Shahnaz Hussain’s Henna Precious Herb Mix- REVIEW

Have you been interested in changing your hair color, but hate the idea of embracing the chemical damage associated with commercial hair dyes? Well, there is a natural solution for your distress. Shahnaz Hussain Henna Precious Herbs Mix A simple Hair care routine can work wonders in keeping your hair soft and silky. It requires only a correct method and yes, a lot of patience to attend the desired look. For me, my regular hair care regime is application of Henna because it is all natural and without any side effects. I am using the Shahnaz Hussain’s Henna Precious Herb Mix for the last 8 months and I’m quite happy with the results so far. I am here to share the natural secret of herbs and henna hair dye.

How Henna works:

The henna plant contains pigment molecules called Lawsonia. Lawsonia produces dye. Depending on the henna plant, the dye may produce varying degrees of orange or red dye. Lawsonia pigment stains keratin, the outside layers of skin and hair. As the skin naturally exfoliates, the henna is shed away. Henna stain on skin can last anywhere from days to weeks. Henna stain on hair gradually fades. It can last for as little as one month and as long as six months. The color that the henna will produce varies depending on skin color, hair color and body part. Henna appears more orange on lighter skin and hair colors and redder on darker skin and hair colors.

What does the Shahnaz Hussain’s Henna Precious Herb Mix claim:

Pure henna leaves with a number of precious herbal ingredients make it a unique formulation for hair care. Fortifies and strengthens the hair, making it look conditioned and healthy. Shahnaz Hussain Henna Precious Herbs Ingredient list (As mentioned on the pack): Amla-1.0%, Neem- 1.50%, Shikakai- 2.0%, Babul gand – 1.0%, Mehendi –to make 100%

Availability: Available in 200g (for 150/-) & 100g (for 80/-) packs. I bought the 200g pack Shahnaz Hussain Henna How To Prepare the Pack: The use of henna to dye hair is really simple and easy. Since I use it for dyeing my hair, I add the following ingredients for better results:

  • First pour the desired quantity of it into a container preferably, an iron container.
  • Add boiled tea liquor enough for making a toothpaste like consistency
  • 2tbl spoon of lemon juice/vinegar- keeps dandruff away
  • 1 tbl spoon of castor oil- promotes hair growth & prevents dryness
  • 2 tbl spoon of meethi (fenugreek) powder- prevents hair loss, makes hair silky & soft.
  • 1 whole egg white – I personally hate the stink of egg white so I mostly skip this step. Egg adds volume to the hair.
  • Mix them all up and let the mixture  sit overnight covered with a wrapper.

Heena Shahnaz Hussain How to apply the Henna pack:

  • After washing and drying hair, comb your hair into sections.
  • Work the henna into the hair and scalp, starting at the nape of the neck. You can do so by using a hair coloring brush or simply with gloved hands.
  • Continue doing the same until all the hair are fully covered starting from the scalp to the tip.
  • Pile the hair at the top of the head and wrap the entire head with plastic wrap.
  • Depending on the intensity of red that you want, leave the henna for 30minutes to 1 hr (for conditioning) 3 to 4 hr (if darker tint is required)
  • Wash the henna by rinsing as much as possible with cold water, and then shampoo your hair. Conditioner helps to release the last bits of henna from the hair.** wash until the water runs clear **

Henna Paste Tips & Warings-

  • It is advised to perform the hair test for better understanding of your hair type and you can make your own decision whether or not the henna product is safe for your hair.
  • It is not necessary that you would get the required reddish effect as soon as you apply henna because it takes a few days for the henna to oxidize and change color. The end result is Orangey-reddish tones but with oxidation, henna will turn darker and redder.
  • Apply Vaseline to your hairline and around your ears and neck to prevent staining
  • Henna will permanently stain fabrics so wear an old T-shirt or have a towel wrapped around your shoulders.
  • Cover the floor with some newspaper to protect from spillage of the paste.
  • If you have colored your hair less than 2 months ago with chemical dye. You need to wait for at least 2 months as henna won’t sit on the colored hair.

