How to Get Slim and Toned Arms

Have you ever noticed that while saying hello, your hands and your upper arms both shake at the same time?? It will look really embarrassing to have such flabby arms. To look slim is good, but sometimes even when you look slim, your arms may look flabby and disproportionate compared to your body weight. To get rid of fat from arm areas, you have to go for the ‘spot reduction’ arm exercises. Also, alongside following a regular workout routine, you should take care of your diet plans. A combination of these regular efforts can yield you fruitful results in a short span of time. In this post, I will tell you about how you can lose stubborn fat from the arms with proper exercises and diet planning. These can be easily done at home and you don’t have to visit the gym for that. If you want to know how, then keep reading.

How to Get Slim and Toned Arms


1. Warm Up Exercise:
To begin with, start warming up your gorgeous arm muscles. To do this, you have to swing your arms in the forward direction to loosen the arm muscles. Do this for 10 times. When you are done with it, repeat this in the same way but this time in the reverse direction. Also, do this for 10 times. After doing this, you have to swing your arms horizontally to open up your chest and back portion. Repeat this for 5 time. Do this complete exercise for 5 times. After you are done, you will feel the upper arm area getting hot and arm fat burning inside.

2. Dynamic Curl Exercise:
Tricep toning

For doing this exercise, you need to have dumbbells. Take dumbbells in your hand and stand in with them and curl up the weights with you standing straight. While doing this keep your hands held in horizontal position. You have to perform one of the curls straight out in front of you while do the other curl with weights out to the side. Do this for 10 times each. During the entire period, remember to keep your elbow tucked to the waist line. You must not elevate or shrug up yourself while doing this.

3. Narrow Push Up:
You don’t need any equipment for doing this. Prepare yourself in a plank position. Keep your hands under your shoulders and your fingers should be pointing forward. Lower down the elbows and make them point toward your feet. When your lower your body to the floor, keep your chest, hips and knees all aligned in the straight line. Now start push your body to the back and forth direction without bending the lower back. Move your shoulders and hips both at the same time. Do this exercise for about 10-15 times. This will set the arm fat burning.

4. Battle Ropes Exercise:
Do you have battle ropes at your home?? Then you can use them to get maximum advantage. It is a great way to burn fat and increase cardio vascular mechanism. To do this, stand on the ground with your feet width large apart. Your knees should be slightly bent and keep the back straight. Now take the ropes with both your hands and start raise your hands together to create a wave with them. Try to speed up your movement to create smaller waves. Do this continuously for 30 seconds. Once done, rest for a while and repeat for 2 sets more. Keep increasing the size of the waves, increase or decrease them. Use alternating motions and move your arms in and out as well as in the upward and downward direction.

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5. Arm Slide:
This workout is great for activating your arm muscles. It increases the arm stability and overall balance of the body. You need to have sliders, paper plates or small towels to do this. Stand in a plank position and kneel your hands on both sliders. If you are sitting on a hard floor, keep a mat under your knees and feel more comfortable. Pull the core of your body towards your spine and tighten the abs. Now slowly slide your both arms close to you in order to bring the chest close to the ground. Keep the spine straight to keep the core engaged. Pull the arms towards the knees and then back to the starting position. Be careful not to arch yourself while doing this and also don’t bend your arms. While doing this entire exercise keep your core engaged and don’t bend your back.

6. Ball Slams:
This exercise gives your body the much needed plyometric movement. It actually gives your body the full movement and reduces the fatigue in the arms. To do this exercise, you would need the medicine ball or slam ball. Stand on the ground with your feet-hip width apart and keep the ball at your chest. Behind your head and lift up the ball. Now bend your knees and start throwing the ball on the ground. Do this as hard as you can. When the ball bounces up from the ground, catch it and then bring it back over the head. Do this thing for 20-30 seconds at a stretch. While doing this exercise, keep your spine straight. Repeat this for 2-3 times.

7. Floor Dips:
You don’t need any equipment to do this. This workout targets the triceps and tones the flabby muscles. AT first, sit on a mat. Now keep your knees in flexed position and your legs should be kept close to each other. Keep the feet on the mat, arms behind your back and also keep the arms flexed. Keep the hands in such a way so that the fingers should be pointing to the forward direction. Lift up your body and keep your arms in fully extended position. Stay in this pose for a second or so and then again bend the elbows and bring your body back to the initial position. Do not touch your hips during the whole time of doing this. Do this for 10 times in each set and repeat it for 2-3 sets.

8. Plank Taps:
Women doing plank

This workout is good for building strength of arms. Keep your arms in planked position. Sit on a mat to keep yourself comfortable. While doing this, you have to keep your core engaged, neck in neutral pose and then look at the mat. You have to tap both the shoulders with the arms of opposite hands. So, you need to tap the right shoulder with your left hand and place your hand on the mat and vice-versa. Do this for 10 times in a set and repeat it thrice.


