Hair Style : Bangs vs Fringes

Bang those fringes

Don’t we all girls and women love to style our hair all the time? How we all women wish to sport many different hair style according to our moods! We take our inspirations from our favorite actresses be it Bollywood or Hollywood and try to imitate and why not? Every woman loves to be loved and love to have the perfect hair. Lovely looking hair is what all the women strive for.


Bangs v/s fringes!!
Bangs or fringes? Do you know the difference? Well many actually argue a lot, but there is actually more or less no difference. The bangs or the fringes are straight cut hair till the eye-brows. Sometimes the bangs or the fringes might extend up to the eyes.

The perfect bangs!!
Now there are really awesome and interesting styles that one might want to show-off. The bangs are really cute and make you look younger and cover the flaws on the fore-head. Women and girls with large fore-head can sport the bangs and look simply great. They highlight other subtle facial features. The bangs are a great style statement and can change one’s look tremendously.

There are different kinds of bangs that can be obtained. The classic style is the straight bang till the eye-brow level. One more classy style is the bangs that are slightly roll inwards which run till the mid length of the fore-head. Bangs do not look good on everybody especially on women with extreme thick hair and rough texture.


Recently actress bipasha basu was sporting her bangs with a short girly crop that looked awesome on her. Actress deepika padukone flaunting her bangs that she got them done specially for a movie.


Actress Katrina kaif too sported her fringes a number of times that made her look cute and pretty. Then there is evergreen actress sadhana who made her fringes a rage. She was the one who made fringes famous and it was known as a “sadhana cut”. It was definitely her trademark.

Genalia D'souza
Genalia D’souza

Actress genelia sported her bangs and it was a very cute and full-of-like kind of a style that was liked hugely by the girls. Since many years now, designer neeta lulla has been sporting her bangs hiding her age very gracefully.

The fantastic fringes
The fringes are the style modification done to the bangs. Bangs and fringes are used with the same meaning. There are many styles in which one can get their fringes and yes for a little wavy hair too they look super stylish. Many heroines from bollywood have sported fringes a tons of times.
Model turned actress mugdha godse showed off her fringes in “fashion”. Actresses like vidya balan, priyanka chopra, neelam, tabu have sported their bangs and fringes in various movies and pulled it off extremely well. The gorgeous actress sri devi has worn her hair stylishly with bangs which was very pretty. Many more divas like Karishma kapoor, Mallika sherawat, Maliaka arora khan, Madhuri dixit, Rani mukherji, lara dutta, Ayesha takia, prachi desai, Eesha deol, Kangana ranaut, Celina jaitley, Soha ali khan, etc have pulled the fringes look very successfully.


Actress yana gupta, set a great style statement by having extremely short hair and parted fringes that gave a very peppy and youthful look to her.

Bangs and fringes, what’s the difference?
There are many kinds of hair style with usage of bangs and fringes. Women with extreme straight silky hair can opt for bangs and its easy to maintain, the length of the hair can vary depending upon their choice.A bob cut with fringes look very cute. Bangs with shoulder length hair looks chic. A short crop with parted fringes looks adorable. Hair stylist sapna bhavnani wears a real short hair with easy to maintain fringes and make her look years younger.

Then there are extremely sharp and razored bangs giving a classy look. Many Hollywood actresses sport their bangs that have a huge fan following all over the world. There is a fringe for everyone. But women with curly hair, fully wavy hair, etc cannot sport bangs without straightening their hair.

The uneven bangs add that edgy look to women’s whole personality. They are high fashion-hair style. One can achieve emo-goth look with the uneven fringes. The messy hair with messy bangs is an option when the hair is not extremely straight. It gives a playful look. A little wavy hair makes a way for an adorable hair style with side-parted bangs.
By incorporating two-toned hair and fringes, women can look very stylish and pretty. The modern women loves to experiment hence instead of the boring black hair they love to color it. The streaked hair is extremely popular in India. Many young girls also opt for blonde, deep red, cherry red, pink, etc colors for their hair. The fringes can be colored and a subtle look can be achieved. In the end it’s all about looking good.

