Hair Care Tips for Strong Healthy Hair

long healthy hairEveryday Hair Care tips for Strong Healthy Hair

Severe hair fall has made me more conscious these days that I am learning so many tips about hair care and thought it is good to share it with all you guys. We wash, condition, comb and braid or tie it into a pony tail just because that is what we saw our elders doing and many of us are just following it daily. But it is essential for us to know much more about the hair care and the routine we follow.

I shall list it in points so that it is easy to go through

• Let us start with shampooing. It is necessary to choose the appropriate shampoo based on our scalp type and hair type. The common blunder is if we have oily scalp we choose shampoos high in pH which will make the hair dry eventually. So it is always advised to use mild shampoos on alternate days. This helps in cleaning the dirt that gets absorbed by oily scalp at the same time does not dry out the hair.

• Conditioning– Usually shampooing is followed by conditioning these days. Conditioning is not essential for everyone and also conditioning is not necessary every day. The necessity and frequency of use varies from person to person. It is important to check whether our hair needs conditioning and if yes, we should know how frequently it is necessary for us. For example people with extremely greasy scalp should be careful in choosing the conditioner as these conditioners can block the hair roots along with the dirt, when hair is not properly cleansed.

• Conditioners– There are 2 types of conditioners external and internal. External conditioners are the ones that gives shine and glow to the hair externally. Basically it helps in improving the external appearance of the hair. Internal conditioners are nothing but the deep conditioning masks and treatments provided in the parlour that enters the cortex and provides nourishment internally thus helping the hair’s condition from inside.

• Combing– Many of us do not know the reason why we comb our hair, even I never knew the reason until few months back. We comb our hair not only to detangle the hair but also to distribute the hair’s natural oil through out from mid length to the ends. This natural oil thus conditions the hair from root to the tips.

• Braiding or tying– The main reason is to keep the hair in place and avoid tangling. We usually don’t detangle our hair slowly and patiently and thus pulling hair causes damage to the scalp, results in weak roots and also hair loss. So be careful while detangling, always hold the top region near the scalp and detangle the rest of the hair so that it won’t pull the hair from the roots.

Hope these brief points will help you in maintaining your hair in good condition always.

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35 thoughts on “Hair Care Tips for Strong Healthy Hair

  1. hey Aarthi…completely agree on all the points….off late am loosing a lot hair …not really found a solution yet…started on internal medication..hopefully it will sort out… :waiting: :waiting: :waiting: :waiting:

    1. Use a mixture of coconut and lemon juice in the ratio of 2:1. U can also try Himalaya anti hair fall oil. Use onion juice twice in entire hair and scalp and shampoo after 1 hr. Hope it helps. *haan ji*

  2. hey all..recently i hav started using Matrix Biolage range of shampoos and my personal Fav is Hydratherapie..and i am amazed by usage of dis perticular brand of products.Not only its has given me shine but d oder day i got compliments as to how my hair is looking healthy and gorgeous ( :blush: ) for last couple of months the texture of my hair was becumin rough and had lost it sheen and wud also recommend protein based hair spa-(i swear on hair spas,i get at lest once in month or 2)..with all this pollution n all creating havoc to our hair.. 🙁 one must go for dese hair spa session and believe me the end result is absolutely amazin… :lashes:

  3. Important point on combing, sometimes I avoid it completely just cos’ I feel lazy and my hair is too long 😛 Thanks! Also, it’d be great if you could write something about nutrition for the hair, as in what should we consume regularly to make them healthier.

  4. how does one know whether they need conditioning or not? the parlour folks always say u need it..can never believe them somehow becos I am so cynical abt whether they mean it seriously or whethey r trying to make money..but to be on the safer side i do..i am also into the old fashioned method of oiling my hair once a week..

    1. My hair is dry but scalp is very oily.. so I condition my hair on alternate days of hair wash.. as conditioning makes my hair v oily.. you can decide it based on ur hair type Aruna..

  5. There’s something like hair food powder in beauty shop. Smells like methi powder got it for 60 bugs and its supposed to be applied with curds.I get 5 to 6 applications with 1packet.Its awesome.:)

  6. I have very frizzy hair… need good conditioners and serums all the time :((
    I really want to cut my hair…..suddenly developed split ends :((

      1. hey jinal…. u can chk out Matrix Biolage Smooththerapie Deep Smoothing Serum …tames hair instantly with frizz and flyaways control while adding shine….i as its m using Matrix biolage-hydratherapie shampoo and belive me d result is amazin..its specially made to tame out frizzy,dry hair..n today i treated myself by buying der serum aswell as i m gettin really good reviews abt this…:)

  7. Great article Aarthi……I am never patient with detangling my hair…..but in the long run, it will cause harm only……………. O:)

  8. nice rticle aarthi… i generaly skip combing my hair as they are so straight and i prefer a lil wavy or messy hair.. and not flat… but since u say its quite essential i cmb ot more often maybe before i go to sleep 🙂

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