!!

  14. no wonder the total repair 5 shampoo and conditioner have dn a great job but for the real rescue comes the MASQUE, just giving you wat u want and effect can be seen from the first wash….my hairs were like some jharoo hell rough ..:/ but now i actually dance wen i use it lol…. its a “YOU MUST GO FOR IT THING ” :p

  15. My hair is bit curly, after having smoothing treatment to make it straight my become rough…falls…dry…and always untidy, did try many kind of shampoo but nothing better…Just today i tried this L’Oreal hair masker and shampoo, I feel my hair becomes smooth and silky. Hope my hair will be better soon. Any suggestion how many in a week i have to do to have better result? thanks

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