Habibs Henna Review

Hi Everyone,

When Gurpreet asked a few days back about ways to camouflage grey hair, I wanted to recommend this Habibs Heena, which I have been using personally, since quite a long time now. So, I thought why not review it too.

Habibs Henna Review

Henna (mehndi) needs no introduction to us Indians. It is widely used in India (for hands and hair coloring) since time immemorial. I think 70% of us still shudder to use contemporary hair colouring methods and would opt for henna any day.

When I started using henna, I would use Nupur Mehandi  😀 (okay, not because of the brand name=my name ) because it seemed the best to me at that time. Later, I got introduced to this particular Habib’s Henna and I have been using it since then.

I use this henna as a hair pack as well as for grey coverage. Well, if you take my word, I have tried a lot of other brands in henna, but I have to tell you that this one works the best when it comes to giving a strong/intense color to greys.

As a hair pack , I use this 3-4 times/more in a month by adding ingredients like some curd, egg ,olive oil and essential oils instead of water to form a thick paste. It is important to note, that if you seek hair conditioning benefits from henna, you should keep it on your hair for not more than 60-75 minutes because henna has inherent hair drying properties.






Rs. 130 for 200 gms.



Habib’s henna comes in a simple/basic round, white colored plastic jar/container with a green screw off cap.



Here is how it looks when mixed with water.


What I Like about Habib’s Henna:

  • It manages to give strong/intense coverage to greys as compared to other brands of henna powder.
  • Makes hair shiny and bouncy.
  • Great as a hair pack too.
  • I like the distinct herbal fragrance which it has and I haven’t noticed such fragrance in any other henna I have used till date.
  • This henna has this very interesting property. Whenever I soak it in water, after an hour, I see that it increases in quantity.
  • Since it’s an herbal product, I have never had any side effects from this.
  • The packaging is decent too.
  • I can easily find this across shops and I don’t think availability is an issue with this.
  • One jar is enough for my mid length hair for 4-5 applications so that justifies the price point for me.

I cannot really find a flaw (con) in this, but some of you may find it a little too over priced for henna and the availability could be an issue in remote areas.

IMBB Rating:

4 on 5 :-* :-* :-* :-*

Here are my 5 cents on hair colouring or how to camouflage grey hair:

If you prefer to colour your hair using a chemical product, just make sure you buy a good quality, ammonia-free hair colour. Most importantly, if you are planning to streak or highlight your hair, make sure the colour should NOT touch your scalp and hair colour MUST NOT be applied starting from the roots.  If you are new to hair colouring, I would suggest that you should go to a good salon and get it done professionally.  Lastly, using a good colour protectant shampoo and conditioner is also necessary.

My personal preference is henna over hair dyes/colors (though I do get them colored once in a while 😛 )  I even asked the dermatologist I am consulting about the better option between the two and he suggested “henna” only.  Now, here is the catch. He suggested that only pure form of henna i.e., the henna leaves should be used and he didn’t have anything nice to say about ready-to-use henna powders available in market.

Well, if you have all the time in this world and you love your tresses more than anything in this world, you can definitely do what the dermatologist suggested.  You can grind fresh, nicely cleaned/washed henna leaves and use that directly, or you can also dry the leaves up and then powder them up for using later with water.

(The laidback) “I” will stick to Habib’s henna for a while, but I do see myself shunning all instant/readymade skin/hair care stuff sometime in future 😛 😛

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40 thoughts on “Habibs Henna Review

  1. Thanks for the review Nupur. :puchhi: Glad you threw some light to sort my problem.

    I have just started with the application of dry amla and reetha on the hair as sugested by Surabhi.. I will wait for a while to check the results of the same.. :stars:

  2. Hey girls, I think nupur mentioned that you can use this for conditioning your hair also, not just for hiding grey hair :yes:

  3. hi Nupur – i usually color my hair and most parlours say that if you are coloring your hair then henna is best avoided BUT I did buy the Lush mehandi (brown) and thats the only mehandi i have been using. Unfortunately though Lush is really expensive it dosent cover the greys too well but on the flip side I like the shine it gives.

    (the other problem i have with other mehandis versus Lush is that the scalp and the short hair near the forehead begins to look really orange..:() any solutions around that?

    1. Aru, the lush one is great as hair pack but it doesnt give out much color :sidefrown: :sidefrown:
      and abt the scalp getting orange issue… u shud apply oil after washing off henna and wash it off next morning…. the oranginess goes off easily after a wash or two 🙂

  4. good morning nupurrizzzz :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: did you use this when we met. i loved how it looked. :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo:

    1. Ratiiisss……… i woke up early morning today n then slept again :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin:
      haaan maine kaha tha naa k kal hi maine hair pack use kia tha wen u asked :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: :toothygrin: yehi yehichhhhh tha woh hair pack mixch :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2: :victory2:

  5. even I use Nupur Henna Nupur :tongue:
    will give it a try
    Habibs opened in my locality recently so it’s v v v v near tooooooo :happydance:

  6. Nice review Nupur.. :yes: I’ve dry hair.. once i tried henna, it made my hair much more dry.. 🙁 But I love the shine and color it gives.. Like ur clicks.. :yes:

    1. thanks Laxmi… 🙂
      Henna is not gud for people wid dry hair :((
      what u can do is mix wid curd to form paste instead of water and after washing it off do good oil head massage 🙂

  7. I have dry hair, and I am confused. Should oil massage be done before using henna or after? Usually I do a good oil massage, apply henna mixed with amla powder, egg and curd. Leave it on for a while and then shampoo & condition as usual. This still leaves my hair dry and crunchy.

    Is it because I leave it on too long? Or should I do oil massage after washing off the henna? Thanks!

  8. Clearestestest Clicks.. :yes: I felt tempted to take henna directly frm the tub showing on my monitor.. :haanji:
    I have started using Nupur henna as grey hair has completed its ‘Moohdikhaai’ rasam & started giving a peek-a-boo appearance.. 😥 I rinse & do co-wash after keeping it for 3-4 hrs & then oil on the shaft of towel dry hair & shampoo next day. Would love to give this one a try as you have mentioned it gives shine & bounce.. 🙂

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