5 Great Ways of Fading Mehndi Designs Quickly

Wedding season was a blast wasn’t it? Henna tattoos and mehndi designs were fun while they lasted, but what happens when you desperately need those mehndi filled hands to be clean and pristine? School rules forbidding you from having henna on your hands? Or a strict job? Read on to find out ways of fading these intricate designs.

Fade Mehendi Designs Quickly

1. A little bit of bleaching? – Make use of your regular bleach- yes the same one you use on your face. Apply it all over your hands or arms, allow it to dry and rinse immediately. Do expect wonders!

5 Great ways of fading Henna designs quickly

2. Lemon juice and baking soda – Another home remedy that will come to your rescue! Make a thick paste of lemon juice and baking soda, and apply generously all over the area of your choice. Exfoliate your hands for 10 odd minutes, once the paste dries. Rinse in warm water and repeat if necessary.

5 Great ways of fading Henna designs quickly

3. Lemon juice strikes again – Applied in solitary, also gives you great results in fading away the henna stains. Rub and repeat!

4. Conditioner to the rescue – Who knew that, along with tending to the dryness in your hair, a conditioner will be super helpful in fading away mehndi designs doodled all over your hands? Apply a layer of conditioner generously on your hands and watch the colour fade away.


5. Is that H2O2? – To put it simply for those not so keen on chemistry, this wonderful formula is for hydrogen peroxide. Dip your cotton into some hydrogen peroxide and apply all over your hands. Low behold, faded henna in your presence, isn’t that what you wanted?

5 Great ways of fading Henna designs quickly

Hope these simple and safe tips assisted you in some way or the other. Mothers, if your daughters have school the next day and the mehndi has still not faded – do opt for one of these options! And remember ladies, apply moisturiser generously post application of any of these. A little extra care will never do you harm.

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12 thoughts on “5 Great Ways of Fading Mehndi Designs Quickly

  1. wow… great tips rasshi… i am gonna give it a try right away.. it seems you were watching that i badly needed such post as i am having half faded heena hand these days 😀 😀

  2. aweeesome post raashi. As much as i love to apply heena, i totally dont like it the way it fades!! totally going to follow these tips the next time i apply heena! 🙂

  3. A very helpful post Rasshi 🙂 I hate how mehndi fades giving those awful patches . . . will follow the tips 🙂

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