Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Review

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I use makeup every day and enjoy doing it. It’s the best part of my day. I use a lot of products but do not include contouring in my daily routine. I like to contour during the weekends and for parties and I needed a good brush for this purpose. Contouring is new to me, hence I wanted a perfect tool to make it easy but enjoyable. That’s the main reason why I picked up this luxurious product. This is my first Giorgio Armani brush and I am so in love with it.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Review

Price: € 123
Product Description:
The ultimate contouring tool to sculpt or highlight and define the face.
A new range of professional brushes to celebrate 15 years of Giorgio Armani Beauty, Maestro Brushes are designed to offer ultimate perfection.
Ideal for applying any powder, this half moon brush in goat hair adapts to your facial structure to highlight and define every unique shape.
The ultimate contouring brush, the high-quality, dense bristles ensure even application and improve the hold of the powder, which imperceptibly blend into the skin.
Powder brush type of hair: 100% natural goat. Maestro Brushes combine the most sophisticated Italian design with traditional Japanese excellence and expertise.
Natural goat hair for powder textures.

My Experience with Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush:

The product comes in a glossy black cardboard box. There are a few details about the brush on the box. Inside the box is a leaflet with a lot of information, including care instructions. There is also a black velvet pouch which carries this gorgeous brush. The brand’s name has been printed on this matte black pouch.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush packaging

The whole packaging very gorgeous. I plan to keep this pouch as a safety cover to the brush when I travel. One can also store lipsticks in it while travelling. The brush has a black handle and cream white bristles. The bristles have the shape of half moon and they have been made with natural goat hair.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Pouch

A lot of work has gone into the making of this brush. The brush is made in Japan. One can see the Japanese craftsmanship by looking at the brush. It looks so neatly done and perfect. The brush is handmade, hence its shape is perfect for contouring.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Close Up

The bristles are soft and do not scratch the skin. I would say, it’s well thought and designed to contour the face well. This brush appears more like a men’s shaving brush but I just love it so much. Fan-shaped brushes are perfect for applying contouring and highlighting products. Most fan-shaped brushes are preferred for highlighters, but since this one is thick and covers bigger areas, it’s perfect for contouring.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush on White Background

This brush can be used with liquid as well as powder contour products. I have used only with powder products till now. The bristles pick up a good amount of product and transfer it well onto the face. I pick up the bronzer, start with my forehead, sweep it under my cheekbone and then move on to my jaws. It’s more like drawing the number 3 on both sides of my face.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Review

I am not a contouring expert but this method works well for me. The brush does all the job. Since it’s made out of animal hair one has to take slightly extra care. It’s been recommended to dip the bristles in lukewarm water and clean them. I have washed it just once to see if there is any fallout but could not find any.

Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush Review

I am sure one can find similar brushes for a lesser price but I believe this brush is worth all the money due to the craftsmanship and the brand value. Overall, I am very satisfied with the product and feel gorgeous when I hold it in my hand. ☺

Pros of Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush:

• Wonderful craftsmanship
• Soft bristles
• No hair fall during wash
• Perfect shape for contouring
• Gorgeous, reusable packaging

Cons of Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush:

• Expensive
• Not cruelty-free

IMBB Rating: 4.9/5
Would I Recommend Giorgio Armani Contouring Powder Brush?
I would definitely recommend it if you are into contouring. It’s absolutely worth the investment.

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