50 Hair Care Tips For Silky and Glossy Hair

No matter how much you take care of your hair, you will always find it difficult to manage them during summers. People have major hair woes during summers including hair fall, dandruff, greasy hair, and what not. So, for this season and for beautiful hair throughout the year, follow these 50 hair care tips.
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1. Do not comb your hair when it is wet. They tend to break the most when they are wet, so let it air dry and only then run the comb through to remove tangles in hair.
2. Always apply 1-2 drops of serum to wet hair to get rid of tangles and to give a boost of shine to the tresses.
3. Trim off damaged hair and split ends whenever you notice them.
4. Do not shampoo hair everyday.
5. Massage your scalp when you shampoo the hair for at least 5 minutes to ensure blood circulation and to boost hair growth.
6. Always use warm oil by double boiling it in a steel container and massage the oil on the scalp to increase blood circulation.
7. Greasy scalp can trigger hair fall, so wash hair whenever necessary with a mild shampoo free of SLES/SLS content.
8. Do not apply conditioner to the scalp, apply it 10 centimetres above the scalp, and only on the hair strands.

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9. Do not use soap on the hair.
10. Follow the instructions at the back of hair care products and keep the product only for stated time, not more than that. For example, keep conditioner for only 1-2 minutes and not more than that.
11. Use a deep conditioning hair mask once a week instead of a conditioner.
12. Do not use too many hair products together at one time because they may all cancel out each other’s effects.
13. Braid your hair when you are at home or during bedtime to avoid friction and split ends.
14. Do not use shampoo directly on the scalp, dilute it with water, and only then apply on the scalp and hair strands.
15. Apply hair packs at least 2-3 times a week.
16. If you do not want to make hair masks at home, professional hair mask jars are available in the stores.
17. Use onion or garlic juice on the scalp once a week to boost hair growth.
18. Use olive oil on damaged ends of the hair.
19. Make homemade oil to treat hair woes – here’s one such oil that you can make at home.
20. Oil your hair and wrap a hot towel around your head to help the oil penetrate the strands better to nourish them.
21. Use hot hair tools less frequently like straightener, tong machine or hair dryer, reserve them for occasions.
22. Invest in expensive hair tools instead of cheap ones because sub-standard ones can burn and damage your hair.
23. Use hair products according to your hair issues – i.e., if you have hair fall, then go for products which would help you reduce hair fall. Same goes for split ends, damaged hair or coloured hair.
24. If you have straightened, curled or coloured your hair, use hair products to maintain them.
25. Keep a gap of 25-30 days between coloring sessions.
26. If you notice dandruff, use home remedies like these to get rid of itchy scalp.
27. Do not use very tight hair clutches and clasps because while removing such accessories, yo may pull out a couple of hair as well.
28. Do not wash hair with very hot water, use either cold or lukewarm water.
29. eep the blow-dryer a little away from the hair, do not use it directly on the scalp because it leads to weakening the roots.
30. Use an egg mask once a week to nourish hair and scalp.
31. For getting a nice brown tint to the hair, wash hair with coffee.
32. Rinse hair with beer to get immense shine and silkiness.
33. Use a wide-tooth comb instead of a regular comb. You can also use a professional hair brush with anti-static property.
34. Use wooden comb instead of the plastic one to avoid static and breakage.
35. Use hair-friendly vitamins like these for healthy hair.
36. Add vitamin E to hair oil or shampoo or hair mask and it will work like magic on the hair.
37. Allow your hair to air dry rather than using a blow dryer.
38. Oil your hair every once in a while. If not overnight, keep it for 2 hours before washing.
39. Eat a healthy diet, it can do wonders to your hair.
40. Change your hair partition at times and changing the partition will help you have a makeover in an easy way.
41. Sleep on a silk pillow-case rather than a cotton one to avoid friction and frizzy hair.
42. Use a dry shampoo/baby powder to refresh your hair in seconds when you do not have the time to shampoo.
43. Use a blow dryer only after your hair has dried up 30% naturally. Using a blow dryer on the scalp all the time can lead to breakage.
44. Detangle your hair in the shower with a wide-tooth comb when the conditioner is on.
45. Always use a heat protectant when you are using heat tools to prevent damage to the hair.
46. To avoid chemicals in hair dyes, use henna to color your hair.
47. Drink amla juice or eat one amla a day to get amazing hair and to cure hair fall completely.
48. Do not brush your hair too much. Comb hair only 1-2 times a day.
49. If your hair is very dry, opt for a leave-in hair hair conditioner.
50. Purchase a hair dryer that has a cool shot button that you can use without damaging your hair too much.

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