Mallika Sherawat
Mallika Sherawat


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  1. I have bangs I love them. That’s the biggest benefit of having straight hair. Can’t so too much styling with my hair because everything just gets back to flat. :(( The only good thing is that I can explore a lot with my haircuts. 🙂

  2. :-(( i used to think fringes and bangs are the same
    Fringes- british
    and bangs- american
    😀 but anyway
    I have bangs 😀 ..
    i have been carrying bangs like 5 years since my 11th grade ! 😀
    Currently the one i have is sort of like a
    “box fringe”
    I have curly hair
    and straight bangs.
    I do straighten the bangs 😐 like everytime i wahs my hair
    aaaaa so annoying! 😐
    But still i love them 😀
    .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Headband collection =-.

  3. I have a big forehead, My hair is not too wavy, but I have scanty hair in the front portion, so what do I do to hide my BIG FORHEAD??? Plz Suggest

  4. i really can’t spot any difference. but i love bangs (or fringes whatever). i have a straight silky hair and a wide forehead. so i hide my big oily forehead with bangs. 😀
    it gives u a girlie, cute look . people with big forehead and round face must try this look, coz it helps ur face appear lees round.

  5. Hey Gia, Can u post a picture ? If I get a pic I can show the hairstylist, otherwise I tell them to do something & they do something else. PLZZ

  6. Nice post. I would have loved to get these bangs, but my hairz a bit curly!! :sarcasm: …My sister has straight hair, and she looks amazing with these bangs!! :heh: :heh:
    BTW! Why is this place so quiet today??? 😯 😕 ?:-)

      1. Aww….thanks dear :-* :-* :-* …I am already feeling so sleepy..It is a bit cold today in Bangalore :tremble: :tremble: ..isn’t it? 😕

  7. Hi Everyone, 🙂 M from Bangalore and…
    A BIG IMBB fan ….. 😀 I had started reading this blog just for fun and pleasure.
    But nw m ADDICTED to it. :laugh: h (All Thanks to Rati :blush: )
    M not a HUGE make up follower, but I just LOVVVE to read about makeup stuff. 😛

    Hi, I have already commented once before , but this is my FIRST Official Comment , just to feel better for my self that ” M PART OF IMBB NOW”. :beauty:

    I lovve you for this blog :-* You are indeed ‘THE MOST ENTHUSIASTIC BLOGGER 🙂 ‘
    And Apart from all the makeup blogs that i have read/seen, IMBB IS THE BEST. 😀 🙂 :-)) :laugh: 😀

    1. he he…thanks..yeah…Otherwise we would have continued with those cartoon characters. I really love this cute look of yours in this pic!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          1. Coffee? What do you drink then? I have this friend who wont have coffee or tea..and my mom was so baffled…she made her drink horlicks…hehheheheee…I had so much fun laughing at my friend that day.

  8. I got Real Active Orange-carrot and now I am having the Beetroot-carrot juice…both are ok..not bad. I absolutely HATE the Tropicana Grapes juice…is the worst…I get sick if I have about 2 sips of it.

    1. saw Zaheer Khan at Pune airport. Didn’t realize that it was Zaheer khan until I reached Delhi airport. 😛 I was telling sanjeev that Zaheer Khan was some actor whose name I was not able to remember. :silly:

          1. O:-) O:-) I shall :quiet: :quiet: besides I don’t trust you one bit…you Admin-out your crazy comments …who knows when you will start adding words to my comments 😮 😮 😮 😮

  9. Bangs and fringes, i always thought that it was related to the style they are cut…If its full cut its fringe its only some strands of hair its bangs :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly: :silly:
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    1. I am planning to get a haircut tomorrow :-/ :-/ :-/ ..My bf has started comparing me to sadhu babas of banaras!!! But I have slightly curly hair, and till date only 3 steps cut had suited me!! :-(( :-(( :-(( ..I am bored of it now!! 😕 😕

        1. and boyfriend have been hunting some haircuts on net, that can suit me…have got one..lets see how it goes!!! 😛 😛 😛

      1. cali 😀
        even i have curly hair =D
        C’mon 😉 curly hair is good ok!
        i had rebonded my hair 🙁
        now i am growing it out 🙂
        i realised how precious curls are! :chic:
        hmm so be happy with your curls and shutup! :giggle:
        .-= giasaysthat´s last blog ..Headband collection =-.

        1. lol..I too love my curls 😛 😛 …but need to get some nice cut with these, instead of same olf boring ones..Actually my hairz confusing 😕 😕 😕 …Straight all along, but naturally curly along the tips!! 😐 😐

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