Homemade Hair Conditioners With Kitchen Ingredients

Homemade Hair Conditioners With Kitchen Ingredients

I know that you do not wait for me to tell you what a hair conditioner is. However, I am sure, there are a few facts which you would love to know about hair conditioners and definitely, you wouldn’t mind trying out some of the easiest homemade recipes of hair conditioners with the ingredients available in your kitchen. Here is an article which is dedicated to all you DIY hair conditioner lovers!
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Hair conditioner facts:

hair conditioner
1. Hair conditioners help to condition your hair, make it soft, smooth and nourished.

2. Hair conditioners improve the appearance of your hair by improving the texture of your tresses.

3. Conditioning agents can be of various types, and can be categorized as:
• Moisturizers- These conditioners are mainly humectants that hydrate your hair to keep it soft.
• Detanglers- These agents help in smoothing the hair cuticles so that your hair is less prone to tangles.
• Acidifiers- They help in sealing the cuticles and strengthening the hair bonds.
• Anti-static agents- They assist you to combat fly-away hair.
• Glossers– They are mainly chemical based and make your hair shine.
• Reconstructing agents- They help to repair damaged hair.

4. Hair conditioners are not necessarily the ones which you use as a follow up after shampooing your hair. You may use them both before and after washing your hair, depending upon the nature of the conditioner.

Homemade Conditioners with kitchen ingredients: Why use them?

egg yolk
• They are inexpensive.
• You can make them easily with ingredients available at home.
• They are free from harmful chemicals.
• You can customize them as per your needs and preferences.
• They give you a pleasure of creativity.

Homemade Hair Conditioners with kitchen ingredients: Before Shampoo

• Egg-Yoghurt conditioner: Mix a raw egg with three to four spoons of yoghurt. Add a spoon of the juice of a freshly squeezed lemon. Mix well. Apply on hair. Wait for at least 40 minutes. Shampoo. This conditioner can be referred to as a combination of a ‘glosser’ and a ‘reconstructor’.
whipped cream
• Avocado-mayonnaise conditioner: Mix avocado (1/2) with a small jar of mayonnaise. Mix well. Apply on hair and put on a shower cap. Leave on for 30 minutes. You can also go for a hot towel treatment. Shampoo off. This offers a deep conditioning treatment.
• Fenugreek-Coconut oil conditioner: Take some coconut oil and boil a handful of fenugreek seeds in it. Massage your scalp and hair with the mixture. Leave it on for a few hours, preferably overnight. Shampoo your hair. This treatment helps to keep hair soft, make your hair strong and healthy. However, avoid this conditioning treatment if you have oily scalp.

Homemade Hair Conditioners with kitchen ingredients: After Shampoo

• Banana- honey conditioner: Smash a banana and add half-a-cup of honey. Cover your damp hair strands with the mixture. Wait for sometime and wash it off. You need to be patient as banana takes quite sometime to be removed completely from hair. It acts as humectants and helps to moisturize your hair.
• Apple cider vinegar rinse: Add a 3 or 4 spoons of apple cider vinegar to a mug of water. Use as an after shampoo rinse. A perfect way to condition your hair naturally and easily.
hair wash
• Mint conditioner: Boil some fresh mint in 2-3 cups of boiling water and then, strain. Let it cool. Use as a hair rinse after shampoo to keep your hair and scalp refreshed.
• Tea Rinse: Boil Tea leaves in water. Filter out the leaves and let it cool. Use it as an after-wash rinse. It makes the hair glossy and smooth.

Actually, DIY hair conditioner recipes are very easy to make. All you need to do is to understand your requirements and then, hunt for the available ingredients that would suit your purpose. Experiment is the keyword. The ingredients and their proportion are to be adjusted by experimenting with the same and as per your needs. Be patient since these DIYs take some time to show their results.

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56 thoughts on “Homemade Hair Conditioners With Kitchen Ingredients

  1. i have tried banana + honey mask, its a pain to wash of if i smash with hand and some banana pieces remained in my hair 🙁 i have tried smashing in mixer also but that made the hair sticky that i ended up with using more shampoo.. any solution for this…

    I will try other tips somereeta, good article 🙂

      1. Shami abd Supriya……….even i have faced the same problem!!!! 🙁 dats why i have mentioned it in the article itself dat 1 needs to be really patient!! it works like wow bt at the same time, its so very difficult to wash it off completely. i have heard dat washing hair with ice cold water for a long time, and then running fingers through the strands help. after that shampoo should be applied.!!! i havent tried it out though….
        IMBB beauties…any tips here?

        1. Some tips that i follow as i usually do banana pack atleast once in a month (and i shud mention that I have curly hair which traps banana more)
          1) I cut the banana in the middle and remove that grainy seedy portion using knife
          2) Never mash it with hand always put in a blender/food processor, i spin in both clockwise and anticlockwise till it becomes a puree and then if any lumps are there i remove it before aplying on hair.
          3) Rinse the pack thoroughly and then apply shampoo
          4) This one really helps….. Fill one bucket full of water , bend forward and immerse your hair, just move your head so that your hair moves like a wave in the water. Run your fingers through it and get up… Tada… its gone…

  2. Nice Artical Somereeta, But really banana Honey mask is very difficult to wash… I used it once and thats was the last time…I am a vegiterian, can’t stand the smell of egg so egg conditioning is not for me 🙁
    But I use curd alone for my hair… and that works well as a hair mask… 🙂

    1. ya…me too once!!! 😛 egg smell is really difficult to stand…bt if u can stand it for 30 mins, the rest 23.5 hours in a day will be a wonderful feeling in terms f beautiful hair 🙂 🙂 curd too wprkd wow…i have used it many times!

