L’oreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum Review

Loreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum
L’oreal’s Oiliss is an ‘anti-frizz treatment for dry, unruly hair’. It truly is! Where do I start with this one? Like the name suggests, it is a tad oily in texture but does not make the hair oily or static if you use it moderately.

What it claims:Loreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum Bottle

“Oiliss anti-frizz treatment helps to restore manageability to frizzy hair, leaving it feeling supple and tamed throughout the day. Apply 1 or 2 pumps to shampooed, towel-dried hair and then blow-dry. As a finishing touch on dry hair, run a small amount into the hands and smooth over the lengths and ends.”

I never blow-dry my hair so no clue as to how this turns out on blow-dried hair. I let my hair dry naturally after applying the serum. I find that it makes my hair softer but not completely frizz-free. My hair becomes more manageable and has less fly-aways through the day.


ingredientsDon’t be afraid, most hair-styling products have these scary things but with hair like mine, I’ll do anything to tame them down. [Except chemically treat them!]

When you are using it for the first time, pump only once and see if it has covered the entire length of your hair. If not, pump some more product. Word of caution – don’t pump more than once unless your hair is really curly or thick or long. For hair above the shoulders, one pump is enough. You can unscrew the cap if you think it pumps out a little too much product. That’s the great thing about this packaging! You can take the pump and pour the product in your palm.

The product smells really nice, almost like scented hair oil, but does not make your hair smell any different. The packaging is pretty good. The product comes in a translucent green plastic bottle. Only thing that annoys me is that the plastic cap comes off while travelling. Also, I did notice some spill out even though I carry it in a plastic bag.Loreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum Cap

It is priced at INR 625 for 125 ml. The shelf life of Oiliss is only three years. Looks like I’ll have to chuck it in March. I bought it over a year ago and I’ve managed to finish only 1/4th of the product! Each time I have had to use only one or two pumps of this.

Sometimes I wish it had a stronger effect on my super-frizzy, fine hair. I have noticed that it works better only with a certain shampoo. Another observation– Oiliss has worked well on my hair while I’ve been in Bangalore but when I was in Mumbai, it let me down. Remember Mumbai has a humid climate which means that it tortures your frizzy hair to no extent. So far so good.

Where can you buy this?

Any store that is well-stocked L’oreal hair products or any big salon which uses L’oreal products. You can also purchase it online at Amazon

Why I like L’oreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum

:yes: It is as easy to use as regular oil.
:yes: Can be used on dry or wet hair.
:yes: Smells quite pleasant.
:yes: Does not make the hair sticky.
:yes: Tames down the frizz to a great extent. But you may need to reapply tiny bit of the serum the next day.
:yes: Looks like it is going to last me for a long time to come.

Why I don’t like L’oreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in serum

:no: It is too expensive.
:no: Could be a problem while travelling.

Will I repurchase it?

No, because I’m moving to the land of humidity. But I do recommend it!

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23 thoughts on “L’oreal Oiliss Anti-frizz Leave-in Serum Review

  1. Hey, I have just bought this product and i use it on towel dried and semi blow dried hair. It does manage frizz very well as well as gives a nice sheen to the hair. I definitely think it is heat protective (though I have extremely short hair so I blow dry very fast, dont exposure my hair to too much heat)

  2. i would like to suggest an alternative and much cheaper(in terms of price :bravo: ) its habibs hair serum for dry and curly hair..it helps in reducing the frizz to a great extent…its an amazing product :yahoo:

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