Pros of Shahnaz Hussain Precious Herb Mix :

  • Earlier I used to suffer from severe hair loss but ever since I am applying henna I have noticed a remarkable change in my hair quality. It also reduced my hair fall to negligible.
  • The aroma is very pleasant unlike natural henna. The aroma is natural henna is very strong.
  • I like the cooling effect it gives after application.
  • As henna is a natural hair color, it is almost devoid of any side effects. It is 100% natural.
  • It is also a good conditioner;
  • It imparts a lustrous shine and smooth texture to my hair.
  • It has anti fungal property thus it helps to keep dandruff away
  • My hair is now more tangle-free and manageable.
  • It has strengthened my hair.
  • Decently priced


  • The entire process is very messy , lengthy & tiresome.
  • A lot of patience is required to attain the desired color.
  • Very difficult to remove the unwanted stain.
  • The packaging is not up to the mark. I would have prefer it in a tub like container.

Will I repurchase? Yes, I will definitely. It is an extremely versatile product and benefits all hair types. Henna is also a very effective cleanser that does not destroy the normal acid-alkaline balance of the scalp. In fact, it can help to restore the balance. I will recommend henna to everybody for mainly three reasons

  • colors hair naturally.
  • gets rid from minor scalp infection (dandruff).
  • naturally conditions the hair.

Do you use henna?

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76 thoughts on “Shahnaz Hussain’s Henna Precious Herb Mix- REVIEW

  1. hey sush………gr8 review….
    does it give any different coloring to ur hair???i have black hair with slight brown hint but i would like it to be more brown but since i am 15 i cant color it…so…

    1. Hi fathima, happy u liked d review… :-))
      oh dont go with the pic at top. i just collated it form related site. The color depends from hair to hair. actually the real color comes aftr 5 to 6 application.
      for black hair, d color will b like burgendy(chemical dye)
      Also as it it all natural i think ur mom wont stop u… he he 😀

  2. Hey sush…good it worked for you….but I am kind of averse to Shahnaz Hussain products, dont know why…..I havent tried any of them yet, but I kind of get scared by the lady herself who promotes this brand. BTW, Sush, whose hair is in this pic….does it give the same mahogany color?

    1. hi jomol…. hw r u now?? still xcited abt winning… :-)) bt dear ek party to banta
      i hv tried a lot of product frm shahnaz & m quite satisfied with al of them. the creames are worth buying.. will put up review sm day. do try some of them…
      i dnt no i found in sm site.. v preety na…

      to my hair, it resembles like burgendy. bt appears reddish brown in sun, which is v adorable… 🙂

  3. I don’t use Henna coz it dries out my hair, but like you for ppl who it works for, tend to swear by it & become life long fans :)..

    1. hi tanveer, for that reason i add castor /almond/til (seasame) oil to the mixture. it prevents drying.. :-))

      bt i hv to discover sm alternative wy u no why…? m very very lazy cant cntinue life long he he 😀

  4. You know Sush, Henna doesn’t suit me or else I would have closed my eyes and picked it up. But I am surely buying this for mom. She loves Shahnaz Hussain as it is. 😛

    1. really rati… oh so sad 🙁 bt u have beautiful black hair u need nt worry :yes: btw what is ur hair regime???

      yes will b a pleasant gift for aunty :-))

  5. hey palak
    den i’ll suggest u to go for it… & do not add castor oil. it wil make ur hair more greasy…. 🙁

  6. Hehehheee…Shehnaz Hussain photo???? Comments on this site need as much or more reading time than the posts!!

    I don’t think henna would make any drastic colour differences on truly blackish hair..especially if it hasn’t been coloured before. Am using Lush hennas now and love them..pretty expensive though.
    .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Lakme Face Sheer – Review/Swatch =-.

  7. oh really,,, bt i hv exerianced a chng in a hair color. may be bcoz ofregular use…. :-))
    regardng Comments: we gals enjoy commenting on each & every post.. he he 😀

    1. 860 Rs for 325 g…It’s there in all the Lush stores..or you can get it online at Lushindia. Ya..I think the color change comes gradually with regular use – at least for our usual thickish Indian hair 🙂 Will post it some time when I do the whole long process. I do wish someone would put it on and wash it off for me – and clean up the bathroom afterwards too 😀
      .-= Radhika´s last blog ..Lakme Face Sheer – Review/Swatch =-.

