Homemade Relaxing & Soothing Bubble Bath: DIY

Homemade Relaxing & Soothing Bubble Bath: DIY

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Delhi’s monsoon was playing hide and seek for the past few days. But finally we got some nice showers. *happydance* But no matter how enjoyable the monsoon is, it brings with it a lot of infections and skin problems. Imagine the feeling of soaking up in hot bubble bath while it’s raining outside. So I thought of sharing this DIY with you all which is not only calming but also will keep refreshed through all day. And guys who does not enjoy a nice luxurious bubble bath in this awesome “mausam”. Trust me this bubble bath is very soothing and relaxing.


Things you will need:

• Unscented soap (you can use any Baby Shampoo or Castile soap)
• Lavender Essential oil
• Rosemary Essential oil
• Water
• Glycerin
• Vanilla essence (you can use vanilla oil too. I did not have it )
• Rose Water (optional)


A bit about the ingredients:

• Lavender oil is well known for its sleep inducing qualities. It soothes and calms your tired nerves and gives you a relaxed feeling. It is also well known for its healing properties and so will help heal your bruises

• Rosemary not only relieves muscle aches but also boosts mental energy.

• Glycerin provides adequate moisturisation to your skin that is much needed in monsoon.

• Vanilla essence adds yummy fragrance to bubble bath and makes your bathing experience more luxurious.


• Take 1 small cup of unscented soap in a clear glass jar and add ½ cup of glycerin into it. Shake well and let it stand for 2-3 minutes.


• Now add ¼ cup of water to the solution. Always remember to add water before the essential oils.


• Now add 4-5 drops of Lavender and 2-3 drops Rosemary essential oil. Keep the quantity of rosemary less than lavender as the smell of rosemary mixed with lavender can be too overpowering and may lead to a bad smell

• At last add 2 tbsp of vanilla essence to the solution and mix well. You can use vanilla oil too but I could not find it so I added vanilla essence.

• Last but not the least; add rose water to the concoction. This step is optional.

Few tips:

• You can add some rose petals to it.
• Instead or rosemary, you can add rose or jasmine essential oil to make it more fragrant
• You can add 2 tbsp. of Epsom salt also to make it more relaxing

So Beautifuls go on and try this DIY recipe at home and soak in a hot bubble bath using the monsoons and enjoy the luxurious experience of bathing ever this monsoon!!

Till next time stay beautiful!!

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