Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo Review

Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo Review

By Aparajita S.

Hey Girls!

This review is on “Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampo” with green apple, lemon, amla and henna.” Recently, I am hooked on to Habib’s Herbal Shampoo for oily hair, but they were out of stock and so I decided to try this one out.

Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo Review

Product Description:

“Every drop of Nyle shampoo contains a unique Nutrition-Boost complex filled with the goodness of lemon, green apple,amla and henna. Nyle damage repair shampoo works on your hair, scalp and hairtips to fight the signs of damage.”


Here are the list of ingredients. As you can see, there are a lot of chemicals in this “naturals” shampoo 😛



Rs. 42 for a 100 ml bottle.

The bottle comes with a flip-top cap which I find very secure, neither too tight nor too loose. The bottle itself is quite sturdy too, making it travel friendly.


The shampoo has a pleasant fragrance, smelling mostly of green apples. It is pale green in color.  I need to wash my hair twice with this one as it does not lather that well in the first wash. The Habib’s shampoo which I used really made my hair bouncy, but I had to use a conditioner with it to avoid getting dry hair. With this baby; however, I skipped the conditioner quite a few times and my hair was still good.


Finally, this is how my hair looks on air drying after shampooing. I didn’t use the conditioner this time. My hair might look a bit brownish, but that’s not because its dry, it’s the natural color. I like the fact that my hair remains shiny till the next time I shampoo.

In a nutshell, I am quite pleased with the product if not exhilarated!


Summing up the pros and cons, I will let you decide whether or not you would like to experiment with it!

Pros of Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo:

  • Inexpensive. You can always store a bottle of this in your closet for the time you run out of your favourite shampoo.
  • Mild on hair, it is not drying like many other herbal shampoos.
  • Pleasant fragrance, it is not overpowering.
  • Sturdy bottle, you can safely carry it anywhere.

Cons of Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo:

  • Not so great for you to skip your favourite shampoo altogether. This is an average shampoo.
  • No squeaky clean feel after the first wash, at least two washes needed.
  • You might have to shampoo on alternate days if you have oily scalp like me.

Gorgeous Hair

Will I Repurchase Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo?

Maybe yes, if I don’t get the Habib’s shampoo.

Do I Recommend Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo?

Only as a spare.

Thanks for reading! Enjoy happy hair days, eagerly waiting for your comments.

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21 thoughts on “Nyle Naturals Damage Repair Shampoo Review

  1. Nice review…. 🙂 I have used this brand throughout my childhood. It is herbal and mild. It used to be a transparent bottle previously.

  2. haha! its not thick anymore after my prolonged stay in hostel 🙁 but even then,one thing i swear by is massaging sweet almond oil overnite before u wash your hair. it really curbs hairfall to a great extent and gives that shine too 🙂

  3. beautiful hair…i tooo use it as a spare sometimes….works well without conditioner like u said…excellent review aparajita..nice name tooooo….welcome

  4. hey jomol, i have sent one more review, but i didnt get the confirmation whether or not you have recieved it. should i send it again? i didnt know how else to ask this,sorry!

  5. Really Nice review………I have used Nyle shampoo…but not this one. Your hair looking gorgeous.
    I am a firm Herbal products fan and I think I should get this shampoo in my kitty soon 🙂

  6. yes, u should definitely try this out then 🙂 a little conditioner afterwards would make it even better, but as i said before, it works pretty well without conditioner too 🙂 and thanks for the compliment

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