How To Make Rough Hair Soft

How To Make Rough Hair Soft

How To Make Rough Hair Soft

Possessing soft and beautiful hair is every woman’s dream. But frizzy, unmanageable, lifeless rough hair often plays the villain and the worst part is when we have the least idea on how to tame it! Looking for some of the easiest ways to make your rough hair soft? Read on to know more about ways to treat your rough hair!

Rough hair:  Causes

Before we go on to discuss the remedies, it is important to know the potential causes behind having rough hair; here are the top ones:

  • Poor nutrition.
  • Loss of moisture on account of environmental factors.
  • Thermal damages to hair due to excessive use of styling products and heating appliances.
  • Lack of proper hair-care routine.
  • Hair damages due to chlorine, sun and chemical treatments.

Naturally, rough hair tends to be dry and lifeless. However, prevention is always better that cure and hence, try to make amends in your day-to-day life if you think the root-cause of having rough hair lies in any of the above-mentioned points.

How To Make Rough Hair Soft:  DIY Remedies

    • Mustard oil and honey: Take some mustard oil and warm it. Massage your scalp with it. Then apply honey through your hair strands and after that, cover your head with a moist and warm towel for about fifteen minutes. This can be done once every month.


    • Oil massage and Egg and curd mask: This is an age-old remedy for rough hair. Mix egg yolk with two spoons of curd and apply evenly through the hair strands. This is going to be more effective if you precede this treatment with an oil massage by mixing castor oil and almond oil together. Oil massage would help to soften your hair and the egg-curd mask would provide proteins and condition your hair to make it smooth and shiny. Leave on for about one hour and wash off with a hair-softening shampoo. Do it once every week.
    • Banana and yoghurt pack: Mash a banana and mix it with half-a-cup of beaten yoghurt. Apply on your hair and leave on for at least 15 minutes.  Wash off with a good quality shampoo. This too can be done once every week.


  • Egg and milk pack: Mix egg white with milk and massage your scalp with it. Apply it on the hair strands as well. Leave it on for twenty minutes and wash off.
  • Virgin olive oil massage: An oil massage can do wonders if you have dry and rough hair. Take some virgin olive oil and apply it on your hair and scalp with the help of cotton. Give yourself a massage and wrap your head with a damp and warm towel. This will ensure that the oil penetrates the hair roots. Try doing it at least two hours before you shampoo your hair.

How To Treat Rough Hair:  Lifestyle Changes and Everyday Tips

Here are a few lifestyle changes that can help you in combating the problem of rough hair in a more effective manner.

  • It is important to keep your hair and scalp clean; but it is equally important not to wash your hair too frequently as this would rob your hair of the essential oils and make it dry.  Shampoo two to three times every week and use a shampoo formulated to smoothen rough hair. Use a moisturizing conditioner and concentrate on applying it along the length of your hair and not the roots.
  • Pay attention to what you eat. Include lots of fresh fruits and vegetables in your diet.  Drink lots of water.
  • Avoid exposure of your hair in sun and pollution. Consider using a sunscreen or you may like to wear a scarf stylishly or tie up your hair in a bun! This will help you to avoid making your hair rough and dull.
  • Avoid chlorinated water, styling products and heat on your hair (for styling, of course!) as much as you can.
  • You may consider going for a hair spa or a deep-conditioning treatment at your favourite salon.


If you religiously stick to a healthy hair care programme in your day-to-day life, you can gradually combat rough hair problem and make it softer and smoother. Healthy habits do manifest itself through a healthy body, mind, skin and hair.

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63 thoughts on “How To Make Rough Hair Soft

  1. All said above tips ud definitely work, but for a curly long hair it is very difficult to make it soft at the ends, esp the day after head bath 🙁

  2. nice post…….great tips.. me planning to do the oil and egg plus curd one today.. 🙂
    Archana.. try using a hair serum… 🙂

      1. i use Aussie serum.. but i dont use it regularly… at home instead of serum in semi-wet hair i apply cold-pressed virgin coconut oil..two three drops in my hair.. keeps them soft and long as u dont go overboard its awesome..and use only the virgin one.. not ordinary parachute wala and all that…u dont want the coconuty odor or the oiliness…

  3. Dear somreeta
    Thanks for a very good tips… It’s really very useful actually I would like to try Oil massage and Egg and curd mask… Could you Pls tell me do we need to mask first and the oil on same day pls explain me … I didn’t get it….

  4. I have tried banana and honey and it made my hairs absolutely amazing ! But the big problem is taking out the leftover banana tit bits from hairs . I had to wash my hairs thrice 😐

  5. Olive oil really does make the hair shiny without making it greasy.. I have a very oily scalp, but dry and frizzy hair 🙁 Olive oil to the rescue 😀
    Will definitely try banana and yoghurt mask! Thanks Somreeta 🙂

  6. Very informative article…I had a doubt, for the oil massage followed by egg+curd pack. I should not wash off the oil? I mean apply egg+cud on already oiled hair? How to wash it off then? 😛

    1. first the oil massge and then the pack….wash off with the help of normal water and shampoo 🙂

  7. any tips on how to get rid of the eggy smell? 😛 I love the protein treatment egg provides to the hair shaft but afterwards ppl do tend to sit a million miles away from me and my hair XD a wash of scented shampoo and tea water ? 😛 do suggest something 😛 and what`s the deal with beer being good for gloss in the hair ?

    1. an issue it is indeed! me too sick of it! 🙁 heard dat adding lemon juice tends to lessen the smell but i havnt tried out personally….
      beer is grt for hair, can be used as a rinse or used in shampoo while washing hair 🙂

  8. Informative POST Somreeta somehow i cant tolerate the smell of eggs on my hair so instead of applying i take eggs internally

  9. I cannot stress this enough.
    Everyone should go to their local medicine store and buy fish oil supplements.
    I used to always get pimples during that time of the month , and after starting with the tablets ive gotten 2 in 4 months.
    it worked for me. And also made my hair and nails stronger 🙂

  10. i have thick, wavy with curls, rough and dry hair. any good shampoo available in India?
    what haircut would be suitable to manage such hair?


  11. Hi….i habe straightened my hair…but within two weeks my hair bcame too rough nly in the middle stylist suggested me to use matrix shampoo along with the lso using the serum lso…but still no change in my rough hair! suggest me some tips..

  12. my hairs hv bcm rough n damaged due to excess straightening..can u plzz suggest me whether to go for spa or natural home remedies??

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