      1. hey for the egg smell, I tried spraying a little rose water or few drops of lemon to it… the smell vanishes or atleast lessens a lot.

  3. Very Nice article Somreeta. 🙂
    a few tips that I have heard of-
    1. squeeze half a lemon in a mug of water and use it as last rinse for your hair… you can mix warm honey to it as well.
    2. although I havent used it myself, but read that beer is an excellent conditioner.

      1. thanx for sharing dat Ashu!!! i dint share the beer tip coz it is not to be found in many of d Indian families, in general dat is!!! 🙂 🙂 i havent used dat myself too!
        Thank you Dr Shilpi 😀

        1. he he he… no beer at my home too… my hubby also hates them… I once only asked to buy the beer can for my hair coz I wanted to try it once…and he answered in one syllable for NO which I knew would never change. I never pursued him again 🙂

          1. 😛 😛 exactly!!! the condition is same to same in most of our homes 😛 😛 something like a taboo na ?????

  4. Hey friends Try this rinse method before shampoo take a bucket of water and lay down your head only to the bucket water and put your hand fingers to wash out all the residues as much as possible and then shampoo your hair….all the best 🙂

  5. From the time i remember I have seen my mom use eggs on her hair before shampooing once in a week.. her hair is very shiny and she does it for me too.. I used to do it till before marriage..
    Now with the baby I am stuck with bottle conditioners only..

    1. hahahaha!!! for sure..my friend got a baby too and i can see the commitment a mom has to have towards the new born angels!!! 🙂 🙂 im sure u gonna get back to ur previos routine once ur baby is a bit older 🙂 a cutie pie as i caan see from the pic here! *puchi*

  6. Somreeta you have really diverted my attention towards homemade conditioners now I am gonna try these as soon as possible. Thanks!!

  7. suchhh awesome tips somreeta. I am so going to try the tea rinse. Tomorrow only actually. geee!!! Loved all the tips. so easy to follow every single one of it. :))

    1. Rati, tea leaves tip is excellent.
      I have tried it myself… the hair gets fresh feeling… dont boil the leaves too strongly…once it starts to bubble , let it boil for another 3-4 minutes and let it cool on its own. you can opt to add honey or lemon in it for that extra smooth and squeaky clean feeling.

    2. thanx Rati 🙂
      Ya Ashu, indeed it works nicely, i hav used it many times! lemon may be added as well 🙂

  8. I feel leaving banana and considering honey only is a good option…I just use 1 tsp of honey with 1 mug of water as a last rinse and it works wonders..following this since last 16 yrs…I guess lot of us are aware of this tip.

  9. nice post Somreeta.. u always post such a usefull articals..
    i have long hairs but one problem with my hairs that is split ends. i trimed them but again after one week split ends are vissible and i dnt want to cut my hairs after every or 2nd week because that make my hair short. pls anybody help me what i can do…
    This is the routine which i generally follow:-
    i apply olive or coconut oil every time before washing my hair and also apply curd on every sunday. currenty i am using dove intense repair shampoo and conditioner.

    1. Tanu,
      trim the hair to get rid of split ends… after that follow the routine –
      after shampooing when the hair is still damp, apply some almond oil or sweet almond oil to the tips of your hair even though you might be using a conditioner… the ends of the hair strands tend to lose moisture faster and hence the split ends… just like your skin gets flaky due to lack of moisture.
      apply this almond oil every other day to the tips only not required till the scalp as scalp secretes sebum and keeps the head moisturised enough. you can apply the oil to the hair strands till where you think its getting drier than the scalp. just spray some water on the hair tips to dampen them and rub the oil with your palms

      1. thanx tanu…what Ashu says is perfect. even i feel dat regular trimming and oiling the ends would help 🙂

        1. Somreeta, I have loved ALL your DIY posts so far. 🙂
          Your articles always have that quick and easy steps and also from the kitchen goodies which normally every household stores and you dont have to buy any exotic or rarely found item… 🙂
          So true that our kitchens are the best beauty stores we can ever find. Only thing is the lazy lizzies like me should make use of them 🙂

  10. use milk… yes gals it works wonders for the hair… massage it befor applying oil n keep overnight
    (it smells while drying though but not as bad as egg m a vegetarian but confident of this fact) or dilute any shampoo with 2prts water n 1prt milk, a 7ml sachet of shampoo is sufficient to make a cup of dilute shampoo is enough to clean ma shoulder length hair twice. this way build-up frm a shampoo can be avoided to an extent n reslt is soft beautiful easy to tangle hair from 1st wash.

    its cheap…its alwys in kitchen…it gives milk proteins… Ca2+ to hair n u know that milk is a complete food for babies, for lazy gals(me) n for hair also. see d result in just one wash…

  11. I love your articles, Somreeta! Always such a pleasure to read, and very helpful too 🙂
    I love the mint conditioner tip. I’m going to try that soon 🙂

    1. aww….thanx Samantha! btw…ur articles are equally good and i also loved ur hair in a certain shampoo post 🙂 🙂

  12. such fantastic tips somreeta!!!!!!! im def gonna try the lime and honey and the tea leaves 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  13. And yet another brilliant article, Somreeta! 😀 This one has come just at the right time. I was thinking of giving my hair some DIY love over the weekend. I am going to try one of these recipes. 😀

      1. haII…M VYSHALI…..i have long hair,,nd washing it for every 4 days,,,,but never trird a conditioner till date…i simply loved ur tips somreeta,,,but scared f following dem ,as i am stuck wid few doubts….of crz dey r basic,,but wl b happy f u clear dem for me….
        1.can egg white alone b applied /curd alone/a combo f both?
        2. egg white/egg completely?
        3. to both scalp and length?
        4.should dis application b done aft washing off d hair from oil?
        …….pleeezzz reply me…wl b waiting?

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