Homemade Apricot Scrub: DIY

Homemade Apricot Scrub: DIY

Hello everybody

Today, I will be sharing a DIY of a product which is actually an HG product for many. It is nothing but apricot scrub. And what is better than an apricot scrub made without chemicals and preservatives. The main ingredient of apricot scrub that wonders on skin is apricot kernel.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY

The apricot kernel is obtained from inside the hard, spiny seed found inside the apricot fruit. It looks like an almond but is smaller in size & bitter in taste.

An abrasive scrub like one formulated with apricot kernels helps get rid of the old, dead skin cells on the surface of your skin to allow new skin to regrow. Over time, this exfoliating action can help get rid of fine lines and small wrinkles. Apricot kernels contain several compounds including vitamin E and amygdalin, also called or Laetrile

Ingredients Needed:

1. Apricots
• Apricot Fruit (outer part)
• Apricot Kernel Powder
2. Honey


• To make the apricot kernel powder, Cut the apricots around their pits horizontally and twist the halves to separate them, and remove the seeds. Now take these seeds and roast them in the sunlight for 2-3 days. Once they become dry, break the outer shell using a nutshell breaker to get kernels.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY (7)
• Now grind the kernels to a fine powder using a grinder. If you find the gritters too harsh grind them again as per your convenience.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY (8)
• To make apricot puree, peel off the outer skin of the fruit and then puree it in a blender. Or you can use a cheese grater and make a paste of it. Do not make it too runny.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY
• Now take 2 tablespoon of apricot puree along with 1 of apricot kernel powder in a clean bowl.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY (2)
• Now add ½ tablespoon of honey in it and mix well and voila your homemade apricot scrub is ready.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY (5)
Use this scrub this daily to get that stunning  skin. It works wonders on eliminating blackheads from the skin leaving your skin extremely moisturised and supple.

Homemade Apricot Scrub DIY (4)

Quick Tips:

• If you do not have apricot kernel powder, you may exchange it with almond powder or simple oatmeal.
• You can add apricot kernel oil for extra benefits.
• This scrub can stay fresh for 2 days only, so keep it in fridge.
• So in order to save time, make the apricot kernel powder and keep it in fridge in a dry container and use it as per your convenience.

Hope you all liked this DIY and would try it. Until next time stay healthy and beautiful girls!!

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  1. wow everyone is really mad behind apricot scrubs *woot* *woot* would love to make this *hifive* *happy dance* *happy dance*

    1. yes Saloni apricot scrubs are very good and effective…my personal fav is St Ives…. *announce* do try this one at home… *pompom* *pompom*

  2. St Ives apricot scrub is my favourite… Now I can make it at home *woot* *woot* that’s wonderful thanks a lot,for,sharing *puchhi*

    1. Mine too…I just love St Ives scrub…it is my HG product….n I hope you like this homemade version… *hifive*

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