Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System Review

Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System Review

Hi IMBB Beauties,

First of all, I want to give thanks to Pragati and her article Waxing Vs Shaving and I am really so much impressed. I am 27 years old and have never used razor in my life. For hair removal till last week, I was totally depending on parlors whether it was hands/legs/underarms waxing.  I have heard so many side effects of razor, so could not dare to use it. Usually, earlier, I would have had to make a special plan to go to the parlor for waxing, but if I missed it on a Sunday (being a working woman), then the whole week, I would have had to avoid mega sleeves or sleeve-less dresses because my underarms were not waxed.  But after reading the review, I decided to buy a razor and start on with the shaving system.

Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System Review

Last Sunday, me and my husband had gone for the monthly grocery shopping.  I had already made up my mind to buy a  razor (especially made for woman). As I have never bought any razors, my husband helped me to pick up the right one.  I bought this Tri-Flex Shaving System. This is a USA brand and imported, assembled and packed in India. I bought it from Carrefour wholesale mall in East Delhi at a great discount.  Here’s the review:



Rs. 199 (I got it from the wholesale mall at Rs. 137 only).

Shelf Life:

Best within 5 years from the date packed.

Product Description:

Glide Tri-Flex shaving system has been specially designed for woman. The non-slip handle ensures firm control, while the three blades ensure a close shave giving a smooth silky finish.

Direction To Use:

  • Remove the protective cover from razor head.
  • Centre razor over new cartridge with the word “up” on the dispenser facing upwards.
  • Snap razor mechanism into back of cartridge. The cartridge would now be attached to the razor handle.
  • Rocks handle forward and pull cartridge and handle from the dispenser.
  • Always clean razor under cold running water and gently shake dry.
  • To change cartridge place head in empty cavity in dispenser, push in locking mechanism on handle and remove handle.

Hair Removal

My Take on Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System:

I have used the razor while shaving exactly as per the directions given on the packet.  The razor is of a cute purple color. Just press the two side buttons with your thumb and index finger and fit in the cartridge. Use the same procedure to remove the cartridge. I used Lux body wash before shaving.  The shaving will not take as much time as waxing, but my advice is not to do the shaving in a hurry to avoid problems like nicks and ingrown hairs. The razor glides over the skin and removes the hair in one go.  The triple blade formula gives a close shave. You will get a hairless and smooth skin due to the lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E formula. I am so impressed with the glide shaving razor.  I got a complete shave without using the razor opposite to hair growth.  After shaving, I poured one cap of Dettol liquid in a mug of water and washed the shaved area. Then, I used moisturizer to keep the area free from dryness. So, from now on, no worry, no hurry. At any time, I can wear any type of dress without going to the parlor.


Pros of Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System:

  • Attractive, comfortable and modern handle for firm grip and control.
  • Very affordable.
  • Triple blade for maximum close shave.
  • Lubricating strip with aloe vera and vitamin E to help the razor glide over the skin.
  • Re-usable.
  • Safe and travel friendly.
  • Comes with two catridges.
  • One can have multiple shaves with one blade, but please keep it dry and clean.

Cons of Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System:

  • Availability may be an issue.
  • Due to the handle size, will need some space to keep it.

I could not find any other con as this is my first razor.

Would I Repurchase Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System?

Hmmm,  it’s really a good razor, but now, I am confident about using a razor, so will explore some new brands.

Would I Recommend Glide Tri-Flex Shaving System?

Sure I will recommend it to women who are using a razor or want to give the shaving method a try.

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  1. sounds great babita. I like top use epilator but i do keep a razor with me for under arms. I use the Gillette venus and totally like that. would see if i can get my hands on this one.

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