Hair Care Tips During Workout

Hair Care Tips During Workout

Most of us do not like to wash hair everyday, this might lead to dry hair and other scalp issues, but working out in the gym might end up in stinky and greasy hair. Here are some hair care tips that will help with your hair care woes during workout.


Often how often you workout and how your hair behaves with workout should determine your hair care,on lighter days of workout you can skip shampoo.You should plan your days and workout, if you have an outing on a rigorous workout day, plan your head bath and set time aside for that.

Before workout brush your hair back and try a loose pony which will keep up with the bounce when you work out. Use a good clip or band to hold hair. If you have smaller hair use bobby pins to hold firmly and use a sweatband in place.Remember pony tails help to keep the sweat away from the face when you work out.

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If you swim, can make many more than one braids on the hair and then wear a shower cap for sure.

Get professinal help for your hair so they can fix the best low maintenance style for your hair type and texture.

You could use some simple rod curlers and wear a cap around when you work out, after working out,blow dry hair and style as usual without the need to hair wash, or else you could use some gel and a dryer to style. Post workout hair stickiness can also be removed by some baby powder and hair brush trick.

Always use a hair conditioner when you shampoo, and leave in conditioner will help as well. Let your hair dry well after workout instead of tying them .

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Keep your sweat bands clean by washing them in a mild soap. At home you can always tie and wrap scarfs on the hair in your home gym privacy.

Workout in a cooler climate/place so you sweat less hence hair remain much sweat free with lesser need of a head wash.

Lastly remember, your health and fitness is much more important than your hair style or care.

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4 thoughts on “Hair Care Tips During Workout

  1. Thanks Neha for the tips. I have dandruff in winter and they fall all over my face resulting in pimples. *cry* What should I do? I have very dry skin and as I live in Darjeeling my skin gets even more dry resulting in dandruff on my scalp. Can you please compile some useful tips to prevent dandruff or pimples resulting from dandruff? Pretty please?
    This is all for all IMBB girls. Please suggest something…
    Thank you in advance!

    1. @ mahasweta. Please stop panicking. In winters, dandruf s a c0mmon problem. U cud try applying a juice of half a lem0n or even whole depending on the length of hair. And when u have time, mix any oil, preferably mustard oil wid half a juice of lem0n nd a cube of kapur! Kapur ? The one used in puja. Also known as camphor. Heat it for 2minx, please be careful to not let da kapur burn. It should just be enough heated to let da kapur melt. Nd apply it on ur scalp nd keep it for an hour or two. Nd wash it. Nd iwould advice u using selsun or nizoral shampo0, as dandruf leads to hairfal aswel. Nizoral helps wid that 2. U could aply lem0n twice weekly . Nd wen u sleep, tie ur hairx in a braid, limiting their contact with face. You could even wrap them in some cloth after braiding . Might feel stupid but it could help limit da fallout of dandruff on face. And when u r d0ne, moisturise your face well nd sleep. Lol. Hope i helped. 😀

  2. I love to see work out sweat running down my neck…..but the hair……it goes all messed up. I wash them every day with a mild shampoo…..this post was just what i was looking for. Thanks.

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