Workouts are surely mandatory to get slim and well-toned arms but to fasten the results, you have to look into the diet restrictions as well. The tips aren’t that stringent but are really easy to follow at home. Have a look at the diet tips too.

1. Stocking Up Fridge with Natural Stuff:
The go-to tip for maintaining slim and well-toned arms is to strictly eat natural foods. Try to refrain from processed foods because they aren’t at all healthy for the body and create a mess with the hormones. You should always focus on naturally grown foods because they retain all the nutrients. Stock such foods in the fridge. Having these helps in raising the nutrition levels of the body and maintaining body health.

2. Eat Less:
It is said that less is always more. If you have set your goals to lose fat from the flabby arms, then you need to put a check on the amount of food that you consume. The key role is to eat slowly because this gives time to the brain to realize whether you are already full or not. Don’t overeat and always keep space in the stomach such that you are always ready for a little jogging after eating.

3. Focus on More Veggies and Protein-Rich Food:
Eating healthy food

The quality of food that you consume with every meal puts a direct impact on the nutritional load. You need to ensure that your body doesn’t miss out on the vital vitamins, minerals and protein intake needed for well-toned arms. To build your muscles properly, intake of protein is necessary. Along with that, keep eating fresh vegetables to enrich your body with the essential micro-nutrients.

4. Eat at Frequent Intervals:
Instead of consuming a lot of food in a single meal, break down the calorie intake into smaller meals taken at frequent intervals. Eat for about 5-6 times a day and keep the amount under check. You should never skip meals or starve yourself to lose fat. This never helps actually. Rather, maintain the breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner cycle every day. If you feel hungry frequently, then have food 5-6 times a day at small amounts. It’s perfectly fine.

5. Drink Plenty of Water:
One of the most important tips to achieve slim and toned arms is to stay away from soda water, cold drinks or processed fruit juice. You need to drink water which tantamount to about 4-5 liters every day. You can also have tea and coffee occasionally. For instance, green tea is really good for keeping weight under check.

6. Keep Count of Calories:
It is better to monitor the amount of calories that you consume with every meal. It is considered as an effective step in reducing flabby arms. Set your mission to cut down on the calorie by 500 calories every day. Then, within a week’s time, you will be able to lose 3500 calories. This reduction can cause a significant change in the shape of the arms. In order to have better tracking, jot down the food items list along with the calorie value it has with as soon as you have the meal in a notebook.

7. Say No to Sugar:
This tip being included as a part of the diet list is inevitable. We all are aware of the fact that high sugar intake if harmful for the body and is responsible for unwanted weight gain. If you want to flaunt well-toned arms, then cutting down on the sugar intake is a must-to-do from this list. How can you do that?? You can skip adding sugar to your tea or lessen it if you can’t avoid it completely. You should also have fresh juice extracted from fruits instead of having packaged juices. While having cereals, instead of adding sugar to get some sweetness, add some honey or fresh fruits to get that sweet taste.

8. Take Care of the Carb and Fat Intake:
You might wonder how is fat and carb important to get well-toned arms?? Well, they are for your body to function properly. You have to eat food rich in carbs and good fats if you plan to reduce fat from the arms. Food rich in carbohydrates like brown rice, oats, wheat bread, sweet potatoes, multigrain cereal, dark chocolate, avocado, whole egg, chia seeds, nuts, fatty fish, rice bran oil, etc. are essential for the body and add a lot of nutritional value to your diet. You should stay away from foods like fried foods, potato wafers, cream cheese, donuts, cakes, flour products, polished rice, cakes, pastries, milk chocolate, etc. Don’t eat carbs and fats in excess amounts, do keep a check on the quantity.

9. Do Not Say No to Breakfast:
Smoothie bowl with fresh berries, nuts, seeds, fruit and vegetables

A golden rule to maintain well-toned arms is to never skip your breakfasts. Skipping breakfasts increases your hunger and can lead to over eating throughout the day. That doesn’t mean you will have oily foods for breakfast. Have a meal full of fruits, vegetables, soups or low-carb diet in the morning. Eat healthy breakfast keeps your stomach full for the entire day and reduces hunger cravings.

10. Intake of Natural Supplements:
I will tell you about some very useful natural supplements that can help you lose arm fat. You can have them as a part of regular diet plan only. Food items like Green tea, chili, ginger, sesame oil, fish oil, avocados, grapefruits, capsicums, almonds, beans and legumes and loads of green leafy vegetables aids in toning up and weight loss, especially your arms. These are some of the diet foods that help you get rid of flabby arms.

If you follow a regular workout routine along with these foods and diet tips, you will obtain beautiful and toned arms with no excess fat. Hope you enjoyed reading the article and found it helpful.

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