Garnier Skin Naturals Face Wash – Fresh Review

Garnier Skin Naturals FRESH – Deep Clean Face Wash Review

Yups I was done with yet another face wash and so I headed to the super store in search of something new to experiment on – I have not found my HG face wash yet so I don’t mind experimenting. I came across garnier skin naturals face wash, this was something I had not seen before so I was very curious as to see what the product had to claim- they have 3 variants of the product – – GENTLE SOOTHING FACE WASH – this one is with orange extract suitable for all skin type ; FRESH FACE WASH – with mint extracts which is meant for us oilies and combination skin types and another one is PURE EXFOLIATING FACE WASH – with eucalyptus leaf extract suitable for oily and combination skin.

Garnier Face Wash
Garnier Face Wash

I was pretty impressed seeing these face washes because unlike most other face washes – these face washes had one unique thing about them- that was the natural – tomato, mint and eucalyptus leaf extracts that they were using… I have never come across face wash with any of these extracts.

So I picked up – Garnier Fresh Face Wash with Mini Extracts – I have super sensitive skin when it comes to acne and comedones… I am plagued by these “best friends” very often :). I had read somewhere that mint extracts are very good for acne and comedones .Hence, I grabbed this face wash as soon as I saw it.

So let’s get to our review, I grabbed “patty” this time to pose for a pic ( remember “pity” from my other article ) –
PRODUCT : Garnier skin naturals FRESH deep clean face wash ( QUITE A MOUTHFUL !!)
PRICE: 95 BUCKS… not bad !! 🙂

Garnier Face Wash
Garnier Face Wash

What the product claims ?
Soap free Fresh Deep Clean Face Wash for combination to oily skin; removes oil and deep cleanses thus leaves the skin feeling fresh with an ice-cool, tingly feeling. It’s enriched with menthol extracts which gives your skin a cool, clean sensation while the purifying agents remove sebum, traces of makeup and impurities from deep within thus unclogging the pores.

Usage:Apply on wet face. Gently massage in with fingertips concentrating on foreheard, nose and chin avoiding eye contour. Rinse thoroughly. Use twice daily. Follow up with essential care daily moisturising lotion.

Benefits of mint extract:


Mint being a herbal plant is widely used in Ayurveda for curing various skin problems. Facts provide that mint has anti-inflammatory properties and it not only protects the skin from physiological damages but hydrates and rejuvenates the skin. Mint has been proved to cure blackheads and acne. Regular usage of mint in your skin care routine will ensure you a glowing skin and also helps in removing dryness from the skin.

My experience with Garnier Deep Clean face wash – Fresh

This face wash comes in a white tube which has a screw cap. This I didn’t like because as far as my experience goes having a flip-cap top is easier to handle than a screw cap top. The screw cap top has tendency to cause many BLUNDERS .Yup! I am very prone to blunders too :). The face wash is transparent liquid . Nothing fancy at first when you look at it, but looks can be deceptive. I suggest wetting your face first and then take a small amount of face wash and massage it all over your face avoiding eye area. May I add that if in case this face wash gets into your eyes – You have had it ! It burns like hell. hehehe… so avoid eye area AT ALL COSTS. Massaging the face wash for few minutes will give you a squeaky clean feeling. The moment you splash water on your face – the feeling is heavenly due to the instant coolness you feel due to presence of menthol in the face wash. This face wash will be perfect for our Indian summers because it leaves a cool tingly feeling after washing your face. This face wash can be drying for people with normal to dry skin types. I have been using this face wash since few weeks now and I assure you that this face wash is very effective in preventing formation of comedones and acne. Let me warn you girls that this face wash will NOT cure your existing acne and comedones. The mint extract will only help prevent the visit of your “best friends” :).  This face wash is effective in keeping your face oil free for at least 2 hours after you use it – so I was very happy to find that. This product is free value for money and I will recommend it for anyone with oily T- zone. All in all it’s a great product because its soap free, dermatologically tested and pH balanced. Don’t expect nice aromatic smells from this face wash as it is slightly medicated smell as first when you smell it, as soon as you apply it on your face it smells so strongly of eucalyptus. It’s absolutely no nonsense types doing great job and leaving your face – clean and fresh.

Pros of Garnier Deep Clean face wash – Fresh

  • Soap free
  • pH balanced
  • Dermatologically tested
  • Affordable
  • Very little amount is needed to cleanse the face
  • Keeps face oil free for sometime
  • Presence of menthol in product leaves you feeling fresh and cool

Cons of Garnier Deep Clean face wash – Fresh

  • Screw cap tube makes it prone to many disasters 🙂
  • Strong smell of eucalyptus can be turn-off for some people.

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18 thoughts on “Garnier Skin Naturals Face Wash – Fresh Review

  1. Your pitty and patyy are soo cootte, rads. :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute: :cute:

    i didn’t know Garnier was making soap free washes now. That’s nice. :))

  2. yeah ……. i have TWO WHITE SHEEPS ….hehehehehe……..

    yups garnier creams i didnt lik tht much 🙁 …. but these face washes are really good.. this one has calmed my comedones and acne … and it has prevented new ones too since d tym i m using it ….. 🙂 🙂

    1. ohhh…..thats ok!! :-)..I think, going forward you can confirm beforehand from Rati, before planning to do a review, so that there aren’t any more clashes like this! :hugright: :hugright:

  3. I have so many garnier face washes tubes at home got them free with each of garnier wrinkle lift that my mom gets … i never trusted them before (had terrible experiences with Garnier LIGHT grrr… :-X ) so always ended up using them for my body 😀 lol … i’m still skeptical about using it on face..

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