Garnier Refreshing Toner Review

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I’m back with another review for you all and this time it’s on a toner. A toner is something that I enjoy using, but I don’t always notice any effects on my skin. It’s just something I enjoy using because it leaves my skin feeling a bit more hydrated and fresh. I picked up this Garnier toner because I needed something to replace the La Roche Posay Serozinc that had run out and I had never tried this toner before. If you would like to know my thoughts on this product, please keep on reading!

Garnier Refreshing Toner

£3.29 (200 ml).


Garnier Refreshing Toner

Product Claims:

Garnier Refreshing Toner

The packaging of this product is the standard packaging in which most Garnier products come in, a clear bottle with a flip cap top. The packaging can be a little bulky, so it’s not the most travel friendly item, but otherwise, I have found no problems with it.

The product itself has quite a strong scent because it does contain added parfum/fragrance, but I personally like the scent; it smells fresh and sweet and although scented products aren’t great for sensitive skin, I’ve had no problems with this toner. However, if you do have problems with fragranced products, this might not be the toner for you. This toner is also really affordable and the amount of product you get in the bottle makes it good value for money.

Garnier Refreshing Toner

The toner claims to be for normal to combination skin, but I actually have pretty oily skin and I think it should be fine for all skin types.  The toner also claims to “tone and brighten” skin, but I have found that it hasn’t had any noticeable effect on my skin. It definitely leaves the skin feeling more refreshed, but it hasn’t actually cleared up my complexion or had any effect on my blemishes. I’m aware though a toner isn’t really supposed to do that, but at the same time, it doesn’t live up to its claim of brightening the skin either. At the same time, it hasn’t aggravated my skin or caused any problems, which I am thankful for also!

Another problem I have with this toner is the fact that it contains alcohol denat and benzyl alcohol, which are not great ingredients for the skin, as they can be drying. The toner claims to also remove the last traces of makeup and impurities and I think I have mentioned this once before already, but a toner is not supposed to remove the last traces of makeup, a cleanser is! If you find that the toner is removing leftover traces of makeup, it means you either haven’t cleansed your face properly or you need to get a new cleanser!

Pros of Garnier Refreshing Toner:

  • Leaves the skin feeling refreshed and hydrated.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Does not irritate my skin.

Cons of Garnier Refreshing Toner:

  • Contains alcohol.
  • Doesn’t brighten skin.
  • Heavily fragranced (may not be suitable for sensitive skin).
  • Non-travel friendly packaging.

IMBB Rating:


Would I Repurchase Garnier Refreshing Toner?

No.  This is probably the third or fourth toner I have tried and I am still yet to find my Holy Grail product! I’ve done reviews on other toners, such as the La Roche Posay Serozinc, Boots Botanics Rose Water Spritz, and the Simple toner, and although I have liked using them, I’m not fully satisfied with them. At the moment, I’m using an Olay toner, which I like, but I’m still on the hunt for a new one – if there are any you recommend, please let me know. As for this toner, I like that it’s affordable, smells great and leaves my skin pretty hydrated, but then again, I don’t feel like it’s really doing anything to my skin and I’m not adding anything good to my skin, other than a cocktail of chemicals! I also hate it when brands boost their products up by adding claims that don’t even work; for example, this toner doesn’t brighten my skin and as for it’s statement “enriched with Lotus flower and Moringa extracts.” Well, I doubt its “enriched” with these extracts, it’s more like a small amount has been added to the toner! It’s a shame that I didn’t like this product; I’m aware that a lot of my reviews can tend to be negative, but I’d much rather be honest with you all and tell you exactly how I feel about a product. Thanks for reading and I hope to be back with a much more positive review!

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