Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush – Review

Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush – Review

Hey lovelies!

Today I will be reviewing an amazing product from a brand very familiar to us by now, Faces Canada. I recently bought a hair dryer for myself and this was bought along with that. I had heard a lot about vented hair brushes and the way they make blow drying easy. I searched online and found this was on heavy discount and thus it landed on my shopping cart within seconds, read on to see how it fared.

Rs. 169 (I got it for Rs 125)

Faces Canada vented hair brush

Product description:

Faces Canada vented hair brush (4)

My experience with Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush :

I am in an experimental stage with my hair dryer and was very apprehensive about using one since I had read lots of reviews on how difficult it is to blow dry at home. But after I used this brush while blow drying my hair, I was amazed how easily the whole work got done! The vents in the brush allow the air to get to the right spot on the hair and the ball tip bristles actually make the brushing experience so comfortable, there is no pulling or tugging of hair at all. It feels like I am getting a good scalp massage. Combined with the hair dryer, the brush did me the desired bounce and volume. Of course by volume I do not mean “Shilpa Shetty” kind of volume! But it did work wonders in “lifting up” my fine hair. As for the anti-static part, we all know how irritating it is to see hairs “standing up” due to static electricity after blow drying. Sometimes even serums cannot keep those fly-aways down! But after using this brush, I did not have to go through that experience at all! my hair was perfectly set and tamed even though there was a bounce in them.

Faces Canada vented hair brush (3)

Faces Canada vented hair brush (6)

Coming to looks, I have always loved white and black combo and this brush looks way cuter than the others I found on that shopping site. The best part is that it is lightweight, so I do not feel like holding Bheem’s club when I am using it 😉 So, in a nutshell, I am totally loving it!

Faces Canada vented hair brush (5)

Pros of Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush :

1. Good looks.
2. Ball-tipped bristles.
3. Lightweight.
4. Does what it claims.
5. Affordable.
6. Holds quite a good amount of hair while blow drying.

Faces Canada vented hair brush (8)

Cons of Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush:

I could not find any other than the fact that it might not be available all the times.

Faces Canada vented hair brush (3)
IMBB Rating:

Do I recommend Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush?


Would I repurchase Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush?

I would get the other brushes from this range now.
Bye ladies, I will be back to eye makeup tutes now.


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12 thoughts on “Faces Canada Vented Hair Brush – Review

  1. Wow….. the snap with ur hair in the brush looks ahmazing…
    Can u pls jus tell me if this brush could b used on curly/wavy hair as well?

      1. Yeah good… coz i dont brush my hair much,. curly hair supposed to be less brushed or brushed with wide toothed comps only…

  2. I dnt use brush as it breaks my hair & messed up everything mostly. vented hair brush is nice concept .. tempted me to buy this one Aparajita 😛

  3. with lovely hair that u have blow is dry is easy
    that applies to ppl with bad hair like me we need salons to blow dry our hair straight or watever 😛

    1. my hair isnt that lovely re… fotuu mein aisa lagta hain 😉 it has a mood of its own. somedays, it DECIDES to be straight and some days wavy, and that never ever matches with my decision :-/ hmph!

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