How To Burn Calories Quickly

How To Burn Calories Quickly

Losing weight takes a lot of dedication and commitment to see life-changing results. A few changes to your routine can help boost your metabolism and optimize your daily caloric burn and help you add a little muscle in the right places.


I just hate people who can eat whatever they want and still remain in a shape that most of us can do anything for. Mentioned below are few workouts and lifestyle tips that can maximize your caloric burning rate:

Tips to burn calories:

• Avoid alcohol after your meal: Alcohol burns less and stores more dietary fat when taken over high-fat, high-calorie meal. Nothing has more adverse effect on our metabolism than alcohol, alcohol depresses the central nervous system which in turn slows down this calories burning engine in out body.

• Try boxing workouts: Punch, kick, and/or strike the boxing bag non-stop for just 2 minutes and then take 30 second break. Repeat this process 11 times before you grab a jump rope and get jumping continuously for 45 seconds, taking the same 30 second break after every session until you have completed 20 rounds of jumping.

• Go for a swim: It is the ultimate total body workout. Swap between freestyle, butterfly and breast stroke when you need a little break. Just 45 minutes in the pool can help you burn almost 800 calories, which are just longing to find a permanent place in your body as fat.


• Never skip breakfast: After the whole night starvation our body needs energy in the morning, so whatever we eat will be burned down and stored in the form of fat by or body.

• Do not eat between meals: Between the meals snacks should be avoided as it will help our body to burn calories at a faster rate and increase the metabolism.

• Drink water: Always drink a glass of water before your meals as it will help to fill the stomach and enable you to reach higher level of satisfaction with relatively less food.

• Get moving: Take the stairs instead of the elevator, take your dog for a longer walk, play soccer with your kids, go for power-walking with friends etc. These are just few ideas that can help increase daily caloric burn just by going about your normal tasks.


• Hit the treadmill: A good aerobics workout on a treadmill is an excellent way to burn calories, stay in shape and achieve your desired physique. To get some really good butt and thigh workout, place the treadmill at an incline. Pause the treadmill at regular intervals and perform a set of either squats or lunges from the incline position to get rid of fat from your body.

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  1. very useful article… it takes forever to get the desired results… it takes a lot of hardwork and dedication and never give up attitude…..

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