  8. OMG !On first glance I too thought that it was Shahnaz Hussain with her wild mass of hennaed hair but on taking a closer look I realized that the lady with the bare back in the picture can’t possibly be Shahnaz Hussain.Can’t stop laughing.Anyway,I tried henna on my hair long ago.It didn’t suit my hair at all and stripped my hair of all moisture even though I added coconut oil to the henna mixture.After 2-3 disastrous experiences with henna I totally stopped doing it.I remember I used to find the henna applying process extremely cumbersome and messy.It makes the bathroom extremely dirty too(agree with you Radhika) and can clog bathroom outlets.So after the tiresome process of henna applying you have to work hard towards cleaning the bathroom after washing the henna from your hair.Very very tiring indeed.

      1. hi rs, so sad it didnt workd on u 🙁

        oh i hate to admit bt yes the entire prosess is v messy. bt i discord a solution.. pls dnt laugh… i wash my hairs under running tap making sure to keep a bucket beneath, so dat d water collects on it. an aft dat i pour d material into the ca…m..t & flush…. ha ha :laugh: me & mom happy… 😀

  9. Good review! I have naturally reddish brown hair so I don’t keep henna on for too long. I’ll definitely give this one a shot.

    For all of you girls who are afraid of henna drying out your hair, I have a suggestion:

    Massage your hair with coconut oil [or olive oil] prior to applying Henna. I also add some olive oil into the henna mixture & beat one whole egg into it just before application. Works for me everytime.

    Hope this helps. 🙂

  10. Hey Sush,

    Good review…I have pre mature grey hair problem so have been colouring my hair since 5 to 6 years now …If I use only chemical colours it damages my hair and if only use henna it dries it up so what I do is since have to colour every month so apply henna twice and the third time around apply chemical colour..Just wanted to know if we add oil to henna does it still impart colour ?

  11. hi shweta, yes it does. i add 1 tbl spoon of castor /almond oil to the mixture & still it imparts color to my hair. or else u can follow Emjay’s suggestion… i hope it ‘ll help :-))

  12. LOL @ Shehnaz hussain’s pic!!!

    I am in the same boat as Jomol….never used any SH product and dont even feel like using any somehow….

    I knw many ladies who regularly use henna for conditioning and it really works wonders for them like u’ve mentioned but somehow I am not too keen to try it for myself

    1. Hi HD,

      Choro shahnaz ko… there r so many to try .. he he..
      Hd guess wat… i bought the lotus sunblock..its really very gd spe the spray concept…. thx ,,u put the review at the right time 😀

      U no it cost me 175/- there is a 10% going on…bt they have no idea of the 500 /- purchase scheme, which vidhya mentioned :-(( .

      1. oh..thats gr8 u bght it n liking it so far….do let me know how u find it after using for some time…n any discount is always welcome rite….specially for things that are part of our necessity list 😉

  13. Hey am using this Heena from quit long time and results are simply awesome. m having curly and fizzy hair but after applying this henna , hair became sooooo smooth. To get dark burgundy color keep it for some 4-5 hours. You can add beetroot to get dark color.

  14. i have used the chemical dye over 15 years. My hair is very dry and have a big spot in the front head with hair loss. I’d like to know if Henna will work for me.

  15. hi sush,

    long back i had applied henna to my hair , it makes my hair more dry…….. i have naturally brown thick wavy hair n for that i use to apply coconut oil before applying henna it was good . my hair stylist had told me that henna will block the hair ceuticals like , the result is split ends ,,,,from that day i never tried again is it true……………

  16. Hi Thanya,

    Welcome to IMBB. 🙂 Actually I have heard the same thing from my hair dresser as well but then I have dry hair so henna is anyway not good for my hair.

    I think it’s over use of henna that spoils the hair.

  17. hi rati,

    any other option to get long strong shiny n soft hair,,,,,,,,am using Biotique henna shampoo n bio thyme but not satisfied………….

