10 Hair Care Tips and Secrets You should Know before You Turn 30!

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According to me, a person’s looks is majorly influenced by their hair. The quality, texture, shape, cut, and how well all these factors suit your personality and face. Let me help you out with a few tips to make them look absolutely stunning and to let your head stand out in the crowd.

Hair secrets before 30

Healthy hair

Keep ‘em healthy. Maintain a well-balanced diet and choose a good variety of healthy products. It can result in nice, soft and beautiful hair. Our hair requires food too and it is well nourished in a protein-rich diet. So, incorporate a lot of proteins into your diet.

Choose hair products well

hair products
Every product is different for different types of hair. A product which suits your friend, may not suit you. Try a variety of products to find out what suits your hair the best. You can also use different products at the same time to find out which one works best for your hair.

Bouncy hair

Voluminous and bouncy hair always works well. It can go with all kinds of outfits and looks sexier than flat, sleek hair. To add extra volume to your hair, tie a bun and sleep on it. Wake up the next day and simply brush your hair for the added volume.

Say no to heat

Avoid hair iron and blow dryers. The heat makes your hair brittle and thus causes easy breakage. Choose to dry your hair with a towel. The heat radiated by the iron is also the reason for making the hair unhealthy.

Brush regularly

hair brush
Brushing your hair is a healthy practice. It is suggested to brush before bedtime to maintain a healthy, bouncy hair. But, avoid brushing your hair when it’s wet. Also use a different comb for different styling purpose. Use a comb which is neither too soft as that can leave the tangles in and nor too hard to damage the hair.

Condition and condition!

The dryness can make your hair look ugly and messy. A conditioner hydrates the hair follicles and makes styling easier. Conditioner will make your hair absolutely soft, beautiful and bouncy.

Right color

hair color
To maintain nice and even hair color, it is important to shampoo less. Try to shampoo two to three times a week to maintain even colored hair. Try dry shampoo to keep your hair beautiful and clean.

Natural texture

When it comes to styling your hair, always follow your natural texture. Whether you have straight or curly hair, you will need to treat your hair with extra techniques and styles that show off your identity. Try to work with the best you can.

The right tools

As your hair ages, it is important to learn what tools to use when styling your hair. From the perfect brush to a great hair dryer, don’t be afraid to find the ones that work perfectly for your type of hair.


volume shampoo
Volumising shampoos are the perfect choice that will make your hair look fuller. Besides that, try new partings. It can add new lift and make the top of your head look like it has more volume and body.

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    The only point I would like to add is that we should read the ingredients list of our hair products too. Until recently, my shampoo and conditioners were probably the most unmindful purchases of mine!

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