Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!

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Life hacks are taking the internet by storm and I am one of those who wants to know more ways to help me with my lazy lifestyle. Anyway, here are some more honorable mentions!

Some More Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!

1. You know when you buy rings which are not silver or gold and just some random metal…and when you wear them for long, they turn a part of your finger green? To prevent that, just put some clear nail polish on the inside of your rings and voila, no more green fingers!

Some More Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!3

2. When you get a new pair of shoes and they are tight in some places, just put on a pair of really thick socks and wear those shoes. After this, blow dry the areas which are tight and let them cool off. The shoes should fit smoothly.

3. Does your favourite shirt have deodorant stains which are preventing you from wearing them again? Well, worry not! Just use dryer sheets and wipes those stains off.

4. For those who travel a lot, while packing your shoes, put them in a disposable shower cap. This way, they will not ruin the clothes in your suitcase.

Some More Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!4

5. To store bobby pins or tweezers or even nail cutters, just stick a magnet/magnet strip on the dresser and that will hold these in place. And, you will never lose them again.

6. Do you have so many clothes that you don’t even remember if you have worn most of them recently or not? So, when you hang them in the cupboard, put all the hangers in one direction while setting them. This way, when you have worn something that season, you put the hanger in the opposite direction and hence, you will know which clothes you haven’t worn in a long time.

7. To prevent your jewelry and necklaces from tangling up, put them through a straw and this will prevent them from getting tangled inside the drawer.

8. To keep your boots from bending, just roll up an old magazine and put it in the boot and it will make it stay up straight till you use it next.

Some More Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!2

9. DIY hot pack for that time of the month. So, just take a sock and almost fill it up with rice and secure it with a knot. Now, pop this in the microwave for about 50 seconds. This is great for lower back pain too.

10. Bra fit hack! To know if the bra size is perfect for you, do the two finger test. Take two fingers and try to fit them in the back between your back and the place where the hooks are, if they fit, it means that the bra is a perfect fit for you.

11. Got some nasty chewing gum in your hair? Get the gum out of your hair with the help of an ice cube. You don’t have to cut your hair off. Just rub the ice cube on the part of your head where the gum is stuck and it should come right off.

12. To unclump your mascara, just run the mascara wand under hot water and that will remove any residue from the last time and it will smooth the application. Also, if you tend to goof up your mascara, use a business card and place it on top of your lid while applying mascara and this will prevent mascara getting onto your eyelid.

Some More Life Hacks to Make Your Life Simple!1

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  1. I really liked the chewing gum trick – I mean – that`ll save a lot of screaming and crying in high school 😛 Really cool hacks man. Will try the ring hack asap.

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