  18. Hey Gals,

    It’s awesome. It worked like wonders on my hair. I have dry, damaged hair since a year and had tried so many shampoos, conditioners. Used serums, deep conditioned them, but in vain. So thought of giving this a try. The whole process is really messy, but it is worth. My hair become so soft, shiny and silky after long long time. I mixed 2 cups of henna pre-herb mix + 4 tsp lemon juice + 4 tsp coffee powder (coffee gives u rich brown color instead of the tangish red that henna leaves) + 1 tsp olive oil + 2 egg whites. Kept for 2 hours, washed it and wow! Earlier whenever I used apply henna, my hair used to be very dry. But this henna is really good. Loved it 🙂

  19. Hi
    I am going to use it for the 1st time . I am afraid use this because i have black -brown hair.
    dose this henna turns our black hair into completely red?

  20. how frequently should i use heena precious herb mix…… as i dont want to color my hair just want to condition them,…….
    should i hv to add egg,lemon in this pack

  21. my hair is vry dry……….as i only want to conditioner them so should i use the heena pack for 30mins only….
    i shuld use this pack once in a month or twice or thrice nd wat other things should i add in this pack

  22. Hey Sush,
    Long time – u r not here…
    u know i have been henna for 15 years or so and was in love with my hair. Then one fine day i though lets get some went to a parlour and got the henna removed and got my hair blond with streaks. It looks line but the natural shine, fall and bounce has gone from my hair.
    I am going back to henna now and i love shehnaaz henna – even nupur from godrej is good.

  23. hey sush!!
    in my childhood i used to have a thick and heavy hair which i find difficult to tie and comb ,,,,, every1 praises me for my hair….
    bt now i m of 22 yrs old and i am having a severe hairfall..i use nupur heena twice a month still i never reduce hairfall…..
    plz reply to sme of my queries,,
    can i get my hair back as my childhood???
    is nupur mehendi good for our hair and is it chemical free??
    and plz give me a hair routine to follow???
    waiting 4 ur reply:)

    1. Dear leepi,

      Most of us face situations like this in present times. We all love r hair & wud do anything to maintain it’s health & beauty. Mainly it is a lifestyle problem & lack of hygiene & proper eating habits. I would like to advise you to first & foremost see a trichologist who will help u with ur problem. Henna conditioning & all other quick fixes will only help u temporarily that too on the surface. Get ur hair issues sorted out by an expert. Hope this helps.

      Take care 🙂

  24. Hi all there

    No doubt about the benefits you all mentioned.

    But one big drwaback is that if you use it without adding other stuffs like, Tea water, Methi powder, bit of castor oil and lemon etc. than it makes the hair very brittle and impossible to handle.

    i used it first without adding anything else and my hair went so coarse and birttle that i to oil immediately and apply lods of conditioner to bring back the original softness.

    you should use it at as cost of softness and sommthness of your hair.

    have a nice day.

  25. Hey,

    Thnax for sharing the information. I would like to use heena but I have very light colored hair (Bhure bal), if i use heena on my hair, it will give very different red color that I dont like. Usually heena color will be good for black colored hair only ( it’s my perception) Can you suggest how would I get Dark brown color with heena for my light colored hair.

  26. Hey. Considering the review the product seems quite promising. This is the first time ever I’m using henna on my hair. My main concern is the colour. Will the regular use of henna turn my hair orange, because I really don’t want that. My hair is black with hints of brown. I’m okay with reddish brown or a deeper brown but NO ORANGE !!

  27. Hi sush,

    I bought it today as the previous henna like from neha gave me some kind of infection. So wanted to have a good product this time. I bought this shehnaz henna without going through any reviews.

    I have black hair and a bunch of gray hair at the right side of my head. What color will I get after using it? I don’t want my hair to be too red. Please please please help sush! Gray hair really make me panic. 🙁 ;(

  28. As the henna hair it makes the hair brittle. When U wash off the henna it leads to hair breakage or subsequent hair loss.
    For this reason please put on a shower cap or plastic bag on the head after applying henna.
    Henna does not need to be dried with a hair dryer for the colour to come. Henna itself gives the colour to the hair.
    I heard a beautician on tv saying this.

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