Groovy Ways To Deal With Unmanageable Hair

Hello beautiful girls!

Today we are going to discuss about the problem of unmanageable hair and how to cope with it. This is true that not everyone is blessed with satin-silk hair and we try very hard to attain beautiful hair. Moreover straight hair is something which occupies almost every woman’s mind. It’s true that it is little hard to manage unruly and frizzy hair but it just doesn’t mean one should take it as a bane. So I am going to share some helpful and easy ways to manage unmanageable hair with no huge effort. Let’s start.


Admire your hair – this is the foremost step you are supposed to follow when you are the owner of frizzy hair. Come on girls! Understand that your hair is natural and unmanageable. A positive approach always leads to revival and rectification of damaged stuff. (Oh! It sounds like a quote, doesn’t it?)

Splurge in good and essential hair products – when you know that you need it and you need it badly, you must own it. There is a variety of products like curl defining curls, de-frizz hair spray and a good moisturizing conditioner which would make you fall in love with your not so smooth hair. Yeah babes! It is that simple and you are just a trial away.


Time to time trimming – you can’t lie at this point knowing that you don’t go for a time to time trimming, which has been a reason for damaged hair since a very long time. According to some hair experts, hair needs trimming of at least 0.5 cm to 1 cm in every 6 to 8 weeks.

Wear easy to carry hairstyles – Is there any rule like “a girl looks most beautiful wearing her hair open?” Of course not! There are many pretty hairdos only to make you look gorgeous in tied hair. Try different pony and bun styles to leave a mark of your spark and also let people know about your gracious side.


Understand that ‘No bunching No damage’ – there are a number of things which we have been doing since childhood but never noticed the harmful effects of those things. Bunching hair in a towel after wash is one of them. Just squeeze water from hair with your hands and then pat the towel on hair. After that let your hair dry naturally.

Mind the temperature of water – hot water on hair is like applying diluted acid on the face. Always mind the temperature of water which is to be used for washing your hair. Always pour some cold water after you wash hair for a soothing impact.


Avoid too much hairstyling and sun exposure – as I have mentioned above that you should start loving your natural hair so too much of hairstyling is a waste. And moreover the heat used in styling is a brutal punishment for hair. Similarly sun exposure will lead to damage hair.

Keep rules of straightening in mind – when you are straightening your hair using straightening iron, make sure there is a heat protection product between hair and iron. Besides this, use an iron having a heat-setting button so as to know how much heat is being applied on your hair.

The Long Term Care For Making Unmanageable Hair Manageable:

Take some warm olive oil and gently massage on hair twice or thrice in a week and don’t forget to pamper your hair with hot towel treatment. These two things make difference and you will no longer have too try hard for beautiful hair. Just make a habit of oiling your hair. Some natural and home-made rejuvenating hair masks will emphasize your mission for healthy hair. So have patience till you achieve gorgeous hair and be regular with these hair care regimes.


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  1. I feel like this article has been written for me. I have unmanageable hair just because of heavy volume and thickness. I liked reading it and tips are great too. 🙂

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