8 Phenomenal Hair Care Tips that Experts Swear By

I love writing for IMBB, especially given the great platform it has become for beauty and makeup knowledge sharing; it feels great to learn new things daily. Today I am sharing some hair care tips which have been proven by scientific research and approved by experts. Here we go!

Phenomenal Hair Care Tips

1. Keep It Up with Proteins
This is the most well-known mantra of hair care. Proteins are absolutely essential for healthy body and hair. A number of ailments like severe hair loss and breakage are caused by protein deficiencies. Add cereals, pulses, veggies and dairy products to your diet regularly.

2. Don’t Miss Vitamins or Minerals
Tips that Experts Swear By1

With rise in sedentary lifestyle and excess junk food, we often miss out on important food vitamins and minerals. This triggers problems. Anaemia caused by iron and folic acid deficiency often results in chronic weakness, dullness and lacklustre hair prone to damage. Time to say yes to omega fatty acids in fish, plenty of vitamin D and added supplements if you need.

3. The Sensible Silicone

Okay, many of us prefer products absolutely free from chemical ingredients, but silicones have been shown to do a great job on damaged hair. Silicone or its derivatives coat the hair adding shine and strength, acting as a protective barrier. Most conditioners, serums and anti-frizz agents contain silicones and are an easy option to save ourselves from hair troubles.

4. Be Careful of Self-Styling

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All of us do it and often. It isn’t possible to go to professionals for blow-dry and temporary straightening every now and then. Improper usage can cause severe dryness and roughness. Try to limit the usage of flat iron and blow dry at lower temperature control. Use good styling tools only by reputed brands. Always check IMBB before buying a new one, and go with Rati ji’s expert advice. 🙂

5. Never Use Flat Iron on Wet Hair

Wet hair is most vulnerable to breakage. Dry your hair and then use styling tools. Your hair style shouldn’t compromise on your hair health.

6. Try to Follow Instructions

If a hair masque is supposed to be left on for 20 minutes, try not to make it 2 hours. The experts at the product research institute check for effectiveness before creating the instructions. Sometimes leaving longer might leave not-so-good effects like irritation, sensitivity and so on. Leaving hair care products for longer time do not necessarily mean better hair health and texture.

7. Opt for Looser, Easier and Less Complicated Hairstyles

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While once in a while an elaborate hairstyle creates an impression, try to stick to simple hair dos for regular days. Braids, ponytails, buns shouldn’t be very tight as the tugging and pulling can make you lose an alarming number of hair strands.

8. Time to Seek A New Stylist

Tips that Experts Swear By

If visit to your hairdresser or stylist is followed by scalp irritation or any discomfort, it’s better to avoid them. Any tingling, burning or uncomfortable sensation on scalp, forehead or ears shouldn’t be ignored and professional help should be sought. Also, please go to reputed salons or parlours, not to the cheapest one in the neighbourhood. It’s your hair after all.

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