Givenchy Noir Couture Volume Mascara Review, Swatch

givenchy noir couture volume mascara black taffeta

Claims : This innovative, must-have formula features silica micro-beads filled with keratin to protect lashes, while nourishing rice peptides strengthen the lash fringe. The unique two-toned brush’s black bristles create instant volume while the white bristles are specialized for high definition. The sleek, couture case with inverted studs adds a touch of sophistication.

Formulated without:Parabens

This cutting-edge mascara was designed by Nicolas Degennes using an intelligent formula enriched with a Lash Booster Expert Complex. Oxazolidone protects the lashes and restructures them while artemia salina extract revitalizes them.

Price : USD 32 / Ra 1900 approx
I got it in shade Black Taffeta 1

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My Experience with Givenchy Couture Volume Mascara :

It is one brilliant mascara. I picked up two mascaras from Givenchy and this is one of them. It almost gives a dramatic false lash effect to the lashes.

The texture is creamy without being too wet or too thick. It is blackest black mascara that instantly gives life to the lashes. It does not give the most luscious volume considering it is a ‘volume’ mascara but it makes them look dramatic, long and separated.

The mascara does not smudge, smear or flake. It stays on for good 10-11 hours. It also holds up the curl very well.

If you apply many coats of this mascara, it does not get clumpy.

The packaging is gorgeous.

The wand and the brush are kinda long and a bit overwhelming. But boy, do they work! The brush is thicker at the bottom and thinner at the top half. The thinner part helps in getting the lashes on the inner corner. The thicker part of the brush helps with the volume.

The mascara does not sting the eyes. It is free of parabens. And it works!

I wouldnt have mind more thickness but oh well!

Totally in love with this mascara. Give it a go when you can get hold of it. In India, it is available at Sephora.

Rating : 4.8/5

givenchy noir couture volume mascara review

givenchy noir couture volume mascara wand

givenchy noir couture volume mascara

givenchy noir couture volume mascara

Before and After
givenchy noir couture volume mascara before after

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  1. Not bad…..Kinda liking the length and thickness its giving even if you’re saying it could have been better in the thickness department…..not bad at all! Priced fairly reasonably too

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