Shaving for Hair Removal

For some reason shaving has been a big NO-NO in the society, well at least around me. All of my friends, and even my mother, hate it. In fact my mom would kill me if told her I shave regularly. The first hair removal method that was introduced to us when we were in our teens was hot waxing, I wasn’t allowed to do it till I was 16. So at first I was so excited about it but after a few months I realised waxing was giving me a lot of ingrown hair and by ‘a lot’ I mean A LOT. I literally didn’t want to wear anything that would show my legs because I was too embarrassed of those ingrown hair. Plus waxing would always give me rashes, small bumps and redness on my skin that atleast took a day to go away. So, if I had to go out anywhere even in night, I would have to get waxed one day before the event. That’s when I decided to try shaving with a razor and I haven’t looked back since then.

shaving hair removal

Pain Factor

It is a completely painless method as compared to hair removal through waxing or epilator. I have tried epilator just once and it literally gave me shocks over my arms. Also, for under arms which is one of the most sensitive part of our body, I find shaving way more convenient.

Choosing the right razor

Unfortunately we don’t have much options with razors in India yet. Hopefully,the razor making companies will realise that their razors can be sold in India too. HOPE. Well, I use Gillette women’s razors, those bluish green ones, I am sure all of you must have seen it in market. But for delicate areas like underarms I use a small razor by Vega which has a cushion padding, it is slightly more curved and its cushion padding makes it way more easier to shave delicate areas without getting any cut. Here I would like to mention that the only difference between men’s razors and women’s razor is their handle, the razor is same for both of them.

Do I need a shaving Cream?

Well Yes, because just like men it makes the shave more smooth which in turn makes your legs very smooth. It is important to provide lubrication to become less vulnerable to nicks and cuts. If you don’t find a shaving cream, you can even use a body wash, oil, I read somewhere even conditioners can be used for this, though I am not very sure about that. I am currently using Gillette’s Satin Care and I am pretty happy with it till now. Also, don’t forget to sterilise your skin and even the razor you are using ,for that you can use water diluted in dettol

What parts to shave?

Legs, arms and underarms. Though some women prefer shaving bikini line but I would highly recommend not to. Also, you should never shave your upper lip, chin or brows

Benefits of Shaving

• It’s completely painless, but you need to be a little careful. Once you start doing it ,you get an idea of how to do it. Always shave in the opposite direction of hair growth
• It’s very easy and quick and it’s the best hair removal method when you are in a hurry
• You don’t have to wait for full growth unlike waxing
• There is no sticky feeling, all you have is smooth skin
• It’s time-saving too, you don’t have to wait for wax to get heated up and then slowly start up with the process
• There is almost no mess created by shaving as compared to waxing

Drawbacks of Shaving

• As it takes hair out only from the surface,the results given are temporary and this is the main drawback of shaving. The hair starts growing again after a week
• We need to be careful while shaving or we might get a cut
• Never use blunt razors or shave without shaving creams/oils/body washes because it might irritate the skin
• Though you can do shaving whenever you want, I would recommend at least a 10 day gap before shaving again,one of my friend used to shave her legs very often and her skin there started looking very rough and there was redness all around,she’s still struggling 🙁

I hope my article helped all of you. Do tell me what method do you stick with for hair removal.

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15 thoughts on “Shaving for Hair Removal

  1. Razor…. 😯 A Big No-No.. :no: . because one of my friend use to shave her hairs through razors because she’s also facing that pain problem. :X-P: . when i met her after 2-3 years she cried like anything because her Arms are no less than Boys arm((very hard)).. & her Under-arms totally Black… :pain: :pain: My parlour aunty suggest her to stop using Razor & then she suggest to she is happy & using wax on a regular basis.. :))
    but if you find it gud. :sidefrown: . u can carry on,,but my suggestion will stik to wax.. 😉

  2. waxing 4 me is extremely cumbersome and messy thing, u need wax strips, wax heater, wax, and then heat it. i cant bear hot wax on my hands, waxing legs, is the biggest nightmare 🙁 .its damn painful, u always cant cough up money for parlour waxing always, and it cant be done within less time before an outing.One of my Di had severe rashes all over her hands and armpits after parlour waxing. shaving takes lotsss less time, and is not painful if done carefully, for me shaving is :waytogo: , however its personal choice.

  3. I cannot stand hot wax.. So I use those waxing strips for my arms and sensitive areas like under arms…

    On arms a razor is a strict no-no.. But I have been shaving my legs forever and I haven’t had any problems ever…

  4. Shaving is a time-saver…..and I have had no problems with it. I always take a cold shower afterwards to close the pores and then lots of moisturizer to keep it supple and smooth…..using since abt 10 yrs. now.

  5. i prefer waxing only as shaving give me ingrowth as well as my hair strts growin in one day 😐 😐 😐 😐 😐

  6. Yes Yes Yes, most of the indians think shaving is a BIG NO. But all those are myths. I am into it recently as even I m tired of waiting for the hair to grow to a certain length and if any big events cum then I alwaz have to settle fr fully covering clothes :(. This is wat made me turn into shaving and I am happy so far no problem. Only suggestion is for legs or areas with coarse hair change razor as soon as it’s blunt to avoid ingrown hair. I usually use a good razor of a lesser price so that I can change as often as I want.

  7. Glad to meet a bunch of girls who prefer shaving.

    Try the new Gillette Venus Razor. I have that and Sensor Excel for women. Venus is better contoured and gave me no nicks even over the knees, elbows which are tricky shaving areas.

    The only downside of shaving arms is you need a mirror to guide over the hard to reach areas like backs of the arms…or is there a trick to handle that?

  8. hey! I’m a razor user too! waxing gives me bumps which don’t settle for months for me. epilator brings out my blood too,let be underarms or legs. currently I’m using Gillette sensor excel for Women. so far so good! but do u girls have any problem regarding the ‘razor bumps’ and any ‘skin darkening’? please let me know and tips to avoid them.

  9. I’m big time into shaving as well! i do it for arms, legs as well as underarms…though slight ingrown hair problem on the legs, i have had no other issues! i have the same rashes problem with waxing so i have been using razors for about 4 years now…no skin darkening whatsoever, and never had any “thicker hair than before” problems either…

  10. i have been using laser from past 6 to 7 years…. i just have problem of dark under-arms.. don’t know what to do for that… have never tried it on my hand so far… because i my mom tells that it makes the hair growth thick :tongue:
    was planning to go for waxing this weekend… 😐 but scared as all are telling that it is painful… have never tried it so far… :tremble:

  11. M simply loving Gillette Venus Razor for legs and arms..I used to shave my underarms as well but for a change i shifted for a waxing session at Lakme and the results were marvellous 😀 Do wax your underarms and not shave coz it darkens underarm skin

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